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Ice Cubes
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ice nuggets 3 ice nuggets 1
The pictures below utilize Black Magic which causes the flames to turn blue.  Two different combinations of Ice Cubes that we took for a customer that wanted to see what it would look like.

Ice Cubes w/Black Magic 1 Ice Cubes w/Black Magic 2
Ice Cubes w/Black Magic 3 Ice Cubes w/Black Magic 4



Light Periwinkle Glass Cubes
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perwinkle glass cubes 3 perwinkle glass cubes 1
perwinkle glass cubes 2  



Multi Mix Squares
$15.50lb Out Of Stock

multi mix squares 3 multi mix squares 1
The fireplace below is from Eliabeth Bawden, very nice finish! The colors that were used are: Black Base GlassIce Ice Ice Topper, Multi Color Cubes, Very nice use of color!

Elizabeth 6 Elizabeth 8
Elizabeth 5 Elizabeth 4



Caribbean Blue Cubes
$15.50lb Out Of Stock

caribbean blue cubes 3 caribbean blue cubes 1

The next fireplace has an amazing mix! Our client Fred Pollakov, decided on the following colors. Starfire Base GlassBronze Rust Copper Base Glass mixed with, Gold Reflective Base GlassAzurlite Base GlassCobalt Blue DiamondsAmber Diamonds,and Caribbean Blue Cubes. The fireplace looks outstanding!  You'll notice we built a 3" tall 1/2" thick front screen at the bottom of the fireplace to keep the glass in place.   The glass sculpture in the middle of the fireplace unfortunately could not endure the heat. 

Fred Pollakov 4 Fred Pollakov 2
Fred Pollakov 5 Fred Pollakov 1



Square Glass Blocks
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square glass blocks 3 square glass blocks 1
square glass blocks 2  


Cobalt Blue Squares
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cobalt blue squares 3 cobalt blue squares 1

This next fireplace is a direct vent conversion.  Our client  Charlene, used several FireGlass types as well as several toppers.  Including, V Blue Reflective Base GlassBlack Reflective Base GlassGray Reflective Base Glass,
I think she wanted it to POP and it did!

Charlene 4 Charlene 3
Charlene 5

Aqua Green Glass Cubes
$15.50lb Click Here to Purchase

aqua green glass cubes 3 aqua green glass cubes 1
aqua green glass cubes 2  

Periwinkle Blue

$15.50lb Click Here to Purchase

Periwinkle Blue Cube Periwinkle Blue Cube
Periwinkle Blue Cube Periwinkle Blue Cube

 Clear Blocks 1/2"
$15.50lb Click Here to Purchase

clear blocks 3 clear blocks 1
clear blocks 2  


Mini Cubes

mini cubes mini cubes 2


Mini Dark Blue Small Squares
$15.50lb Click Here to Purchase

dark blue small squares 3 dark blue small squares 1
dark blue small squares 2  

Mini Green Cubes
$15.50lb Click Here to Purchase

mini green cubes 3 mini green cubes 1
mini green cubes 2  



Mini Red Cubes
$15.50lb Click Here to Purchase

mini red cubes 3 mini red cubes 1
mini red cubes 2  


Mini Clear Squares
$15.50lb Out Of Stock

clear small squares 3 clear small squares 1
clear small squares 2  

Toppers & Toppings

Thank you for purchasing our products.  For best results use a low / medium flame with Toppers and Toppings.  Using the fireplace over a long period of time, on a high heat, (Over 650 degrees) will result in the heat carbonizing the metal particles to the surface – darkening the product and possibly cracking it over time.  

However, you do not need to worry about the FireGlass – as that is safe to burn on high heat over long periods.

We advise the following rules:

  • Toppings – Sprinkle the majority of the Toppings around the fire area / flames.  
  • Toppers – If you plan to turn your fireplace flame to high, remove those Topper pieces that are directly in the flame.

Not following these rules will void all Toppers and Toppings product warranty. 

Ice Cube Gallery

Here are some outdoor pictures of our Cubes being used outdoors. The fire water feature below was built by Don Whittaker and the glass that was used was, Bronze Base Glass, Bronze Reflective Base GlassGarnet Topper, Ice Ice Ice Topper and Cobalt Blue Opal Topping.

Here we go from the beginning:

Don 9 Don 83
Don 1 Don 4
Don 6 Don 17
Don 19 Don 20
Don 94 Don 97
Don 95 Don 96



The next several pictures are of Gisella Hunter in Palm Springs. She had us install a Blue Green Base Glass, painted the interior a Antique Ruby Red, then she topped it with: Scarlett topperOrange and Pink E.D. Diamonds, and Mini Green Drops, and a few pounds of 1/2" Bronze Base Glass mixed in on top. Then if that was not enough, she had us build two VortexED55 Fires to set next to the fireplace.

Gisella Hunter 1 Gisella Hunter 6
Gisella Hunter 7 Gisella Hunter 4
Gisella Hunter 2 Gisella Hunter 3 909-989-6129

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