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Portable Fire Pits and Tables

The next propane fire table was built by Rick Kasner in Arizona. We inspired and supported Rick through out this DIY project.  Base steel stud frame below with the propane valve installed.


Durock is applied.


Table top is installed and the glass is poured, 1/2" Frosted Base Glass, 3/8" Gray Base Glass,1/2" Frosted Base Glass3/8" Gray Base Glass, Gray Topper, Irridizing Amber Brown Topper, Gray Topper, Irridizing Amber and Brown Topper.



Turned out great, now drink some beer relax and enjoy the warm fire.


Here is a creative example of transforming something you may not normally think of as fire pit, into one!

Propane Planter Conversion Propane Planter Conversion

The propane tanks sit perfectly inside the Planter. All Stainless Steel construction.  Awesome Idea!

Propane Planter Conversion Propane Planter Conversion

We worked with Chris Caufield from Cathedral City on creating a custom fire table.  It was powder coated a metallic brown, with a beautiful tile finished, 26" inch stainless steel burner and natural gas valve and rope lighting.
Chris Caufield Chris Caufield

The media used was Pyrite Clear Base Glass, with Lime Green Topper, Green E.D. Diamonds, Dark Red Orange Topper, and Irridized Emerald Green E.D. Diamonds.

Chris Caufield

The fire pit below has a "FPPK" propane burner installed and the burners were exchanged out for stainless steel. If you were to leave the steel burners in you will eventually have rust pouring out of your fire pit onto the patio which will not look very attractive! The glass used was 1/2" Gray Base Glass and Ford Blue Base Glass. The controls were inside the bottom housing, nice fire pit but almost a big oops.  nice design.

prud 4 prud 2
prud 3 prud 5
prud 1

A beautifully ornate fire bowl full of Bronze Base Glass, Yellow TopperBronze Reflective Base Glass and Yellow Amber Topper FireGlass.

outdoor fire pits outdoor patio fire bowls with fire glass rocks
firebowls with fire rocks fire bowls with glass fire stones

And in case your wondering the gas line was fed through a hole underneath the deck.

glassfire stones for outdoor fire bowls glass fire crystals for outdoor fire bowls

The fire pit below contains fire rocks, FireGlass and water feature that comes out from a-top the rocks. 

fw 21 fw 17
fw 16 fw 19
fw 1 fw 3

fw 4 fw 15
fw 8 fw 13
fw 20 fw 18

fw 14

Crista brought this copper bowl and brought it to us so that we could install a propane round fire ring in it.  

fire pit rings metal fire ring to use with fireglass


custom burner ring custom fire pit ring for fireglass use

Once completed Crista placed it on this outdoor table.

custom metal fire ring for fire pits metal fire ring for fire pits with fireglass

The next fire pits were designed and built for the Marriott (Islandia previously) in Mission Bay California. We started with several cardboard mock up tables for the hotel to approve. 

Marrriot Fire Tables

Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables

Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables

All stainless steel construction with a double round burner system. 

Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables

The hotel decided on the granite and we cut the granite with water jet and polished the edges.

Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables
Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables

These were installed on the private patios of the hotel suites.  They ended up using a thermocouple and pilot light system with a battery operated igniter.

Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables

Marrriot Fire Tables

The Terracotta pot below is fed by natural gas and was Topped with a 1 1/2" layer of Clear Base Glass and Gray Reflective Base Glass over a bed of crushed lava rock.  The gas line was drilled from the bottom of the deck and the pot was placed on top.  

pit 1 pit 2

paul 2 paul 3

paul 1


The fire pit below is one of several Katrina builds in the San Francisco Bay area. The fire pit with glass has Clear Base Glass FireGlass.

katrina 2
katrina 3

>katrina 1

Here is an outdoor fire bowl using Starfire Base Glass FireGlass.

outdoor fire bowl with fire glass rocks fire bowl with fire glass crystals

This is our Portable, Beautiful RV Fire Pit. with 1/4" Starfire Base Glass and 5 lbs of Gold Base Glass on top.

new pit 1 new pit 2

new pit 6 new pit 11

new pit 12 new pit 13

The fire pit below is a custom propane fire pit. We use perforated aluminum for the wall construction and the pit is single wall construction with a 1 1/2" deep pan on top. We installed a 12" double stainless steel ring for the burner. The rest was done by Bill Moss in Texas. Very nice job Bill!. We built the pit to Bills specs which were 26" x 26" x 20" tall so he could finish it to the size he wanted. The pit shown is one of our proto types and not the actual pit used.  Above is how it started And below is what the customer made it!

propane fire pit 1 bill 1

bill 8 bill 9

bill 11 bill 7

bill 3 bill 2

Above and below is the quick disconnect for the propane gas.  We use Black Base Glass in the fire pit. It looks light because of the flash from the camera.

bill 6 bill 5


Toby Grzenda

Toby Grzenda Fire Feature!


Christy Collins Design in Chicago at the Dana Hotel at the Vertigo on the top floor!

Click Here to see the pictures!

Christy Collins Design

 Vertigo Sky Lounge


Click on The PICTURE or HERE to see How The Santa Monica Fire Table was built!
Teak and Stainless steel fire pit is now complete and installed!

Judy Goldman Santa Monica Back Yard Fire Pit

 The table below was a typical plastic wicker patio table. We converted it to burn propane (safely) for Fariba in Santa Monica. You tell us how we did!

A removable and replaceable top!
The glass we used was Azurlite Base Glass and Ford Blue Base Glass

You provide a table, idea, or you want to help, yes we can help



Click HERE or on the picture below to see all of the pictures of the Corten Steel Fire Pit!

Javier Corten Steel Fire Pit


The portable fire pit below was build by Steve, one of our dealers at Extreme Flames. We can sell you all of the components so you can do this your self or Steve can build one for you. Use your imagination!  You can install the FPPK stainless steel box or just the Copreci Valve to turn it on. The FPPK box also comes with the Pezo Sparker/ Igniter. You can purchase some of the parts or all of the parts, which ever you need.

Wine Barrel 1 Wine Barrel 2

Above is the door and the FPPK box to the right.  We installed an 18" bowl with a false bottom. The ring that was used was a 12" double stainless steel ring.  If you filled the complete opening you will need 45 lbs for a 2" fill and if you only filed the bowl you will only need 18 lbs for a 2" fill.

Wine Barrel 3 Wine Barrel 6

My first choice would not of been a plywood top. Since then Steve is having a 48" round aluminum top being fabricated. You could also use granite, steel, glass, etc..... Use your imagination!

Wine Barrel 5

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