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How To Build a Propane Fire Pit

Our customer Gary Gibbs went to his local home store and bought this outdoor wood burning fire pit. We then successfully helped him complete his conversion to propane by modifying his system to cleanly and safely burn FireGlass.

Gary wanted something more unique than your ordinary round burner ring so he got his stainless steel burner in the shape of a star instead. The pan was placed in a custom marble and brick encasing.

Gary Gibbs Gary Gibbs

The air mixer / valve had a custom aluminum face plate made to the same size of the existing brick - so to be as unobtrusive as possible once installed.

Gary Gibbs Gary Gibbs

Once the glass was added Gary was ready to enjoy the beauty and warmth that you can only get with FireGlass.  Notice the patio umbrella, which if placed at least 60" inches above the fire pit will further help keep the heat around the sitting area.  

Gary Gibbs Gary Gibbs

Note. All our propane systems are considered custom projects.  Propane if not dealt with properly runs the risk of exploding.  Thus, we do not sell propane systems on line.  Please have pictures, sketches and your specifications ready.  You can then email us your inquiry

These outdoor propane fire table come to us from Doug Robertson.  We helped Doug build his dream fire table all through Emails and phone conversations. 

Doug Robertson Doug Robertson

We sent him an Aluminum pan and a propane H-burner system that of course works safely and cleanly when burning FireGlass.  The fire pit glass used was  1/2" Clear Base Glass Fireglass and Mini Mint Green Diamonds.  

Doug Robertson Doug Robertson

Here is what Doug had to say:

"Good Morning Ed,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you very much for all your e-mail
help with my Fire Coffee Table. We have used it every night since I got it
going and have received many-many compliments about it."

Note. All our propane systems are considered custom projects.  Propane if not dealt with properly runs the risk of exploding.  Thus, we do not sell propane systems on line.  Please have pictures, sketches and your specifications ready.  You can then email us your inquiry

This portable propane fire table/pit below was built by Kris Day.  This was a fairly simple project for Kris as you can see below a rather straight-forward design.

Kris Day Fire Table 10 Kris Day Fire Table 11
Kris Day Fire Table 9 Kris Day Fire Table 8

We provided the clean burning propane system and some Azurlite Base Glass FireGlass.  See Our General Propane Sheet

Kris Day Fire Table 7 Kris Day Fire Table 6

Great Job Kris!

Kris Day Fire Table 5

Note. All our propane systems are considered custom projects.  Propane if not dealt with properly runs the risk of exploding.  Thus, we do not sell propane systems on line.  Please have pictures, sketches and your specifications ready.  You can then email us your inquiry

This wonderful outdoor propane fireplace was built by Mark Cotter, a contractor in Florida.  He requested a custom Ribbon Burner  and Electronic Ignition and used crushed lava as his primary filler.  All burner parts were #316 marine grade stainless steel do to its location by the water.

Mark Cotter Fireplace 5 Mark Cotter Fireplace 3
Mark Cotter Fireplace 2 Mark Cotter Fireplace 4

Mark Cotter Fireplace 1

Note. All our propane systems are considered custom projects.  Propane if not dealt with properly runs the risk of exploding.  Thus, we do not sell propane systems on line.  Please have pictures, sketches and your specifications ready.  You can then email us your inquiry

What's interesting to note is that most of the projects on this page were accomplished remotely.  Through digital photos and phone calls we can help DIY'ers everywhere achieve a clean, safe propane fire pit with FireGlass.

FPPK propane burner install FPPK propane burner install
FPPK propane burner install FPPK propane burner install
FPPK propane burner install FPPK propane burner install

Note. All our propane systems are considered custom projects.  Propane if not dealt with properly runs the risk of exploding.  Thus, we do not sell propane systems on line.  Please have pictures, sketches and your specifications ready.  You can then email us your inquiry

This fire pit below utilized one of our FPPK's kits.  We didn't supply the star burner bur we did get it to burn correctly.

The Fire Pit Media Used was:

  1. Ford Blue Base Glass.
  2. Clear Diamonds 
  3. and Blue Diamonds

Below you can see the gas shut off on the left and our FPPK box on the lower right.  

Camille and Bill White 1 Camille and Bill White 2
Camille and Bill White 3 Camille and Bill White 4

Camille and Bill White 7

Note. All our propane systems are considered custom projects.  Propane if not dealt with properly runs the risk of exploding.  Thus, we do not sell propane systems on line.  Please have pictures, sketches and your specifications ready.  You can then email us your

Our products do not require any certification from the AGA, CSA or UL as it is considered a stand-alone product by these agencies. We are told that we would need a certification if sand and or lava rock would need certification. The agencies are franchise operations and they are privately owned and they are not a government agency. These agencies are hired for mass production testing. AGA, CSA and or UL do not certify custom one of a kind projects.

Custom burners need NO certification as this only applies to production equipment. Just so you can understand that a certification costs about $15,000.00 and certification was developed for production/ mass production to assure quality.

Any parts that would normally need AGA or UL do in fact have these approvals. Parts with function need and should have some sort of approval. The pan burners we sell that do have UL, CSA and or any other listings are produced by other companies. The custom pan burners that we produce are just that, custom.

Therefore do not require UL, CSA and or any other agency listings as these are custom. The parts that we use to build these pans are UL, CSA listed as they should be. We would never use any “Third World Country”  or any unlisted, untested parts to build any products and or parts to endanger any product performance what so ever.


This outdoor rectangular propane fire pit was actually nothing more than the top of a brick wall .  We explained to Kevin that he could utilize the cement base as the necessary shallow bottom instead of a pan for his propane burner system. 

Kevin Smith 9 Kevin Smith 4

Again with the cinder block hollowed out, you don't need a pan - the block is the pan!   We provided the stainless steel burner and calibrated Copreci Valve to insure a clean burn.  Remember, the air mixer and Copreci have to be calibrated just right or it won't work!  It's pure and simple, propane burners have to be dealt with great care. 

Kevin Smith 5 Kevin Smith 1

Nice and simple with some Ford Blue Base Glass fire pit glass

Kevin Smith 2 Kevin Smith 6

Beware who you buy propane systems from, we often see customers left holding the bag when problems arise.

Kevin Smith 7

Note. All our propane systems are considered custom projects.  Propane if not dealt with properly runs the risk of exploding.  Thus, we do not sell propane systems on line.  Please have pictures, sketches and your specifications ready.  You can then email us your inquiry

This next fire pit was built by Tim and Sarah, they simply built this with stacker stones and a bit of ingenuity. The used a crushed lava base with Black Base Glass topped with Black Reflective Base Glass.  Then they used a Light Amber Topping to create the Fleur De Lis.  

This was again propane burner system that  we supplied.  They used a wood burning fire bowl for the pit.  The tank was accessible from the back of the fire pit.

Tim Sarah Gallagher 6 Tim Sarah Gallagher 5

Add the base crushed lava. Note we do not use the 3/4" size? Way to large for the glass as it will fall through. You can use the larger lava and then over it with the crushed lava to save some cash!

Below if you notice the Pilot Light and Thermocouple just inside of the ring? This is a must if using propane, for safety.

Tim Sarah Gallagher 2 Tim Sarah Gallagher 3
Tim Sarah Gallagher 1 Tim Sarah Gallagher 4

Note. All our propane systems are considered custom projects.  Propane if not dealt with properly runs the risk of exploding.  Thus, we do not sell propane systems on line.  Please have pictures, sketches and your specifications ready.  You can then email us your

Steve Hinojos built this cool wine barrel fire pit and one very traditional pit.  We supplied the know how and all of the parts to make his Wine Barrel Fire Pit a success! 

Steve Hinojos 4 Steve Hinojos 3

Steve's 2nd fire pit unfortunately had the wrong real rocks, and you can't burn ROCKS, they EXPLODE!

Steve Hinojos 5 Steve Hinojos 2

Steve Hinojos 1


The next DIY propane fire table was built by Rick Kasner in Arizona.  Great design and he helped him safely maneuver through the propane installation.


The valve is installed and we make sure that there will be an access panel nearby for future maintenance.  


The Durock finish is dried and the marble top installed.


The FireGlass color used:

  1. 1/2" Frosted Base Glass
  2. 3/8" Gray Base Glass
  3. Gray Topper
  4. Irridizing Amber Brown Topper




Note. All our propane systems are considered custom projects.  Propane if not dealt with properly runs the risk of exploding.  Thus, we do not sell propane systems on line.  Please have pictures, sketches and your specifications ready.  You can then email us your inquiry

The next fire pit was constructed by Rose Harms in Wyoming.   This was originally going to be propane but we would like to say that if you have a way to utilize Natural Gas, we always recommend doing so. It will cost less in the long run.

Rose Harms 1 Rose Harms 8
Rose Harms 5 Rose Harms 6
Rose Harms 7 Rose Harms 3

Mind that the customers stacked their own bricks!
The glass that was used:
Below on the 2nd pic you can see the black hose which is the quick disconnect hose that runs to their natural gas connection from afar.
Rose Harms 4 Rose Harms 9
Rose Harms 10 Rose Harms 11
Here is what Rose had to say:
"Hi Ed,
Wanted to be sure I got the photos to you of our completed fire pit.
Here are the steps we went through:
Bought the brick/blocks (no lip on the stones) from Lowe's, put in circle, 3 rows high.
Bought the iron fire pit at Lowe's and placed on and inside fire pit.  -note -it is iron, so I sprayed it with HIGH HEAT paint, in Copper.  Wow!
got plumber to run natural gas from deck above (outlet for BBQ) and under the deck, ran down the deck post and he put in a Shut Off valve there.
It turns. 
He ran a precise hole through the bottom off the fire pit to hold pipe for gas to the double ring burner (from Moderustic Inc of course) and it is stainless
steel (no rust).  At the bottom of the deck post is a flexible hose which goes over to the fire pit.  It CAN be disconnected or even roll up and
shove inside fire pit (after it is cooled). 
Note: you do need to chop off a piece of the block, or else just pull one out when you are using the
fire pit. (Kind of like Jenga -just pull out the stone, the others support the fire pit) Unless you can successfully saw off a piece of the stone.
Lit the burner to be sure it works well.  It did. 
We put in the 1" lava rock in the bottom of copper fire pit and then filled in the spaces with 1/4" lava rock.  Should have used More!  When we went to
cover the burner we were short on the FireGlass.  So we ordered more. Still looks beautiful. 
Got rest of glass and made circles with the glass and it is beautiful.  There are photos of it burning last night!!  Lots of warmth on a typical
cool Wyoming evening. 
Brick: $200,  Fire Pit $79 on sale,  double ring SS burner $126,  glass -about $250, gas line -don't know yet but guessing $200.  Maybe $750-800 total.
And -the way it is made, we could actually dismantle and move it.  No mortar in stones.   We are very happy with our fire pit and thanks to Ed and the gals
at Moderustic Inc, we were able to make the right choice for glass and burner.  Thanks Ed.  Very knowledgeable and helpful.  Could not have managed 
this without your guidance.  We love being DYI-ers but directions are needed!!  We appreciate all your help.  
Rose and Doug Harms, Cheyenne Wyoming

The fire pit below was built by Charlie Helms in North Carolina using our FPPK  burner.  This is a propane fire pit with a lava filler

charlie 1 charlie 2
charlie 15 charlie 8
charlie 11 charlie 12
charlie 9 charlie 6

However Charlie quickly got bored of his lava rock and eventually ordered some of our famous FireGlass. Great job Charlie!  

The fire pit below was build by Mike Phillips ( a customer). First he ran a propane line to the fire pit area and then blocked his fire pit into shape. We use a FPPK   (See Our General Propane Sheet) in an aluminum pan 24" x 24" with a double 18" double stainless steel ring.The glass that was used was a Gray Base Glass and Gray Reflective Base Glass on top to add sparkle.   Below you can see the placement of the thermocouple & safety pilot light used for propane.   Below on the right side the controls were installed in the bricks.

mike phillips 1 mike phillips 2
mike phillips 3 mike phillips 4

The fire pit below belongs to Mike DeVito in Northern California. When I saw his idea I was excited to help him.  He took an old mining cart and converted it to a propane fire pit! Turned out pretty cool! 

mike 2 mike 23
mike 25 mike 24

Here you see the air mixer, thermocouple and pilot light lines under the base plate.   You can use a larger (3/4", 1" lava) as a base under our 1/4" crushed lava as this will save you a few dollars. 

mike 4 mike 3

Now we pour on the crushed lava to keep the glass from sinking into the larger lava. 

mike 5 mike 6

The glass used was:

  1. Starfire Base Glass over a bed of crushed lava rock,
  2. Yellow Amber Topper
  3. Steel Blue Topper
  4. Turquoise Blue Topper
  5. Green Tubes
  6. Copper Ruby Red Topper
  7. Ice Ice Ice Topper
  8.  Diamonds in ClearPinkAmber and Blue.

I think this is one really nice idea! It is all supplied by this 20 lb propane tank.  

mike 7 mike 8
mike 10 mike 9

Great Idea! Mike, you did a great job!

The fire pit below was built by Scott Spector in Florida. He started with an FPPK 30 which includes a 30" base plate and a double 24" stainless steel ring. Here we go from the beginning: (See Our General Propane Sheet)


The propane line was run/ installed under the pavers.


The colors that were used are

  1. 1/2" Clear Base Glass
  2. Black Magic in the center
  3. Clear Diamonds
  4. Cobalt Blue Topper
  5. Clear Topper

 Cobalt Blue Light Topper and our FPPK 30". That is our 30" propane burner. You can see the actual burner above burning before shipment and installation.  (See Our General Propane Sheet)


Thanks for the pictures Scott.



The fire table below was built by Christina "Stina" in the San Francisco area. With a little ambition, imagination and our help, she now has one very nice fire table.  Here is where it started. She made  a template of the pan and where the mounting tabs would be located. Then we built the aluminum pan and propane burner for Stina to install.


Below the pan was installed with Galaxy Green Base Glass FireGlass.



Below you can see the top installed and what a difference.  Below is her wonderfully finished project, Great job Stina!




This was an upgrade conversion from an existing propane system to a clean burning propane system for Richard King of South Carolina.

By the way Richard, You did a beautiful job on your gazebo!

Richard King 2 Richard King 3

The problem was that a regular propane system expels soot & black smoke. Which was a very unpleasant experience in the Gazebo.  Not allowing Richard to ever be able to turn up the heat / flame.

So we set out to improve his fire dilemma with our  FPPK (fire pit propane kit).  Which consist of a stainless steel burner ring, calibrated air mixer, pilot light and thermocouple.  Which as you will see below allowed for a big clean flame!

Richard King 12 Richard King 13
Richard King 15 Richard King 14
Richard King 4 Richard King 6


Richard utilized a very long flex line to reach his propane tank underneath the deck.

Richard King 7 Richard King 5

The controls were adapted to his old controls.  The burner ring, thermocouple & safety pilot kit are finally installed.

Richard King 10 Richard King 9

Richard sure does have one very cool Super Bowl party room!   

Richard King 16


The Wine Barrel table below was build by Matt in Texas.  There was a steel bowl installed using our propane system to burn our glass. They used Bronze Base Glass in the fire pit.

Matts Custom 1 Matts Custom 2
Matts Custom 3 Matts Custom 4

The next few pictures are from New York by Jai Crandall for Tom Morgan. We can hep transform an eye soar to a place of enjoyment. 

Jai  Crandall Tom Morgan 1 Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 2 Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 3
Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 4 Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 5 Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 6

Here is what was fabricated to replace those old ugly grills. 

Jai  Crandall Tom Morgan 8 Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 10 Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 11
Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 15 Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 16

Jai came up with the Stainless Steel hollow base design and we went to work.  Our propane burners were set to 100,000 btu's each for maximum heat. The glass that we used was Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass.

Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 20 Jai  Crandall Tom Morgan 17
Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 18 Jai Crandall Tom Morgan 19

This is a happy ending!  Just read what Jai had to say.


November 10, 2009
Hello Ed, my name is Jai Crandall and I live in central NY.  I have a good friend (Tom Morgan) that has a patio that he generally uses wood to throw some heat for his quests when he entertains.  Unfortunately, as I'm sure you know, the smoke can really get to you after a while. This is a very high end home and he entertains for some very important people.  He would like to eliminate the wood a replace them with some propane inserts. It doesn't have to look like a fireplace, but most importantly, it needs to throw some intense heat.

Pictures 1,2 and 3 are the front views of the fire pits and as you will notice they are not square ( each picture is labeled with the dimensions), they don't need to stay like they are, so if you want to make them square you can. Just go by the front measurement. Hopefully you can design something that will fit there needs.

I am sure that they are going to want electric ignition, and you can try to place the control valves in the front. Also, with the good New York weather, you want want to have covers for each unit.        

Thank You so much for your time and I look forward to working with you to complete this project.
Jai Crandall
July 3, 2010

Now here are the finished pictures on the property. Very nice!
Hey Ed,  Here are some pictures of the burners that I installed. They look great and they are very happy with their performance. Also, I believe that I may have a few more people interested in something similar to what I did for Tom Morgan.  Have a great forth weekend and I will talk to you soon.



These custom made air-mixers act like carburetors to air / fuel mixtures.   The air mixers have to be calibrated not only to the valving but the burner as well.  

But don't try to just stick one of these on your burner.  If not configured correctly it can create back pressure and you will have a fire or an explosion in your hands.

Air Mixers L and S 1 Air Mixers L and S 2
Air Mixers L and S 3 Air Mixers L and S 4

We are not trying to frighten you but just make you aware.  We believe in safety first and we don't build systems without thermocouple and or pilot light systems, ever! As you may have of seen on our "How Not To Do It Page" they still screw up no matter how hard they try. 

We have been building propane burners for several years now and we know that if you do you will give us a call soon enough. 

 (See Our General Propane Sheet

If you are building a fire pit or fire table and did not plan for and where your controls will be located, we have a solution! We can build a Flip Top Box to conceal your controls for propane or natural gas. Here are 8 pictures for your possible project. We can modify these is dozens of ways to fit your fire pit project.  This is just the Copreci Valve and Air Mixer installed in the box. We can build a box to hold the FPPK with auto start as well.

Flip Top Box 1 Flip Top Box 8
Flip Top Box 7 Flip Top Box 6

Propane Burner Issues

I have seen this scenario all too often. The supplier that you have purchased from only cared about making the sale of the glass. They did not ask what you were doing. How you were doing it. What you were working on, etc. etc. etc. They did not ask if you had propane or natural gas or if you had natural gas close by to use opposed to propane. You are now finding out that there is no customer support after the sale. We are the only manufacturer building one propane burner at a time to suit your needs. We care from beginning to end and more importantly after the fact! We offer customer support FOREVER!

 Let me tell you how we feel about these other companies selling products they know nothing about:

You purchased a Ford and now you are going to the Cadillac dealer for advice and parts on how to fix the problems.  That is not how it works. We need you to put pressure on the company that sold you the product that does not perform as you thought it should. We will and or can resolve your issues, but you need to make sure these companies stop selling products they know nothing about.

Have you contacted the company that you purchased from?

Have you received any advice from this company on how to resolve the issue?

Are they even concerned about your problems?

Did you disclose to this company what you were working on?

Did this company ask for details about your project?

Have you asked if you can return all of the parts and products because of product failure?

Does this company even have any information on line about their success on propane burners?

Did you receive any customer support?

Does the company you purchased from even have a physical address where you can visit?

 We do genuinely feel bad for the customer being taken advantage of by companies such as these, selling parts and supplies, which they know nothing about.

Please keep us posted on your developments so we may continue to remedy your situation. We are proud of our creations, inventions, customer support, product lines as we do all of this for you, the customer! 

This would be step one.  Then we would step in and fix your issues.  

Ed Jaunzemis President, Moderustic Inc

 Find out more see Our General Propane Sheet 

 Another Wine Barrel Fire Pit with Cobalt Blue Base Glass. This was propane as well.

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Typically you will burn at about 30,000 btu's. This will allow your 20 lb tank to last about 15 to 20 hours.

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Now if you go TURBO! This is 100,000 btus. You want big fire? Here you go!

We don't do wimpy. That is for the competition, or if that is what they call themselves.

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

You want fire? You got it.Propane is not an issue, for us anyway.

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

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Reflective = $1200

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Alcohol Vortex 10

VortexED 55 
An alcohol based Vortex specifically designed for indoor use.  We offer several creative options using clear glass with various metal bases and stands.  Sizes range from

4 x 4 x 12 high at $80/ $105

4 x 4 x 14 high at $90/ $115

5 x 5 by 14 high at $100/ $125

6 x 6 by 18 high at $140/ $180

8 x 8 by 24 high at $240/ $280

12 x 12 by 30 high at $280/ $320

Extra charges apply for stainless steel, copper, brass, etc 

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Portable RV Fire Pit Portable FireGlass Fire Pits 
Available in both propane and natural gas. These are made from perforated aluminum or whatever material you'd like.  We can customize these to suit any size, shape or material, even with wheels. Check it Out!
Black Magic Turns Flames Blue Black Magic, Blue Flames
Our black magic sand will give your fire pit or fireplace that WOW factor you always wanted.  Check it Out!
Large Fire Bowls Custom Fire Bowls
No job is too big or too small.  We can provide the right type of custom burners and FireGlass to fulfill the toughest commercial job expectations.  Check it Out!
Custom Fireplace Jobs FireGlass for Custom Fireplaces
We've helped thousands of people with their custom fireplaces.  From homes in Beverly Hills to boutique Hotels.  There's no project we fear. 
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Fire Tables with Fireglass Fire Tables with FireGlass
Want beauty &
 function together?  Custom fire tables provide warmth and elegance.  Commercial or residential, no problem. Check it Out!   
Indoor Fire table Indoor Fires
We've worked on some amazing indoor fire tables over the years. Propane or Natural gas jobs.
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Fire Pits Outdoor Fire Pits
Our FireGlass can make any fire pit look better! Check it Out!
Water Fire Feature


Custom Water and Fire Features
We fear no custom jobs.  From propane or natural gas flames, water features combined with  fiber optic color lights.  Just ask, chances are we can make your dreams come true!
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