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Fireglass, Fire Glass.

FireGlass, Fire Glass, Fireplace Glass, Fire Pit Glass. Call it what you like, we are your supplier!

We are always designing new and exciting colors to add to our collection. Please revisit from time to time to see the newest additions.
If you click on the pictures below or the links on the left you will find thousands of pictures, honest!
mini clear diamonds 3

12 frosted 33/16" Frosted Base Glass

new yellow 2 New Yellow Base Glass

cp 4 Clear Platinum Base Glass

sb 4 Sky Blue Base Glass

galaxy 3 Galaxy Green Base Glass

platimun 1 Platinum Base Glass

bronze rust copper 2 Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass

clear white 6 Clear White Base Glass

14 bronze 2 100 1/4" Bronze Base Glass

starfire 3/16" Starfire Base Glass

1/4 Gray1/4" Gray Base Glass

14 clear 1001/4" Clear Base Glass

1/4 Gray Reflective 1/4" Gray Reflective Base Glass

1/4" Black Base Glass

1/8" Clear Base Glass

f blue 1/4" Ford Blue Base Glass

gray pyrite 100 1/4" Gray Pyrite Base Glass

1/4 Black Reflective 1/4" Black Reflective Base Glass

1/4 Solex 1/4" Solex Base Glass

14evergreensmall 1/4" Evergreen Base Glass

pink rosa 100 1/4" Pink Rosa Base Glass

blue green 100 1/4" Blue Green Base Glass

1/4 1/4" Gold Reflective Base Glass

1/4 Solex 1/4" Solex Base Glass

14 gray 100 1/4" Gray Base Glass

azurlite3 1/4" Azurlite Base Glass

evergreen 100 1/4" Evergreen Base Glass

14 starfire 100 1/4" Starfire Base Glass

1/4" Pink Rosa Base Glass

solex 10 1/8 Solex Base Glass

blue green 300 3/16" Blue Green Base Glass

gold 100 1/4" Gold Reflective Base Glass

1/8 gray 100 1/8 Gray Base Glass

1/2 starfire 100 1/2 Starfire Base Glass

1/4 clear gray 100 1/4 Clear Gray Base Glass

1/4 green pyrite 100 1/4 Green Pyrite Base Glass

1/4 blue pyrite 100 1/4" Blue Pyrite Base Glass

3/4 clear 100 3/4" Clear Cubes Base Glass

1/4 gray ref 100 1/4" Gray Reflective Base Glass

1/8 solex 100 1/8" Solex Base Glass

1/4 chunky clear 300 1/4" Chunky Clear Base Glass

1/8 black 100 1/8" Black Base Glass

1/4 evergreen 100 1/8" Evergreen Base Glass

1/4 waterwhite clear 100 1/4" Water White Clear Base Glass

amber 100 Amber Base Glass

1/4 black reflective 100 1/4" Black Reflective Base Glass

1/2 starfire 100 1/2" Starfire Base Glass

1/4 starfire 100 1/4" Starfire Base Glass

1/4 gray clear 100 1/4 Gray Clear Mix Base Glass

3/16 clear 100 3/16" Clear Base Glass

34 starfire 23/4" Starfire Base Glass

3/4 clear with 1003/4" Clear with Fishers Base Glass

1/81/8" Water White Base Glass

3/16 bronze 1003/16" Bronze Base Glass

solex reflective 1001/4" Solex Reflective Base Glass

azurlite reflective 1001/4" Azurlite Reflective Base Glass

v blue reflective 1001/4" V Blue Reflective Base Glass

e green reflective 1001/4" Evergreen Reflective Base Glass

blue green reflective 1001/4" Blue Green Reflective Base Glass

bronze reflective 1001/4" Bronze Reflective Base Glass

18 azurlite 1001/8" Azurlite Base Glass

12 bronze 1001/2" Bronze Base Glass

38 azurlite 1001/2" Azurlite Base Glass

38 blue green 1003/8" Blue Green Base Glass

12 clear1/2" Clear Base Glass

12 chunky clear1/2" Chunky Clear Base Glass

chunky bronze1/4" Chunky Bronze Base Glass

clear lightClear Light Base Glass

gray lightGray Light Base Glass

316 bg 1003/16 Blue Green Base Glass

clear pyrite 100Clear Pyrite Base Glass

super black 100Super Black Base Glass

316 ww 1003/16 Water White Base Glass

316 gray 1003/16 Gray Base Glass

12 gray 1001/2 Gray Base Glass

ice clear 100Ice Clear Topper

ice bg 100Ice Blue Green Topper

38 clear 1003/8 Clear Base Glass

f blue ref 100Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass

18 frosted 1001/8 Frosted Base Glass

18 starfire 1001/8 Starfire Base Glass

18 brz ref 1001/8 Bronze Reflective Base Glass

v blue 2000 100 1V Blue 2000 Base Glass

18 brz 100 11/8" Bronze Base Glass

14 brz 100 11/4" Bronze Base Glass

38 brz 100 13/8" Bronze Base Glass

38 chunky cl 100 13/8" Chunky Clear Base Glass

12 frosted 100 11/2" Frosted Base Glass

38 gray 100 13/8" Gray Base Glass

316 solex 100 13/16" Solex Base Glass

38 sf 100 13/8" Starfire Base Glass

18 frosted 1 300 1/4" Frosted Base Glass

f blue light ref 1 1/4" Ford Blue Light Reflective Base Glass

Newest Topping Colors!
copper blue g23 3 Copper Blue G023F3 Topping
green luster g063 3Green Luster G067F3 Topping
lipstick 3Lipstick R316F3 Topping
lipstick 5 Lipstick R316F2 Topping
lipstick 12Lipstick R316F0 Topping

spring green 100Spring Green 1426 Topping

light sky blue purple 100Light Sky Blue Purple 1414 Topping

light aqua marine blue 100Aqua Marine Blue Light 1408 Topping

coral orange 100Coral Orange 1834 Topping

neo lavendar 100Neo Lavendar 1842 Topping

light green 100Light Green 1107 Topping

blue juniper 100Blue Juniper 1806 Topping

rhubarb pink green 100Rhubarb Pink Green 1859 Topping

emerald green 100Emerald Green 1417 Topping

deep royal 100Deep Royal 1114 Topping

medium amber 100Medium Amber 1137 Topping

neo lavendar shift 100Neo Lavendar Shift 1842 Topping

red orange 100Red Orange 007 Topping

turquoise blue 1116 2Turquoise Blue 1116 Topping

aqua blue 100Aqua Blue 1808 Topping

pale yellow 100Pale Yellow 1820 Topping

orange 100Orange 1125 Topping

yellow 100Yellow 1120 Topping

light violet 100lLght Violet 1428 Topping

pink 100Pink 1215 Topping

light plum 100Light Plum 1405 Topping

red 100Red 1122 Topping

cranberry pink topping 1Cranberry Pink 1311 Topping

gold purple 100Gold Purple 1334 Topping

light ave green 100Aventurine Green Light 1412 Topping

midnight blue 100Midnight Blue 1118 Topping

ave green 100Aventurine Green Dark 1112 Topping

Canary Yellow 1120Canary Yellow 1120 Topping

Salmon Pink 0305Salmon Pink 0305 Topping

Spruce Green 1841Spruce Green 1841 Topping

steel blue 100Steel Blue 1406 Topping

sunflower yellow 100Sunflower Yellow 0220 Topping

Grass Green 1807Grass Green 1807 Topping

light amber 1437 100 1Light Amber 1437 Topping

pumpkin orange 100 1Pumpkin Orange 0321 Topping

teal green 100 1Teal Green 0144 Topping

spring green 100 1Spring Green 0126 Topping
cameleon 1Cameleon G138F3 Topping
lapis blue 2Lapis Blue G120F3 Topping
stratus blue 2Stratus Blue G126F3 Topping
olive green 3 Olive Green 1141 Topping
aqaumarine 1108 3 Aqua Marine Blue Dark 1108 Topping
cobalt 1 Cobalt Blue Opal 0114 Topping
tangerine 1 Tangerine Orange Opal 0025 Topping
pimento 1 Pimento Red Opal 0225 Topping
marigold 3 Marigold Yellow Opal 0320 Topping
deep red 2 Deep Red Opal 0224 Topping
tomatoe red 3Tomatoe Red Opal 0024 Topping
red opal 2 Red Opal 0124 Topping
copper ruby G75F3 2 Copper Ruby Red G75F3 Topping
cerulean blue G026 2 Cerulean Blue G026F3 Topping
canary yellow 0120 1 Canary Yellow 0120 Topping
scarlett g072f3 2 Scarlett G072F3 Topping
salmon pink opal 0305 3Salmon Pink Opal 0305 Topping
pale blue turquoise g127f3 2Pale Blue Turquoise G127F3 Topping
cobalt blue extra g20f3 2 Cobalt Blue Extra G20F3 Topping
uramium green g038f3 2Uranium Green G038F3 Topping


Cobalt Blue G250 1 Cobalt Blue G250CF Topper

Copper Blue G251 1 Copper Blue G251CF Topper

Pink G280 1 Pink G280CF Topper

Clear G210 1 Clear G210CF Topper

Pale Olive Green G268 1 Pale Olive Green G268CF Topper

Hyacinth G272 1 Hyacinth G272CF Topper

Pink G280 2Pink G280CF Topper

Emerald Green G260 1 Emerald Green G260CF Topper

Hyacinth G272 2Hyacinth G272CF Topper

Pale Steel Blue G257 2 Pale Steel Blue G257CF Topper

Apricot G220 1Apricot Topper G220CF Topper

Lagoon G254 1 Lagoon G254CF Topper

Rhubarb Pink Green G278 1Rhubarb Pink Green G278CF Topper

Lime Green G263 1 Lime Green G263CF Topper

Cobalt Blue G250 2Cobalt Blue G250CF Topper

 Lilac G270 2 Lilac G270CF Topper 

Pale Emerald Green G266 2 Pale Emerald Green G266CF Topper

Yellow Amber G245 2Yellow Amber G245 CF Topper

Pale Aquamarine G256 2 Pale Aquamarine G256CF Topper

Pale Jade Green G267 2 Pale Jade Green G267CF Topper

Steel Blue G253 2 Steel Blue G253CF Topper

Clear G210 2Clear G210CF Topper

Purple G275 2 Purple G275CF Topper

Light Yellow G240 2 Light Yellow G240CF Topper

Olive Green G262 1 Olive Green G262CF Topper

Fuchsia G285 2Fuchsia G285CF Topper

Pale Lime Green G269 2 Pale Lime Green G269CF Topper

Pale Olive Green G268 2Pale Olive Green G268CF Topper

Pale Cobalt Blue G259 2 Pale Cobalt Blue G259CF Topper

Pale Copper Blue G255 1 Pale Copper Blue G255CF Topper

jade greenJade Green G261CF Topper

Copper Blue G251 2Copper Blue G251CF Topper

Pale Lagoon G258 1 Pale Lagoon G258CF Topper

Yellow G242 1 Yellow G242CF Topper

blue tubesBlue Tubes Topper

citrineCitrine G265CF Topper

Clear G210 1Clear G210CF Topper

Cobalt Blue G250 1Cobalt Blue G250CF Topper

Copper Blue G251 1Copper Blue G251CF Topper

Copper ruby redCopper Ruby Red G75F4 Topper


Dark red orangeDark Red Orange G235CF Topper

Emerald Green G260 2Emerald Green G260CF Topper

Fuchsia G285 1Fuchsia G285CF Topper

Gray G215 2Gray G215CF Topper

Green tubesGreen Tubes Topper

Hyacinth G272 1Hyacinth G272CF Topper

Light blue tubesLight Blue Tubes Topper

Lagoon G254 2Lagoon G254CF Topper


LilacLilac G270CF Topper

Olive Green G262 2Olive Green G262CF Topper

Pale aquamarinePale Aquamarine G256CF Topper

Pale Cobalt Blue G259 1Pale Cobalt Blue G259CF Topper

Pale copper bluePale Copper Blue G255CF Topper

Pale grayPale Gray G217CF Topper


Pale Lagoon G258 1Pale Lagoon G258CF Topper

Pale Olive GreenPale Olive Green G268CF Topper

Pale Steel Blue G257 1Pale Steel Blue G257CF Topper

Pink G280 1Pink G280CF Topper

Purple G275 1Purple G275CF Topper

Red Garnet TubesRed Garnet Tubes Topper

ScarletScarlett G72F4 Topper

Steel Blue G253 1Steel Blue G253CF Topper

YellowYellow G242CF Topper

Yellow amberYellow Amber G245CF Topper

Bronze G218CF Topper

Yellow Amber G245CF Topper

Yellow G242CF Topper

Turquoise Blue G2503CF Topper

Steel Blue G253CF Topper

Scarlet G72F4 Topper

Red Tubes Topper

Red Garnett Topper

Pale Gray G217CF Topper

Orange G71FR Topper

Opaline White G300CF Topper

Light Blue Tubes Topper

Irridizing Amber Brown Z640F5 Topper

Green Tubes Topper

Gold Ruby G221CF Topper

gold amethyst g11f4 2 Gold Amethyst G11F4 Topper

Fluorogreen G34F4 Topper

Deep Blue G2507CF Topper

Dark Red Orange G235CF Topper

Copper Ruby Red G75F4 Topper

Cherry Red G74FR Topper

Citron G73F4 Topper

Citron G73F4 Topper

Brilliant Gold G12F3 Topper

Black Luster G290CF Topper

Aquamarine G252CF Topper

Amethyst Purple 2512 Topper

Vermillion Topper

bronze 218 2Bronze G218CF Topper

hyacinth r 2 Hyacinth R2501CF Topper

crystal 2 Crystal R1500CF Topper

emerald 2Emerald Green Light R4502CF Topper

violet light 2Violet Light R6502CF Topper

orange 2 Orange R140F4 Topper

light yellow 2 Light Yellow G240CF Topper

red brown 2 Red Brown R7502CF Topper

lime 2 Lime Aventurine G90F4 Topper

orange r 2 Orange R6506CF Topper

orange yellow 2Orange Yellow R6507CF Topper

Red Tubes Topper

violet red r2502 2 Violet Red R2502CF Topper

red topper r 2Red R Topper

lime green r4500 2Lime Green Light R4500CF Topper

gold ruby r6551 3Gold Ruby R6551CF Topper

brown r2503 3 Bronze R2503CF Topper

brown r7503 3 Brown R7503CF Topper

Orange Light r6505 3Orange Light R6505CF Topper

Light Gray r4501 3Light Gray R4501CF Topper

Steel Blue Light r3507 3 Steel Blue Light R3507CF Topper

cameleon r4504cf 1Chameleon R4505CF Topper

semillion g279 2 Semillion G279CF Topper

gold amethyst g276 2 Gold Amethyst G276CF Topper

amber r6501 2 Amber R6501CF Topper

orange vein 2 Orange Vein FE6003 Topper

gray blue 2 Gray Blue FE3002 Topper

dark 2 Split Dark Topper Mix

light 2 Split Light Topper Mix

teal 3 Teal Blue FE3001 Topper

trans 3Trans Red FE6002 Topper

cobalt blue r 2Cobalt Blue R3504CF Topper

emerald r 1 Emerald Green R4503CF Topper

aquamarine r 2 Aquamarine R3503CF Topper

copper blue light 2 Copper Blue Light R3502CF Topper

cobalt blue light 2 Cobalt Blue Light R3505CF Topper

copper blue xlt 2 Copper Blue XLT R3500CF Topper

aquamarine 2 Aquamarine Light R3506CF Topper

pink 2 Pink R6500CF Topper

black 3 Black Luster R9500CF Topper

cherry red 3 Cherry Red R143F4 Topper

pirates 2 Pirates Topper

split dark sm 2 Split Dark Small Topper Mix

Scarlet G72F4 Topper

dark gold ruby z61f4 1 Dark Gold Ruby Z61F4 Topper

dark gold ruby r5f5 3 Dark Gold Ruby R5F5 Topper

dark gold pink r3f4 2 Dark Gold Pink R3F4 Topper

dark extra gold pink 2 Dark Extra Gold Pink Z6122F4 Topper

dark emerald green z69f6 2 Dark Emerald Green Z69F6 Topper

dark cobalt blue z66f4 3 Dark Cobalt Blue Z66F4 Topper

dark blue r41f6 2Dark Blue R41F6 Topper

dark amber brown 2 Dark Amber Brown Z95F5 Topper

daffodil g77f4 3 Daffodil G77F4 Topper

cranberry pink r232f6 3 Cranberry Pink R232F6 Topper

copper ruby z652f4 3 Copper Ruby Z652F4 Topper

copper ruby r200f4 3 Copper Ruby R200F4 Topper

copper ruby r42f4 3 Copper Ruby R42F4 Topper

pale pink r151f4 2 Pale Pink R151F4 Topper

brillaint yellow r20f4 2 Brilliant Yellow R20F4 Topper

fuchsia r9f5 2 Fuchsia R9F5 Topper

yellowish aurora r8f5 2 Yellowish Aurora R8F5 Topper

opaline r60f4 2 Opaline R60F4 Topper

gold topaz r19f5 2 Gold Topaz R19F5 Topper

corn yellow r77f4 2 Corn Yellow R77F4 Topper

pale old gold r18f4 2Pale Old Gold R18F4 Topper

canary yellow r78f4 2Canary Yellow R78F4 Topper

opal pigeon blue r90f4 2 Opal Pigeon Blue R90F4 Topper

opal turquoise r86f4 2Opal Turquoise R86F4 Topper

ferrari red r148f4 2Ferrari Red R148F4 Topper

copper ruby light r244f4 2Copper Ruby Light R244F4 Topper

pink opal r300f4 2 Pink Opal R300F4 Topper

eco white r620f4 2Eco White R620F4 Topper

gold aventurine vf5 2Gold Aventurine VF5 Topper

czar blue r245f5 2Czar Blue R245F5 Topper

czar green r243f4 2Czar Green R243F4 Topper

orange r140f4 2Orange R140F4 Topper

yellowish opal orange r67f4 2Yellowish Opal Orange R67F4 Topper

opal blue r93f4 2Opal Sea Blue R93F4 Topper

opal violet r88f4 2Opal Violet R88F4 Topper

ocher yellow r164f4 2Ocher Yellow R164F4 Topper

iris dark brown r106f4 2 Iris Dark Brown R106F4 Topper

spring green r305f4 2 Spring Green R305F4 Topper

linden tree green r158f4 2Linden Tree Green R158F4 Topper

iris yellow r218f5 2Iris Yellow R218F5 Topper

opal dark green r2411f4 2Opal Dark Green R2411F4 Topper

mint r306f4 2Mint R306F4 Topper

brilliant gold r212f4 2Brilliant Gold R212F4 Topper

opal gray green r181f4 2Opal Gray Green R181F4 Topper

jade green r224f4 2 Jade Green R224F4 Topper

royal blue r303f4 2Royal Blue R303F4 Topper

sky blue r304f4 2Sky Blue R304F4 Topper

granny apple green r74f4 2 Granny Apple Green R74F4 Topper

salmon pink r6f5 2Salmon Pink R6F5 Topper

opal lilac r98f5 2Opal Lilac R98F5 Topper

dutch blue r84f4 2Dutch Blue R84F4 Topper

iris amber r195f5 2Iris Amber R191F5 Topper

curry r120f4 2Curry R120F4 Topper

iris orange r108f5 2Iris Orange R108F5 Topper

light tobaco r222f4 2 Light Tobacco R222F4 Topper

Mocha r224f4 2Mocha R224F4 Topper

purple r96f4 2Purple R96F4 Topper

extra light tobacco r230f4 2Extra Light Tobacco R230F4 Topper

iris opal yellow r107f5 2Iris Opal Yellow R107F5 Topper

imperial red r122f4 2Imperial Red R122F4 Topper

pastel blue r82f4 2Pastel Blue R82F4 Topper

lilac red r97f4 2Lilac Red R97F4 Topper

opal sky blue r80f4 2 Opal Sky Blue R80F4 Topper

mandarin r119f4 2Mandarin R119F4 Topper

mustard yellow r226f4 2Mustard Yellow R226F4 Topper

roma red r141f4 2Roma Red R141F4 Topper

strawberry r139f3 2Strawberry R139F3 Topper

saffron r16f4 2Saffron R16F4 Topper

coral red r69f4 2Coral Red R69F4 Topper

enamel white soft r610f4 2Enamel White Soft R610F4 Topper

pistachio green r157f4 2Pistachio Green R157F4 Topper

reddish opal orange r121f4 2Reddish Opal Orange R121F4 Topper

opal white r62f4 2 Opal White R62F4 Topper

dark olive r4291f4 2 Dark Olive R4291F4 Topper

gold ruby r2f4 2Gold Ruby R2F4 Topper

opal bright pink r66f4 2Opal Bright Pink R66F4 Topper

light beige r161f4 2Light Beige R161F4 Topper

citrine r5501 cf 2Citrine R5501CF Topper

gold green r219f5 2 Gold Green R219F5 Topper

garnett r143f4 2Garnett Red R143F4 Topper

fuchsia z60f4 2Fuchsia Z60F4 Topper

extra rich pink z611f4 2Extra Rich Pink Z611F4 Topper

extra light blue z671f4 2Extra Light Blue Z671F4 Topper

extra dark gold ruby z610f4 2Extra Dark Gold Ruby Z610F4 Topper

emerald green r29f3 2Emerald Green R29F3 Topper

deep hyacinth violet r14f4 2 Deep Hyacinth Violet R14F4 Topper

deep blue 1 time cast 2507 2Deep Blue 1 Time Cast 2507

cherry red tubes g074fr 2Cherry Red Tubes G074FR Topper

copper ruby r160f4 2Copper Ruby R160F4 Topper

dark gold pink r3f4 2Dark Gold Pink R3F4 Topper

light blue r221f4 2Light Blue R221F4 Topper

light iris gold r217f5 3Light Iris Gold R217F5 Topper

opal white r1100f5 2Opal White R1100F5 Topper

orange red g230cf 2Orange Red G230CF Topper

opaline light white r1102f5 3Opaline Light White R1102F5 Topper

opaline violet r2100f5 2Opaline Violet R2100F5 Topper

cherry red 3 Cherry Red R142F4 Topper
Apricot G13f3Apricot G13F3 Topper

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Please stop back as we are updating many more colors and pictures.
Here are a few pictures of our toppers before we process the glass We make all of our toppers and toppings in billet form as you can see they are 1" to 1 1/2" thick at first pour, yes we do pour the glass into molds. THE BILLETS/ GLASS BELOW ARE SOME OF OUR NEW COLORS COMING SOON! This is the first step of production and we should be posting these colors in about 2 to 3 months.

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