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 E.D Diamond Gallery

Here is some of our popular Starfire Base Glass FireGlass with Dark Blue E.D. Diamonds

Starfire w/ dark blue ED 2 Starfire w/ dark blue ED 1




The fire pit below was designed and built by Tamara Lyons and her wonderful family! Junior help most. The glass that was used is:

Bronze Rust Copper Base GlassRed and Orange E.D. Diamonds,  Amber DiamondsOrange R140 Topper, this particular color is one of our chameleons. It turns a bright cherry red when heated and cools back to orange when cooled!

The fire pit had three sets of burners. One in the center and one on each outer edge. This way you can control how large, how much and where you can have fire when you want it.  This is how it started...

Tamara Lyons 4 Tamara Lyons 5


Pea gravel base


Tamara Lyons 1


Measure once, cut twice.


Tamara Lyons 2


Ohhh, what color?? There are sooo many. What to do????


Tamara Lyons 3


So we sent a make up of what colors they liked. We can do this for you as well. Just tell us what colors you want and we will mix a batch and send you the pictures!


Tamara Lyons 9


Tamara Lyons 6


Tamara Lyons 7


Tamara Lyons 8


Tamara Lyons 10


You should of seen the rest of the back yard! Who needs a house! I would live in the back.

Tamara Lyons 11

The fire pit below was built a
nd designed by Brett Parks in Indiana.  Brett came to us to help hm create his water fire feature for his back yard and be able to winterize it during their frigid winters. The glass he used was a:

Clear Base GlassE.D Scarlett Diamonds, E.D. Clear DiamondsWe then built a custom shape stainless steel burner to fit his idea. We will explain as we go. Here is his original concept drawing:
Parks 11
Below is his layout with pavers, electrical and gas line coming up.
Parks 1
6" deep water tank.
Parks 2
Parks 3
Stack a few more pavers.
 Parks 4
Let's test it!
Parks 5
Parks 6
A custom size and configuration ring was fabricated.
Parks 7
Now you're done!
Parks 8
Parks 9
Parks 10


The next fireplace was installed by Jim Esposito in Palm Springs California. There used a larger variety of color and it shows wonderfully!
The installed:
1 pound each of
all over a bed of Starfire Base Glass.
Jim Esposito 2
Jim Esposito 1
Jim Esposito 3
Jim Esposito 4

The next fireplace belongs to Scott Dexter. He installed:
Scott Dexter 1
Scott Dexter 2
Scott Dexter 5
Scott Dexter 6
Starfire w/ deep royal 1
Starfire w/ deep royal 2
Starfire w/ split dark 1
Starfire w/ split dark 2
Starfire Base Glass alone and then we added 5 lbs or E.D. Diamonds
Starfire and Red ED 1
We laid this out on a 16" x 32 area to show the customer how much 5 lbs of E.D. Diamonds actually was.
Starfire and Red ED 2


The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass with Ice ce Ice Topper on top, Pink DiamondsPink DropsClear Diamonds and a splash of Gold Base Glass for added color. What make our company different is what we have to offer you as a customer, selection and variety!

rod 1rod 2

Here is what the customer had to say:


Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 7:38 AM
Subject: My new fireplace

Ed we love our new fireplace!!
Wow, it is awesome and couldn't have been easier to set up. Made the
purchase late Friday and it took me approx 2 hrs Saturday (while watching
TV) to set up properly including paint and clean up.
I did run into a small problem with the material continuously falling out of
the fireplace . It seemed that I actually used too much material. I was able
to resolve the problem by utilizing the original glass door frame as a
decorative and very functional stop. It is held in place with clear silicon
and the material was allowed to contact and dry into the silicon. ( see pics
) In my case this worked out well as my accent color is gold and so is the
trim piece of the frame. I imagine this can be done on many fireplaces and
the trim can be painted is needed to match. Feel free to use our pictures or
the idea about the trim ( if it is original ) on your web site or sales

Thank you again

Rodney & Therese Williams
Rialto Ca 92377

rod 3rod 4

rod 5rod 6

rod 7rod 8

rod 9



The next several pictures are of Gisella Hunter in Palm Springs. She had us install a Blue Green Base Glass, painted the interior a
Antique Ruby Red, then she topped it with:
Mini Red Cubes and Mini Green Drops, and a few pounds of 1/2" Bronze Base Glass mixed in on top.
Then if that was not enough, she had us build two VortexED Fires to set next to the fireplace.
Gisella Hunter 1
Gisella Hunter 2
Gisella Hunter 3
Gisella Hunter 4
Gisella Hunter 5
Gisella Hunter 6
Gisella Hunter 7



Click HERE to see how it was made, allong with Videos or on the pictures below:

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature
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