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The next surround was installed in Palm Springs, California for Marsha Dashefsky. The base glass was a 1/4" Clear Base Glass and then we added 1/2" Clear Base Glass and 1/2" Starfire Base Gass. Marsha decided she wanted a Brushed Aluminum from floor to ceiling. Well, she got it. We are now in the process of making a template / surround for just the opening. The next several pictures are of and with the blinds open and with the lights of. The aluminum can take on may soft or brilliant looks depending on the lighting. Take a look.
Marsha-Palm-Springs 1 Marsha-Palm-Springs 3
Marsha-Palm-Springs 5 Marsha-Palm-Springs 6

Different lighting, different looks.

Marsha-Palm-Springs 8

Marsha-Palm-Springs 7
Marsha-Palm-Springs 11 Marsha-Palm-Springs 12

The fireplace below is in Palm Springs California. We installed a sand base, topped it with 1/4" Azurlite Base Glass and then covered it with 1/8" Azurlite Base Glass for a very refined look.
Palm Springs Azurlite 2 Palm Springs Azurlite 7
Palm Springs Azurlite 8 Palm Springs Azurlite 5

Palm Springs Azurlite 9

The next fireplace was installed by Ken Kenoyer. He constructed his own pan for his Direct Vent Fireplace conversion with our supervision. We will go through the steps to complete his installation. The glass that was used was Starfire Base Glass and topped with Red Topping and Red Topper. We will explain as we move forward.  Above is your fireplace now (if you like logs).  Below is your burner system that came with your wonderful Direct Vent Fireplace and logs.
Royce Kenoyer 9 Royce Kenoyer 11

Below is a pictures of your pilot light system.  Below we have removed the "stuff" and exposed the pilot and gas connection.
Royce Kenoyer 12 Royce Kenoyer 6

Royce built a pan to fit the fireplace. Below he cut the pan out to accept the pilot light.

Royce Kenoyer 7 Royce Kenoyer 3

Connected the gas line. Test the burner.

Royce Kenoyer 16 Royce Kenoyer 15

Pour the glass and your done! If anyone has told you that you can't convert a direct vent fireplace then these pictures and project don't exist! Just because they don't know what or how to do it, doesn't mean it can't be done.  The glass face is back on and it looks much better. A very nice and simple Self Installation!

Royce Kenoyer 17 Royce Kenoyer 14


Below is the surround of Torie Weiston Check out the other surrounds on the Fireplace Surrounds page!

Torie Weiston Surround


The fireplace below was a Self Installation by Julie and Ty Hergenrother. This is a typical Direct Vent conversion that we help hundreds if not thousands of customers convert from those nasty logs. The glass that was installed was a base of Starfire Base Glass and topped with Bronze Base Glass and Gold Base Glass.  These all start out nasty and we do what we can to change that, one fireplace at a time.

Julie-Hergenrother-1 Julie-Hergenrother-2
Julie-Hergenrother-3 Julie-Hergenrother-4

We even made the bottom face shield to make it look more uniform. This can also be done in any metal or design.Julie-Hergenrother-5


The next fireplace is from Ash Sarna, one great room and beautiful view!

Ash Sarna fireplace surround 4 Ash Sarna fireplace surround 3

Check out other surrounds on the Fireplace Surrounds page!

Ash Sarna fireplace surround 2 Ash Sarna fireplace surround 1

The Fireplace below from Larry and Bonnie Bidwell was a typical wood burning fireplace. YUK!. Larry and bonnie are Geologists/ rock hounds with an extensive collection! Here are the fireplace pictures with the FireGlass/ fire glass installed.  Pretty, don't you think so? Pretty Ugly! Can you honestly tell me you still like wood????

Larry Bidwell 7 Larry Bidwell 8

They still have yet to clean the bricks above the fireplace, but this is the result of burning wood!

Larry Bidwell 18 Larry Bidwell 21
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