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Fireplace Glass Gallery #8

Convert to FireGlass

A Fire and Ice Fireplace in Texas with Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass, and sprinkles of Gold Base Glass and Starfire Base Glass.

fire and ice fireplace fire and ice fireplace

fire and ice fireplace

The next fireplace belongs to Scott Dexter. He installed: Ford Blue Base Glass, Ford Blue Light Reflective Base Glass, Clear Diamonds, Scarlett Red E.D.Diamonds and finished it with Yellow Amber Topper.

Scott Dexter 1 Scott Dexter 5

The next fireplace is a self installation/ remodel. They installed, 1/8" Gray Base Glass under 1/4" Gray Reflective Base Glass.

Erin Segars 1 Erin Segars 8

Very nice but dated and out with the old.

Erin Segars 2 Erin Segars 9
Erin Segars 3 Erin Segars 10
Erin Segars 11 Erin Segars 6

Steel surrounds manufactured and installed along with 1/8" Gray Base Glass under 1/4" Gray Reflective Base Glass.

Erin Segars 5 Erin Segars 7

Erin Segars 4

The next few Propane Pan pictures are of a rake pan. Being 1/2" in the front and 2" in the back. Sitting on 2" legs underneath. We also placed a 2 1/2" metal curtain on the front to conceal the controls and battery compartment. This pan is constructed in steel or can be made from any metal or finish you like. Each of these pans are built for your fireplace specifically. We have very few "off the shelf" items.The remote control allows to adjust from low to medium to high.Testing the Propane Pan at 100,000 btu's. We used a triple 18" burner giving us 6 rows of flames.

Propane Pan Burner 1 Propane Pan Burner 2

If you look closely you can see the battery operated ignition system on the lower right of the pan.

Propane Pan Burner 4 Propane Pan Burner 5

Here is the metal curtain we made. The pan was made to be 3" smaller all around in the fireplace, the front being flush to the front of the fireplace with the metal curtain filling the voids on the sides.  Above you can see the simplicity of the curtain.

Propane Pan Burner 6

Now finished and ready for installation and fire glass!

Propane Pan Burner 7

The next fireplace is a typical 70's/ 80's I am trying to be creative with my logs and adding candles! NOT! YUK!!!

Nati Prieto 8 Nati Prieto 5

The glass that was used was a base of Amber Base Glass and topped with a few pounds of Gold Base Glass.   Clean, sleek and it produces heat like you have never seen! Typically after 45 minutes to an hour we find that the glass gets up to and over 600 degrees, guaranteed!

Nati Prieto 3 Nati Prieto 2

The fireplace below is in Pasadena, California. Ursula did a nice job, recently she had us update it withe Sterling Silver walls.
pasadena pasadena
pasadena pasadena
pasadena pasadena
pasadena pasadena


The next 5 pictures are from Ursula in Pasadena. She just recently had us update her fireplace with a Sterling Silver interior. Nice touch!
Ursella 1 Ursella 2
Ursella 4 Ursella 5



The next fireplace was installed by Kirk Lewis. He wanted a splash of matching colors and he got it! He installed: Bronze Base Glass, Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass, 1/4" Black Base Glass, California Gold Base Glass, Platinum Base Glass, 1/2" Bronze Base Glass, and 1/2" Starfire Base Glass.

Kirk Lewis 6 Kirk Lewis 5
Kirk Lewis 3 Kirk Lewis 2

Kirk Lewis 1


Randy Micek did a nice job on his Palm Desert home! He painted the interior with Ivory Fireplace Paint. The colors he installed are:Blue Green Base Glass, Blue Green Reflective Base Glass, Clear Diamonds, Lime Green Light Topper, Bronze Topper and finishing it off with Copper Blue Topper.
Randy Micek 1 Randy Micek 2

Now we have a splash of color!

Randy Micek 3

The next set of fireplace pictures are from Jim Malless. We made a 4" tall pan and installed a battery operated remote control under the pan. The pan has a removable front face to conceal the components. The glass that he installed is: Starfire Base GlassClear Base Glass under the Starfire Base Glass, (more cost effective) and a few Amber Diamonds! These pans are built to fit each fireplace one at a time. Yours will be made just for you.

Jim Malless 2 Jim Malless 3
Jim Malless 4 Jim Malless 5

The next fireplace ventless conversion was from Eric at Neutral Interiors.  We built a pan to recess into the floor of the fireplace and to access the controls Eric cut a hole on the left side of the fireplace for easy access in the event it had to be reset or turned off.  We will explain as we move on:  The lower hole is the access hole.

Neutral Interiors 5 Neutral Interiors 6
Neutral Interiors 7 Neutral Interiors 2

Simple, clean and finished! He installed Starfire Base Glass.

Neutral Interiors 13 Neutral Interiors 14

The next "B" vent or Direct Vent fireplace is from Mark Basillus, Showing how easy it actually is. Again for all of those "Dummies" out there that keep telling you that you can't do it. Also keep telling you "the sky is falling!" I had to say that! Mask it off and paint! Oh look! Nice logs! NOT!
Mark Basillus 1 Mark Basillus 2

Very Red Paint! But I like it. Mark added 19 lbs of Starfire Base Glass, 2 lbs of Clear Pyrite Base Glass, and 1 lb of Clear Diamonds. We did a few special effects as well. It cost Mark $313.40 plus shipping to convert his fireplace, complete! 11/30/2010. No Really!
Mark Basillus 3 Mark Basillus 4

Here is what Mark had to say:

Wanted to share with you the photos of our finished conversion to FireGlass.
We are really pleased that we decided to paint the inside of the fire box
red. That coupled with the glass had made the fireplace a focal point to
our living area!

Mark Basilius []
Mark Basillus 5


The fireplace below has a Clear Base Glass with: 1/2" Clear Base Glass, V Blue and Chunky Clear Base Glass, Blue Green Base Glass, Azurlite Base Glass Blue Pyrite Base Glass on top.

Ed Schmidt 3 Ed Schmidt 1
Ed Schmidt 4 Ed Schmidt 5

The next fireplace of Barbara Duffy has an 1/8" Clear Base Glass under the Starfire Base Glass Topped With Purple Topper.

Barbara Duffy 3

The next set of fireplace pictures are of a Starfire Base Glass, Clear Diamonds, Blue Diamonds.  And of course how it looked when they started. YUK!
Leenski 1 Leenski 5

When burning, the diamonds have a convex bottom which make it appear that it is melting on the inside.
Leenski 6 Leenski 7

The fireplace below is a direct vent/ B vent fireplace which was installed in Dallas, Texas by Nadine Of Elegant Reflections. She started with a Starfire Base Glass and topped it with Clear Platinum Base Glass and added Purple Drops and Lilac Drops. We will start of with the before pictures, has anyone ever told you "Nice Logs"? I don't think so!
Elegant Reflections 7 Elegant Reflections 6
Elegant Reflections 1 Elegant Reflections 2

Elegant Reflections 3
Elegant Reflections 4

Nadine is very creative and always tries to add her personal touches.

Elegant Reflections 5


Here is one more Ugly Glass picture! This is actually displayed in a fireplace shop in Temecula, California! You be the judge. This is why we take soooo many pictures to show what we actually supply!

Ugly Glass 1


The next fireplace is a propane fireplace with a propane pan we built. The colors used were a Gray Base Glass, Amber Base Glass and Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass all mixed on top. This fireplace and pan reside in Mexico! Below is the fireplace as it started.
Julie Bennett 4 Julie Bennett 3

As you can see below is the dog house to allow air to flow to mix fresh air with the propane.
Julie Bennett 2 Julie Bennett 1

This next fireplace is in Mammoth Lakes, California. They install a Propane pan burner and covered it with Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass. See the full Condo story by CLICKING HERE! Click HERE to see even more!

Jeanine 1 Jeanine 2

Jeanine 4 Jeanine 5

Jeanine 6

The next fireplace has quit a mix! Fred Pollakov decided on these colors: Starfire Base Glass, Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass mixed in, Gold Reflective Base Glass, Azurlite Base Glass, Cobalt Blue Diamonds, Amber Diamonds, and Caribbean Blue Drops!  The fireplace looks outstanding! There's a glass sculpture in the center which looks amazing, but ultimately we heard cracked.
Fred Pollakov 5 Fred Pollakov 4

Notice the 3" tall 1/2" thick front screen at the bottom! Pretty amazing!

Fred Pollakov 1 Fred Pollakov 2

The next fireplace was installed by Brian Cooper. The glass that he installed is: Starfire Base Glass,
Bronze Reflective Base Glass and Emerald Green Topper.  Nice, huh?

Brian Cooper 1 Brian Cooper 2

2" method, sand base for lighter colored glass.

Brian Cooper 3 Brian Cooper 4
Brian Cooper 5 Brian Cooper 6 909-989-6129

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