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Fire Pit Conversion To Fireglass

A typical lava rock fire pit converted into a Ford Blue Base GlassAzurlite Base Glass FireGlass Fire Pit; with Triple Ring Burner.  By daylight the fire pit is far better looking than it was, when it was dirty Lava Rock pit.   But the real magic is of course at night - check out how awesome this fire FireGlass looks!  
outdoor firepit with fire glass rocks gas firepit glass
propane gas fire pit glass Blue flame fire pit

This old fire pit at Torrance Marriott in California gets a new lease on life when converted with Ford Blue Base Glass  FireGlass along with two 44" stainless steel "H" burners and remote control.  Below you can see the old burners. 

m 1 m 3
We cut a little bit of concrete and placed the valve in properly.  We then cover the larger lava rock with our crushed lava rock

m 4 m 5

Now we install our twin remotes inside the box protected from the weather.

m 10 m 9
m 8 m 7

Finally pour 1.5" worth of Ford Blue Base Glass to cover the lava and burners. And keep in mind that for outdoor use you will want to use stainless steel burners and parts to avoid rusting.

m 11 m 12
Once the glass covers the box, it looks nice. To replace the batteries, move the glass on the top and the rest is simple.
m 13 m 14
m 15 m 16
m 17 m 18

Here is a classic example of a traditional lava fire pit before it undergoes the conversion process to a contemporary Fire Glass Fire Pit. 
2 3

Now filled with lava rock (crushed 1/4" 3/8") over 3/8" 1/2" crushed. Remember the larger is under the smaller to keep the glass from falling through.

4 5

Above a flex line was installed to raise the ring to the surface. You don't want to leave the ring at the bottom unless you want an explosion or if you want to get rid of the significant other.

Pour more crushed lava to make the desired shape of the fire pit and test burn for flame pattern.

6 7

Starfire base
 and a few other colors were added Azurlite Base GlassScarlet TopperRed ToppingIceCopper Blue Topper,Copper Blue is a chameleon as when it gets hot it turns green and when it cools it turns back to blue!

8 9

Pretty creative!

10 11
13 14

Great job and very creative.

15 16


A simple but nice fire pit converted with Multi Mix Base Glass.

mm 1 mm 4
mm 2 mm 3

The fire pit below is filled with lava rock and then was topped with a base of Clear Base Glass. Then they covered the Clear with Azurlite Base Glass and topped it with a few Ice Ice Ice cubes. A funny story comes with this fire pit. Elliott came out from the San Fernando Valley as he was sent by his mother, which was tooooo busy to come out herself. She told Elliott to pick out the colors he liked which he did (he was told to pick amber colors). He went home with Amber Base Glass and Gold Base Glass and set up the fire pit which actually looked very nice. Well to his demise his mother did not like Amber at all! She made Elliott pick out all of the Amber and replace it with what you see here. Yes we did exchange the glass for him to prevent his mother from further punishing Elliott. We will post the Amber Base Glass pictures when we come across them in our files.

elliott 6 elliott 8
elliott 1 elliott 2
elliott 3 elliott 4

The fireplace below has remote control, Bronze Base Glass and a splash of Starfire Base Glass.

elliott 5



The fire pit below is in San Diego California. First we built 2 new half oval stainless. steel rings. To replace a futile attempt of burner rings by the contractor. If you don't want your rings to rust, cover them or purchase stainless steel. We will explain as we move on.

sd 17 sd 14

We converted the mishap of rings with two valves, one for each ring. The first issue was the contractor installed a1/2" gas line, oops. Way too small for the distance. The home owner had to have the pressure turned up by the gas company. Sometimes this is not possible. We spit one line into two. This enabled us to equalize flames in each burner half. Here are the two half oval rings.

sd 13 sd 12

Below are the two key valves.
sd 7 sd 16

Cover the rings with the amount of filler (crushed lava) to make the shape you would like the pit to be.  Start to pour your glass. We used Evergreen Base Glass with Evergreen Reflective Base Glass.

sd 8 sd 9

sd 10 sd 3

sd 2 sd 5

The fire pit below has V Blue Base Glass, V Blue Reflective Base Glass.

John Amiee 1 John Amiee 2

And topped with Cobalt Blue Topper

John Amiee 3 John Amiee 4
John Amiee 5 John Amiee 6

The pictures below are of a self install fire pit with crushed lava rock and a Clear Base Glass, 1/2" to 3/4" lava rock is use just to the bottom of the ring.  If you want a higher center then pour a little more filler on top of the ring.

fp 1 fp 2

Now we will pour the crushed lava rock (1/4" to 3/8") over the filler as this will stop the glass from falling through the lava rock.

fp 3 fp 4

Finish shaping and pour the glass.  This is a 36" fire pit which requires 56 lbs for a 1" cover and 80 lbs for a 1 1/2" cover. We used the 1" method, 56 lbs which as you can see works just fine and no you can't see though the glass.

fp 5 fp 6

fp 7

The fire pit below has Azurlite Base Glass, 1/2" Azurlite Base Glass, Ice Ice Ice Topper, Starfire Base Glass and Platinum Base Glass in the center. Lava rock was used to minimize on the use of glass to keep it in the budget.

fire pit 1
fire pit 2

fire pit 3


We will show you how it came to life, CLICK on the picture below or HERE.

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