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Fireplace Glass Gallery #14

Convert to Fireglass

The fireplace pictures below are with Blue Green Base Glass FireGlass. Marla installed the Blue Green Base Glass and Blue Green Reflective Base Glass Fire Glass in both fireplaces.

Marla 3 Marla 2

Very nice Fireplace Design.

fireplace fireglass pictures

The stainless steel pan below was created by John Webber of San Diego, California. He created a card board mock up (card board mache') model for us to reproduce for his pan in the fireplace. This is a good way to provide a preview of what is to come. Our philosophy is "Your thoughts, My Hands!" we can build anything you desire. Here are the fire place pictures and pictures of the pan before, during and after!
John Webber 8 John Webber 7

We are not showing the burners or the controls as everyone we build is different.

John Webber 6 John Webber 5
John Webber 4 custom fireplace fireglass pan

Above you see John Webber on the right. He was excited to see his model come to life.

custom fireplace pan for fireglass custom fireplace metal pan for fireglass

Multi Mix 5 Multi Mix 8

Our Multi Mix Base Glass is never the same and is usually comes with and up to 100 colors!

Multi Mix 7

The fireplace picture below shows what almost happened. The customer asked: Should I Paint? I think it looks good with the used marks, what do you think? I told him if he doesn't buy the paint that I would donate the paint.  He did paint and it looks great! Now to show you a happy ending! Morris in Canada finished his fireplace any it turned out amazing! The fireplace pictures below show a happy ending!

Should I Paint? Morris 3

YUK, YUK, and YUK! Burning wood is like having an incinerator in your family room.

Morris 2 Morris 4

There is nothing pretty about a wood burning fireplace.   Now, paint the interior, connect the burner.

Should I Paint? Morris 5

Pour in the filler. Test your burner.  Pour in the glass and your done! Morris used a Starfire Base Glass and topped it with 3/4" Starfire Base Glass and Rhubarb Topper.

Morris 6 Morris 7
Morris 8 Morris 1

Very nice Morris! One of our Canadian Customers.

chunky fireglass fireglass fireplace

The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass and is topped with a bit of Pink Rosa Base Glass.

Art Guerra 3 Art Guerra 2

Art Guerra 1

The fireplace below is a two sided fireplace from the bedroom to the bathroom. This is a very simple conversion. A Starfire Base Glass was used and Topped with Gold Base Glass.

Jodi Jodi 1
Jodi 2 Jodi 4

Jodi 5 Jodi 6

Very simple, clean and  nice.

Jodi 7

The fireplace pictures below belong to John Krakowski. This is a complete make over/ transformation of his fireplace. The colors that were used are, Bronze Base Glass, Bronze Reflective Base Glass, Yellow Topper, Yellow Amber Topper, Dark Red Orange Topper, This is a very nice self installation: A picture is worth a thousand words!
John 1 John 2

fireplace conversion to fireglass fireplace gas fireplace conversion to fire and ice

John 5 John 6

John 7 fireglass fireplace


The fireplace below is from Eliabeth Bawden, very nice finish! The colors that were used are, Black Base Glass, Ice Ice Ice Topper, Multi Color Cubes. Very nice splash of color!

Elizabeth 8 Elizabeth 6
Elizabeth 5 Elizabeth 4

This next fireplace was done with lack of knowledge! First they installed a 18" single burner and some real interesting choices of glass. What they did do correct is have a 3" sand bed under their yuk glass. The first issue we repaired was the stub out on the left side of the fireplace floor. All we did was install a 90 degree elbow and connect a 1/2" flex line to the new double 24" burner. They had left the flex pointing in the air and then reduced it to a 3/8" line and to top that off added they very sad single 18" burner. We repainted their futile attempt (of painting) with dark metallic brown, added 10 lbs of sand and poured 75 lbs of Starfire base glass over the new burner and sand filler.

PS Convert 4 PS Convert 2

Below you can see the black marks under the paint. Below you can see the flex line that was installed was left above the surface. Now if we tried that I think our customers would take us out and string us up, what do you think? To top it off this customer was an attorney! Completely happy with what we did.  Here is the new paint on the back walls.

PS Convert 3 PS Convert 5
PS Convert 7 PS Convert 6

Now we added the Starfire Base Glass. One thing we have been doing a little bit different is to bring the glass out from the front of the fireplace. We let the glass come out of the fireplace from 3 to 6 inches to make it look even more grand. Here is a the almost finished product of what we do! We left several colors with the customer to add. We will post pictures when they arrive.

PS Convert 8 PS Convert 9

Below are the finished pictures of what else was added, Yellow Amber Topper, Ice Ice Ice Topper, Clear Diamonds, Fuchsia Topper, Purple Topper, Red R Topper, Roma Red Topper. I think it turned out very colorful! Check it out!

Joan Sklar 1 Joan Sklar 3

Joan Sklar 2

The fireplace pictures below is a before and after fireplace.  The glass that was installed is,Galaxy Green Base Glass, Clear Diamonds, Ice Ice Ice Topper, Pale Cobalt Blue Topper, Rhubarb Topper, Lime Green Topper.  You be the judge, a very nice mix of colors. Many times better than the BEFORE! YUK?!
Julia Colon 1 Julia Colon 2

Just the Cobalt Blue Topper is installed above and below.
Julia Colon 2 Julia Colon 4
Julia Colon 7 Julia Colon 6

The fireplace pictures below show the before and after from Bob Kobus. The glass that was used is, Starfire Base Glass and Ice Ice Ice Topper, Very nice, contemporary and simple! Nice Logs! NOT!
Bob Kobus 1 Bob Kobus 2

Bob used an aluminum brick metalized panel.  Then they did their grind pattern.
Bob Kobus 6 Bob Kobus 7

And here you have it finished!
Bob Kobus 4 Bob Kobus 5

The dirty old logs are then replaced with Starfire Base Glass and Ice Ice Ice Topper. Much better, don't you think?
Bob Kobus 8 Bob Kobus 9
Bob Kobus 10 Bob Kobus 11

The fireplace pictures below will show how simple and easy it actually is to install.  We always recommend painting the lines first and then painting each brick separately. Using this technique you can eliminate spots.

001 002


Install the burner. We usually recommend curling the flex line from underneath, but this works as well if your flex line is long enough. The reason for the flex line: it allows you to move the burner forward to prevent the flames from hitting the back wall.  Below the lava has been poured and test the flame pattern.

003 004


Pour the glass from the front going to the back. You can use a cup or pour from the bucket.  Turn it on and your done!
005 006


The glass that was used is, Starfire Base Glass, 1 lb of Gold Base Glass, Amber Diamonds, Ice Ice Ice Base Glass for one simple but nice fireplace!


Here is what J.D. Harriman had to say.

Subject: More proof of how easy it is to do with Moderustic providing the materials!

We are so happy with our FireGlass/ fire glass fireplaces (we have 3!). It has literally changed our lives in that we can use our fireplaces anytime we want with no worry about
cleaning ashes later on. Even better, the look is so superior to fake logs. All of our friends have been wowed by the look. We always send them your way.

Best regards,

J. D. Harriman
Here we go:

The fireplace below belongs to Deborah Hawkins and she installed a bed of crushed lava and topped it with with Black Base Glass, a few lbs of Starfire Base Glass and about 1 lb of Copper Ruby Red Topper.

Deborah 1 Deborah 2

The before and after pictures below are of a Starfire Base Glass and Clear Diamonds.
Starfire and Diamonds 2  Starfire and Diamonds 1

The fire place below is very unique because it is back lit Onyx. They used Clear Diamonds and Amber Diamonds for accents. Our propane burners were set to 100,000 btu's each for maximum heat. The glass that we used was Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass.


The Fireplace below is a Malm Fireplace with Amber Base Glass.

Peter Ross

Sev in Las Vegas installed Gray Base Glass (FireGlass) in his direct vent fireplace. A very simple fireplace design.
Sev 1

From Our  "How Not To Do It" page.  The fireplace below is a wood burning and it can also be used for propane. At first glance do you notice anything wrong?  How about the abundance of soot forming on the front of the fireplace? Remember you also breath this crap. There are a lot of "Wannabe Purists" thinking wood burning is the answer, NOT! It's actually called pollution! Now isn't this a charming look! Black soot and smoke all over the front of your fireplace and walls.
Soot 1

John Kirkhan 1

The next several fireplace pictures are from Andy Peeke from New Jersey. Andy did the self installation with his wife. Almost a complete fireplace make over once you see. They use a Starfire Base Glass, Amber Topper and Black Topper.  The house is very nice, the fireplace right now is "YUK"!

fireplace conversion to fireglass Andy Peeke 9
Andy Peeke 1 Andy Peeke 2

We used a double "H" to give a wider flame pattern as you will see.  We also used a sand base under the Starfire Base Glass and just up to the burners, not covering them. Just so you know, this is a two sided fireplace. Now 2" of Starfire Base Glass.

Andy Peeke 3 Andy Peeke 4
Andy Peeke 5 Andy Peeke 6

And your done!

Andy Peeke 7 909-989-6129

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