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ICE ICE ICE Topper is one of our most popular Toppers.   They create an amazing illusion of ice with-standing fire.  They are also great to use as decorative objects or for set-design.

ICE ICE ICE Topper is not intended to be used as your primary filler but are a great way to accent your FireGlass fireplace or fire pit.   It is advisable to just use a few pounds to sprinkle over the base glass, ideally around the flame - and not directly in the fire. 

Keep in mind the chemical composition of ICE ICE ICE Topper is vastly different than glass.  This, allows for the variety of colors, but however over time and excessive heat cause there degradation.  

ice clear 3 ice clear 1
ice 9 ice fire 3 ice fire 4

You can use as little as a pound or two, or several pounds to cover to top of your fireplace.  Giving a chunky texture to your fireplace or fire pit.

ice clear 2 Ice Ice Ice Clear 2

The fire pit below has Ford Blue Base Glass FireGlass topped with ICE ICE ICE Topper

fire pit 7 fire pit 6 fire pit 5



The fireplace below is in Beverly Hills California. We use a Black base glass with Clear ICE ICE ICE Topper on top. The customer decided to keep their original burner so to have their flames localized in the center. This fireplace goes from "Log Ugly" to a shiny new contemporary FireGlass fireplace in an hour. 

bh 1 bh 3 bh 5

  Now it's painted and ready for the glass.

bh 4 bh 8

bh 13 bh 14



Here are some examples of how you can use the ICE ICE ICE Topper for purely decorative use.

ice ice ice toppers ice ice ice toppers ice ice ice toppers

Here is another unique display utilizing ICE ICE ICE Topper that is just cool.  You have to admit, our ICE ICE ICE Topper looks like ICE! Have another creative idea for our ice let us know and well post your pictures on line as well.

ice ice ice toppers corona 6 corona 1

Tom Madill and Liz Gordon from San Francisco.  Black Base Glass with Black Reflective Base Glass, and ICE ICE ICE Topper

Tom Madill and Liz Gordon Tom Madill and Liz Gordon


Here are some pictures of some Ice Ice Ice Blue Green topper.

ice blue 2 ice blue 3 ice blue 1


The pictures below have a Clear Base Glass FireGlass with Ice Ice Ice Blue Green topper. This fireplace also showcases a fireplace Surround, which is essentially a custom make metal from for your fireplace.  All our Surrounds are custom and made here in America.  

corner 7 corner 5



The fireplace below has Starfire Base Glass and ICE ICE ICE Topper. This is a complete makeover and turned out very nice. 


Rebuilt fireplace Rebuilt fireplace rocks 1
rocks 5 rocks 4




The fireplace pictures below were sent to us from Elizabeth Bawden, who used: 
Black Base Glass
Ice Ice Ice Topper,
Multi Color Cubes 

Very nice use of colors! 

Elizabeth 4 Elizabeth 6

colorful fireplace

This custom fire table was built by Brian Johnson of Omaha Nebraska through Yard Crashers (Episode is to debut on 11 14 09).  We don't have any of his construction photos but we supplied him with the burner components, FireGlass and some blue food coloring for his water. The finished custom table used our beautiful Bronze Base Glass with 1 lb of our Ice Ice Ice Topper, Topper, to top it off! 

Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature

Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature

to see the "Yard Crashers" Sacramento Show!" with this feature installed. 



On the left side is what 2 pounds of Ice Ice Ice Topper,  looks like spread out.  And to the right is what is 5 pounds looks like.

Ice 2 lbs

Ice 5 Lbs




Here is another great example of Ice Ice Ice Topper, used on top of an Azurlite Base Glass with some Sky Blue Diamonds toppers for more accents.

Johnny 2 Johnny 1



Here is a unique outdoor fire pit, very modern design but still effective.  They used a double 18" stainless steel burner and Starfire Base Glass with of course some ICE ICE ICE Topper

2 3
4 5
6 7


The picture below is of the completed Fireplace Surround, Direct Vent Conversion, FireGlass installation and the FireBalls Looks great!

Click "HERE" or on the picture below to see how this was made and installed.

Rick Rogina Direct Vent

Toppers & Toppings


For best results use a low / medium flame with Toppers and Toppings.  Using the fireplace over a long period of time, on a high heat, (Over 650 degrees) will result in the heat carbonizing the metal particles to the surface – darkening the product and possibly cracking it over time.  

However, you do not need to worry about the FireGlass – as that is safe to burn on high heat over long periods.

We advise the following rules: 

  • Toppings – Sprinkle the majority of the Toppings around the fire area / flames.  
  • Toppers – If you plan to turn your fireplace flame to high, remove those Topper pieces that are directly in the flame.


Not following these rules will void all Toppers and Toppings product warranty. 

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