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Convert to FireGlass / Natural Gas or Propane

This unique circle fire pit was designed for Joe Le Beau in Nevada.  For now we only have the construction picture's that we took in our shop.

Ring Fire Pit Ring Fire Pit

The custom fire pit dimensions were 48" outside with a inside diameter of 39" and 12" tall. Aluminum frame finish with a battery operated ignition system (100,000 BTU capacity).

Ring Fire Pit Ring Fire Pit

Powder coated a beautiful matte Dark Brown and filled with Starfire Base Glass and New Yellow Base Glass.

Ring Fire Pit Ring Fire Pit

The reason for the large center opening, is that a water fountain will be placed in the middle.  We look forward to someday receiving the completed project photos.
Ring Fire Pit

The following fire pit was converted by our dealer in Seattle, Rich Favors.

outdoor fire pit with fireglass outdoor fire pit with fireglass

It was a propane conversion, with a Propane 12" Double Stainless Steel Ring, Gray Base Glass FireGlass, Clear ICE ICE ICE Topper and Red E.D. Diamonds.  Remember, we do not sell propane on-line, please contact us to initiate your purchase 909 989 6129 or send us an Email with pictures of your project to

outdoor fire pit with fireglass outdoor fire pit with fireglass

Check out the clear glass cover, elegant, simple and effective.

outdoor fire pit with fireglass outdoor fire pit with fireglass

Here is what the customer had to say about Rich.


Many thanks for all the work on the glass, quick turn on the burner repair etc.  The fire table is INCREDIBLE!  It's really a delight having it on the water and allows us to be outside even more.  I'm attaching some pics for you.

Thanks again!


The fire pit below is located in San Diego, Gable Point Loma. There were 2 electronic ignitions installed and a false bottom was installed. We filled the base with Clear Base Glass and 1/2" Clear Base Glass.The lines were installed from the back.  Below are the electronic ignitions.

Gables Point Loma 1 Gables Point Loma 2

Framing/ metal studs were installed and two layers of durock was then installed to support the glass.

Gables Point Loma 3 Gables Point Loma 8

Gables Point Loma 7 Gables Point Loma 6


Gables Point Loma 5


The fire pit below is from Chad McGraw in Washington State. He took a simple patio and transformed it into a fire pit and seating area. The electronic ignition was installed under the bench to the left and accessible from the rear of the seating area.

Chad 1 Chad 2

Chad 3


The fire pit below is from Frank Hammond. He created a beach environment in his back yard. He purchased a wood burning fire pit and we converted it to a gas burning pit. We also supplied a quick disconnect gas line to eliminate plumbing underground. he used a Bronze Base Glass over a bed of crushed lava and topped it with Gold Base Glass.

Frank Hammond 1 Frank Hammond 2

Frank Hammond 3



L'Auberge Del Mar

The fire pits and fireplaces below were from L'Auberge Del Mar.

Enjoy the pictures and hope you get to visit!

L'Auberge Del Mar 2 L'Auberge Del Mar 3
L'Auberge Del Mar 4 L'Auberge Del Mar 1

The fire pit below is filled with lava rock and then was topped with a base of Clear Base Glass. Then they covered the Clear with Azurlite Base Glass and topped it with a few Ice Ice Ice cubes. A funny story comes with this fire pit. Elliott came out from the San Fernando Valley as he was sent by his mother, which was tooooo busy to come out herself. She told Elliott to pick out the colors he liked which he did (he was told to pick amber colors). He went home with Amber Base Glass and Gold Base Glass and set up the fire pit which actually looked very nice. Well to his demise his mother did not like Amber at all! She made Elliott pick out all of the Amber and replace it with what you see here. Yes we did exchange the glass for him to prevent his mother from further punishing Elliott. We will post the Amber Base Glass pictures when we come across them in our files.

elliott 6 elliott 8
elliott 1 elliott 2
elliott 3 elliott 4

Elliott: It turned out very nice!  I hope your Mother is happy now.   The fireplace below has remote control, Bronze Base Glass and a splash of Starfire Base Glass.

elliott 5

The fire pit below has a Azurlite Base Glass and a black granite ring for one very nice fire pit!

sam 1 sam 2
sam 3
The fire pit below has a Bronze Base Glass with Bronze Reflective Base Glass and Scarlett Topper on top.

ken 2 ken 1

ken 3

The fire pit below is one of several Katrina builds in the San Francisco Bay area. She will build anything thing you can imagine in here field of design. Please contact us so we an put you in touch with Katrina. The fire pit below she used a Clear Base Glass.

katrina 1 katrina 2

katrina 3

This next Vortex project belongs to Alfie Petit in Palm Springs, California. Alfie designed and had the seating area built to accommodate the Vortex. Then we installed a 42" center-less stainless steel ring which made a fire pit all around the Vortex. Those pictures will be posted as soon as Alfie sends them!!!!!

We will explain as we move forward.

Alfie Petit Alfie Petit
Alfie Petit Alfie Petit
Alfie Petit Alfie Petit

Now for the evening pictures with the outer ring burning around the Vortex!!!

Alfie Palm Springs Fire Alfie Palm Springs Fire
Alfie Palm Springs Fire Alfie Palm Springs Fire
Alfie Palm Springs Fire Alfie Palm Springs Fire

The fire pit below has Azurlite Base Glass FireGlass/ Fire Glass installed. This fire pit was to have an electronic ignition but the pool builder forgot to wire it, oops! We then installed a battery operated IPI system and we will explain as we move on. The first issue was we were told the pit was 8" deep, it was only 6" deep! That will explain why the glass is mounded so high. they put a board on top of the fire pit and measured it to the top not the bottom.  We had to mount the gas on top of the ring because of the measuring mistake.

Palm Desert fire pit 2 Ram Palm Desert fire pit 4
On the bottom front left of the pictures you can see the blue battery compartment.  We had to mount the gas on top of the ring because of the measuring mistake.  This will be just slightly covered with glass but easy to find come the time to replace the batteries.  First layer of glass going on.

Ram Palm Desert fire pit  5 Ram Palm Desert fire pit  6

Ram Palm Desert fire pit  7 Ram Palm Desert fire pit  8
Below you can see that the ignition is just above the surface and the battery box is now gone! 
We had to add more glass, again because of the 6"/ 8" bad measuring.

Ram Palm Desert fire pit  9 Ram Palm Desert fire pit  10

Below here it is finished.  Yes it is on the golf course in Palm Desert

Ram Palm Desert fire pit  13 Ram Palm Desert fire pit  18

The fire pit below was designed by Tim Warden of Orange County, California. We helped finish the design/ build of this fire pit.

We will explain as we go forward:

Start with a cantilever design off of the deck overhanging the hill side.

Close up of the control valves

Orange County Fire Pit 1 Orange County Fire Pit 2

Two valves to control two burners. Don't expect to push gas into a massive burner then hope it goes where you want it to??? This helps equalize the pressure to each burner.  Below the plumbing is now finished.

Orange County Fire Pit 3 Orange County Fire Pit 4

Test burn.  We used two 50" "T" burners in #304 Stainless Steel.

Orange County Fire Pit 5 Orange County Fire Pit 6

Copper cladding was added to the top portion and wrapped in water proofing material. Durock (cement board) was added the the lower portion for an application of smooth stucco.

Orange County Fire Pit 7 Orange County Fire Pit 8

Orange County Fire Pit 9 Orange County Fire Pit 10

Ford Blue Base Glass was added with Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass.

Orange County Fire Pit 11 Orange County Fire Pit 12

Starting to look nice! Real Nice! No that's not Marijuana in the back ground! The 1/2" glass panels get installed with stand off clips on the back side so you don't see the installation.

Looking from across the pool, very cool!

Orange County Fire Pit 13 Orange County Fire Pit 15

The fire pit below is in San Diego California. First we built 2 new half oval stainless. steel rings. To replace a futile attempt of burner rings by the contractor. If you don't want your rings to rust, cover them or purchase stainless steel. We will explain as we move on.

sd 17 sd 14

We converted the mishap of rings with two valves, one for each ring. The first issue was the contractor installed a1/2" gas line, oops. Way too small for the distance. The home owner had to have the pressure turned up by the gas company. Sometimes this is not possible. We spit one line into two. This enabled us to equalize flames in each burner half.

Here are the two half oval rings.

sd 13 sd 12

Below are the two key valves.

sd 7 sd 16

Cover the rings with the amount of filler (crushed lava) to make the shape you would like the pit to be.  Start to pour your glass. We used Evergreen Base Glass with Evergreen Reflective Base Glass.

sd 8 sd 9

sd 10 sd 3

sd 2 sd 5

Here we have it. The customer did get the pressure turned up but we did not get any further pictures.

SD 1 Australia 10

The fire pit below was installed in Sydney, Australia by Ian Sutherland. He did a great job on his new patio and fire pit. We inspired him to build this really nice back yard project and we were glad to help. The glass that was used was Azurlite Base Glass and Starfire Base Glass.

Australia 8 Australia 1

Australia 3 Australia 2

The fire pit pictures below are of a simple overflow water feature with Fire Stones all around.

Exotic Flames 1 Exotic Flames 2

The fire ring that was used was a 30" round side feed. We make custom rings for any application. Either for propane or natural gas fire pits or fireplaces.

Exotic Flames 3

The fire pit below was purchased locally and then we converted it to burn propane without soot! The colors used were, Starfire Base Glass, Water White Base Glass, Bronze Base Glass, Azurlite Base Glass, Ford Blue Base Glass, Evergreen Base Glass, Galaxy Green Base Glass, Black, Gray Base Glass and Topped with 1 lb of Copper Ruby Red Topper. I guess he wanted a lot of color.

James 2 James 3

Here is what is looked like when he started. These manufactures have no imagination!

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