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Fire Tables Gallery #1

A custom powder-coated steel fire table.

clean burning fire pits clean burning fire pits

With Super Black Base Glass glass and a custom windshield.
clean burning fire pits clean burning fire pits

Modern, clean and beautiful
clean burning fire pits

Natural Gas, brushed aluminum finish, black granite, with Starfire Base Glass.

clean burning fire pits clean burning fire pits

clean burning fire pits

Tod Martin's Propane fire table with Black Magic, a Stainless Steel H Burner, custom pan and some 1/4 Cobalt Fire Pit Glass for color when the flames aren't on.

Todd Martin Todd Martin

Check out the lighting system underneath the frosted glass. Keep in mind that we work with a variety of complex jobs that require rope lighting, LED systems that change colors, etc...

Todd Martin Todd Martin


CLICK HERE or on the pictures below to see how Knott's Berry Farm fire pit finished!
Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm


Michael built this awesome propane fire table with a tree trunk base. Below the propane Valve and air mixer is installed below the table top; allowing for easy access while keeping it out of sight.

Drift Wood Table Drift Wood Table

A 10" Stainless Steel Center-less ring surrounds his unique rock center piece which sits a-top our crushed lava rock.

Drift Wood Table Drift Wood Table

Check out Michael's website to see more of his custom work.

Drift Wood Table

Our customer Gary Gibbs went to his local home store and bought an outdoor wood burning fire pit.  This was placed within a custom marble and brick encasing.  

We then helped him to successfully complete his conversion to propane.  Gary wanted something unique, so he got a stainless steel star burner instead of your traditional burner ring.

Gary Gibbs Gary Gibbs

The air mixer / valve on the left side had a custom aluminum face plate made to the same size of the existing brick - so to be as unobtrusive as possible once installed.

Gary Gibbs Gary Gibbs

Add some FireGlass and light to enjoy the beauty and superior warmth that you can only get with FireGlass.  

Notice the patio umbrella, which if placed at least 60" inches above the fire pit will further help keep the heat around the sitting area.

Gary Gibbs Gary Gibbs

The RV fire pit below was and is used by Rrivre Works in Los Angeles They are on of the premier event planners in Southern California. Check out their web site.

They used our standard 14" x 14" RV fire pits and built tables around them with a frosted glass table top for the Linda Young Event in Newport Beach California. These can be made for natural gas or propane. The ones used were propane. We will be working with Rrivre on several up coming event and we will be posting a few over the top new products. We are going to be building water and fire features for some of the events. Be sure to check out his web site!

rv 2 rv 1

Courtyard Fire Table.  The table below is in Chicago. Azurlite Base Glass is installed.

azurlite 1 azurlite 2
azurlite 3 azurlite 4


Click HERE or on the pictures of the Ritz Carlton Vortex' at Amelia Island Florida to how these were built. See the Videos!

Ritz Carlton Amelia Island Florida Vortex

Ritz Carlton Vortex Florida from Edgar Jaunzemis on Vimeo.

Ritz Carlton Vortex Page


The fire table below has 1/2 Chunky Clear Base Glass, Amber Base Glass and Pink Rosa Base Glass.

fp 001 fp 002
fp 003 fp 004
fp 005 fp 001

The fire pits below are located in Laguna Beach California at the Cliff Restaurant

5775 South Coast Highway Laguna Beach 92651

We used a Clear Base Glass with Azurlite Base Glass on top with Azurlite Reflective Base Glass. Then we added Emerald Green Topper and Copper Blue Topper which turns green when it gets hot. Then it turns back. Because the chrome is seen when its cold and the copper changes the color to green when it get 500 degrees.

The fire pit/ fire table has Ford Blue Base Glass and Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass in the center.  This is a 4 piece glass surrounding a fire pit.

Fire pit table designed by moderustic natural gas outdoor fire pit table
glassfire fire pit table with metal bowl outdoor fire pit ideas for fire pit tables
How to build a fire pit table cliff 1
fire rock fire pit table cliff 3
cliff 4 cliff 6

The fire pit below has an Azurlite Base Glass with Azurlite Reflective Base Glass on top. Then Topped with Pale Lime Green Topper and Aquamarine Topper. 

table 1 home DIY fire pit table

Fire pit table burner accessories
fire pit table with water and fire feature

The table below was built for Jim Shaw in Riverside California. The stainless steel tray with stainless steel burners was build to Jim's specs. We used Bronze Base GlassBronze Reflective Base Glass and Pink Diamonds.This was a natural gas burner and could be easily converted to propane.
fire table 1 fire table 3
fire table 2 fire table 5
fire table 4 fire table 6

The fire table below has a propane burner and is not configured correctly. That is why you will see soot (carbon monoxide) the black stuff on the glass. If you purchased a table from one of these clowns that have you connect a propane tank to a burner ring, you will have problems. We use all the proper safety valves and air mixers to insure a clean and safe burn. See our propane page. We are the only company manufacturing a propane burner that is safe and built correctly for these fire tables when you are using our glass. The glass used was Starfire  Base Glass and Pale Steel Blue Topper. Since and after the install we did supply the correct burner and it is burning clean as it should be.

As you can see after burning for about 10 minutes the soot is and will be an issue. Carbon monoxide IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

brian 12 brian 4

Clear Base Glass
above and Gray Base Glass and Starfire base Glass below
brian 5

Below is just a nice propane fire table with Multi Mix Base Glassbert 1 

brian 8 brian 6

Bronze Base Glass
on the left and Gray base Glass on the right below.
brian 9

Clear Base Glass
and Starfire Base Glass below.
brian 11

Here is a fire and water fire table. 

brian 15 brian 16
brian 10 brian 10


FP 2 FP 5
FP 3 FP 3

The fire pit/ fire table has Ford Blue Base Glass and Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass in the center.  This is a 4 piece glass surrounding a fire pit.



The propane conversion was here in Southern California. Crista brought the bowl and we did the rest.

crista 5 crista 6

Crista brought the top pan and lid and we installed a propane burner We installed one of our FPPK kits (fire pit propane kit)

crista 2 crista 3
crista 1 cb 7

This is the table Crista built to hold the copper pan/ bowl

cb 1 cb 2

The fire pit below is a 36" round stainless steel pan with a 24" stainless steel ring. The glass is Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass. This pan can easily be adapted for propane as well.

pan 1 pan 5
pan 8 pan 9
pan 10

The fire table/ fire pit below is in Texas and was designed with our glass in mind to be installed and it has a Black Base GlassPurple Topper, Black Luster TopperRhubarb Topper,

dci 3 dci 4
dci 5 dci 6
dci 7 dci 8

The fire pit below is one of several Katrina builds in the San Francisco Bay area. She will build anything thing you can imagine in here field of design. Please contact us so we an put you in touch with Katrina.  The fire pit below she used a Clear Base Glass.

katrina 2 katrina 3
katrina 1 909-989-6129

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