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Propane Gas Burners

Our Propane Burners are manufactured to be used with Aquatic Glassel/ FireGlass. We are the only company in the world successfully offering custom made propane burners that safely burn Aquatic Glassel /  FireGlass.  

NOTE* We do not currently Sell Propane Burner kits on line. Please call us for a consultation as their are a lot of safety issues that must be dealt with before we can sell you a propane burner (909) 989-6129. 

There are a lot of aspects of working with Propane please Click Here To Find Out More!

We use 25,000 btu's per linear foot when calculate customs for 10~12" flame.  For standard burners we actually hook to meter and measure at 800' elevation.

Here are 2 photos of the propane control box with the air mixer. Propane gas must be mixed with air  to insure a clean burn without soot! If you burn straight propane you will experience black smoke/ soot on anything you place in your fire pit / fireplace.

Outdoor propane burner for fireglass fp 2

These are our FPPK models (fire pit propane kit) This is a 24" ring on a 30" base. The base is detached for remote locating.You can also see the thermocouple and electronic starter. The thermocouple is the safety switch which if the fire is blown out and leaving the thermocouple cold will shut your system off for safety reasons.

fp 6 outdoor fire pit propane kit

Other sizes include:

  • 18" pan with a 12" burner
  • 24" pan with a 18" burner
  • 30" pan with a 24" burner

We are taking order for the burners as they are being built as ordered. Manufacturing time varies on our work load, however 2-4 weeks is to be expected.

custom fireplace burners fp 5


Regarding UL CSA Listing

Our products Do Not require any certification from the AGA, CSA or UL as it is considered a stand-alone product.  And  by the way  these agencies are franchise operations and are privately owned.  These are not government agencies.   These agencies are hired for mass production testing and AGA, CSA and or UL do not certify custom one of a kind projects.  So unless sand and or lava rock need certification - We Do Not need certification!

Custom burners Do Not need certification.  This only applies to production equipment. Just so you can understand that a certification costs about $15,000.00 and certification was developed for production/ mass production to assure quality.

Any parts that would normally need AGA or UL do in fact have these approvals. Parts with function need and should have some sort of approval. The pan burners we sell that do have UL, CSA and or any other listings are produced by other companies. The custom pan burners that we produce are just that, custom.

We would never use any “Third World Country”  or any unlisted, untested parts to build any products and or parts to endanger any product performance what so ever.  So therefore we do not require UL, CSA and or any other agency listings as these are custom. The parts that we use to build these pans are UL, CSA listed as they should be.

Installation of a Propane Pan

These fireplace photos were sent to us by a customer in Palm Desert, CA. We will show you step by step on how to install a clean burning propane pan burner, no really. 

First clear out your fireplace and paint with stove paint if desired.

Propane Pan Fireplace install Propane Pan Fireplace install

Hook up the flex line and check for any leaks before going any further.

converting fireplace to propane pan burner Robert Martinek

Lava will be provided with your pan.  Fill only inside the pan area.  Light again and check your flame pattern.

Propane Pan Fireplace install Propane Pan Fireplace install

On this application pea gravel was used to fill the backside of the fireplace.  Make sure to keep your gravel/lava a couple of inches back away from the front.

Robert Martinek Robert Martinek

This particular propane pan burner used Sky Blue Base Glass.

Propane Pan Fireplace install Robert Martinek

Now install your patented FireGlass over your pan and everywhere else.  Make sure your pilot is still above the surface of the glass or it will not work properly.  Controls must also be exposed to operate.

Robert Martinek


The propane pan burner below was a custom job for a client who wanted to use his antique oven as his fireplace.

propane pot belly conversion to fireglass fireplace propane pot belly conversion to fireglass fireplace

Through a series of conversations, Emails and pictures of where the pan was to be installed; we knew exactly what to build. 

propane pot belly conversion to fireglass fireplace propane pot belly conversion to fireglass fireplace

So that when the client received it, the unit fit perfectly and we both knew what we were getting into. 

propane pot belly conversion to fireglass fireplace propane pot belly conversion to fireglass fireplace
propane pot belly conversion to fireglass fireplace propane pot belly conversion to fireglass fireplace

A great way to recycle a great antique piece filled with 1/4" Bronze Base Glass.
propane pot belly conversion to fireglass fireplace

This large fire fit required a 4 in 1 manifold, four 304 grade stainless steel quad rings along with a LP/propane HWI 2 pound system with 60" lead.  We can't wait to get the final pictures with the media installed.

custom large propane fire pit custom large propane fire pit

Click on the video below.  You can watch full screen if you click the button with the 4 arrows pointing outwardly in the bottom right corner.

custom large propane fire pit

The Liptack's from Arizona had a modern backyard fire pit that needed some help.  They wanted to make sure they'd have a clean burn so we provided the propane system along with flex hoses, mounting brackets, outdoor stainless steel linear burner and 48" Propane Hose with Regulator.

Glen Liptack Glen Liptack

They topped it all of crushed lava, 1/4" Black Base Glass and Irridized Scarlet ED Diamonds.
Glen Liptack

Ty Havas didn't want the ordinary Propane pan for his fireplace.  He wanted a pan that would be more than functional.  So after some sketches and discussions we began making a cardboard mock up.

Ty Havas Ty Havas

He would ultimately receive a Stainless Steel pan with angled legs and 3 inch depth to accommodate the burner and FireGlass.  Here the cardboard mock-up along with his fireplace measurements (which you can see denoted on the cardboard piece below the mock-up) assure that we attain the correct size and appropriate design.

Ty Havas Ty Havas

The fireplace is emptied out and it becomes apparent that its in dire need of a fresh coat of paint.  And since the custom pan was built with legs, the fireplace floor will be left visible and as a result fresh tile will be added to the hearth.

custom fireplace pan Ty Havas

The fireplace re-design is complete with two custom reflective sterling silver panels on either side of the pan to give the illusion of the fireplace being larger.

Ty Havas Ty Havas

The custom stainless steel pan is filled 1/4" Bronze Base Glass, 1/4" Bronze Reflective Base Glass, Copper Ruby Red Topper, Yellowish Opal Orange Topper, and Red Brown Topper.

Ty Havas Ty Havas

A wonderful transformation.

Ty Havas

We helped John take his beautiful enclosed pool-room to the next level with a set of propane custom fire bowls.  Though we didn't construct the bowls and their bases, we did assist John in understanding how to  discretely install the tanks into the bases; and of course on how to install our custom propane systems. Turned out great, but see for yourself.

propane burner system in bowls propane burner system in bowls
propane burner system in bowls propane burner system in bowls

propane burner system in bowls

This custom concrete top was built by our customer Tim Masloski. And though it looks amazingly cool; it was also amazingly heavy!  Like Enrique Castro, the design superseded the the functionality of the piece.   The 3" thick top could have been 1" thick with a form underneath.

Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner
Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner

Tim brought in the piece,  and we went to work installing our custom propane burner system with an aluminum base, 38" linear Burner, Thermocouple/pilot system, 100,000 BTU regulator and 15' quick disconnect hose.

Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner

We test the flame output, on both high and low settings to make sure the burner works properly.

Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner

The media was 3/16" Clear Base Glass, Super Black Base Glass, Clear Blocks with gravel as filler.

Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner

Turned out great Tim.

Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner

Brian Jensen's propane fire pit, with a 36" square pan and 24" Stainless Steel double fire ring under a combination of 1/4" Azurlite Base Glass and 3/8" Azurilte Base Glass.

Brian Jensen Brian Jensen
Brian Jensen Brian Jensen

Michael built this awesome propane fire table with a tree trunk base. Below the propane Valve and air mixer is installed below the table top; allowing for easy access while keeping it out of sight.

Drift Wood Table Drift Wood Table

A 10" Stainless Steel Center-less ring surrounds his unique rock center piece which sits a-top our crushed lava rock.

Drift Wood Table Drift Wood Table

Check out Michaels website to see more of his custom work.

Drift Wood Table

These pictures come to us from Vito Sanfilippo in Pennsylvania.  He had a propane fireplace with some old dirty fake logs.  So he did the right thing and got rid of those mess makers, and contacted us.

Vito Sanfilippo propane fireplace Vito Sanfilippo propane fireplace

He applied a fresh coat of fireplace paint, and then removed the glass fireplace doors, as they are not needed with FireGlass fireplaces.

Vito Sanfillippo

Vito Sanfilippo propane fireplace

The propane pan is installed and you can see the control valve on the lower right hand corner of the fireplace.  The glass used was 1/4" Clear Base Glass and 1/4 Bronze Base Glass FireGlass.

Vito Sanfillippo Vito Sanfilippo propane fireplace

Vito really cranked up the heat, demonstrating just how well our propane burners work!

Vito Sanfilippo propane fireplace Vito Sanfilippo propane fireplace

Thanks for the great pictures Vito!  We hope your enjoying your new warmer & cleaner fireplace this winter in Pennsylvania.

Vito Sanfillippo

ed 1 ed 4

This was a custom size pan because of the smaller size of the fireplace, but we can build anything.

ed 9 ed 10
ed 6 ed 7

The following propane burner pan was modified to work via remote control. Designed as a trapezoid, with tapered edges the pan was showcased a removable front

Propane Pan Burner Propane Pan Burner

The removable front concealed the control valve for the standing pilot light system.

Propane Pan Burner Propane Pan Burner

Below you can see the ease of the ignition system being connected to the remote control unit.  

Propane Pan Burner Propane Pan Burner

This propane pan was designed with a remote control unit that was concealed with a removal panel.

Propane Pan with Front Propane Pan with Front

This keeps the aesthetic of the custom pan by concealing the components.

Propane Pan with Front Propane Pan with Front

Propane Pan with Front

Propane Burner Issues

I have seen this scenario all too often, the supplier only cares about making the sale.  They don't ask what your doing,or how you're doing it, or even if your using propane or natural gas!!!  Which if you haven't already figured out can have disastrous consequences.   And sometimes you painfully discover that there is no customer support after the sale.

We are the only manufacturer building clean burning propane burners that can be used safely with aquatic glassel/FireGlass.  We are involved with your propane project from beginning to end and more importantly are available after the fact!



An Ordinary Outdoor Fire Table - Converted to  a FireGlass Table With Propane

This was a basic wood burning fire pit purchased locally and converted with our fire pit propane kit (FPPK).  So often we receive phone calls with customers who believe that they have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to fire tables.   But the truth is, we often simply modify existing outdoor tables so that our propane units work in various formats.

convert wood burning firepit to fire pit propane kit

The fire pit below has a 1/4" Clear Base Glass, 1/2" Clear Base Glass with Red Orange Topping, Emerald Green Topping and Light Sky Blue Topping.

fire glass design for outdoor fire pit

Outdoor Propane Fire Table With Tile Top

The fire table wasn't configured correctly which is always obvious by signs of sooting (carbon monoxide - the black stuff on the glass.)

We are the only company manufacturing propane burners that are properly configured with the appropriate safety valves and air mixers to insure a clean and safe burn.  If built correctly, you can safely and cleanly burn aquatic glassel / FireGlass.

outdoor propane fire table with tile top

If you purchased a propane fire table from someone else, other than us, you will have problems. So contact us today to receive the correct and safe type of propane burner to assure a clean burn.   The Aquatic Glassel used in this fire table was Starfire Base Glass and Pale Cobalt Blue Topper.

outdoor fire pit furniture

Round Pan Burner

Below is a 36" aluminum pan burner for propane with a 3" outside lip. These can be made to fit any fire pit, fire table of fire fit for natural gas or propane. We can build anything! This pan has a thermocouple for safety and air mixer built in to eliminate soot.  Contact us with your questions 909 989-6129.

aluminum pan for propane burner fire pit 1 fire pit 2

Here is an example of a 30" base with a double 24" FPPK (fire pit propane kit) stainless steel burner. You will notice the igniter and thermocouple (heat switch for safety). The base plate is to prevent propane from leaking into the fire pit below.

bm 3 fire pit stainless steel burner bm 2

A Restaurant Propane Fire Pit Converted to Work with FireGlass

This fireplace is in Shawano, Wisconsin at the Cotton Patch Restaurant. E mail Patti and tell here you saw her fireplace.  Here are a few before shots of the fireplace before the conversion began.

patti 2 convert commercial restaurant fireplace patti 3

This was a custom propane burner which was designed to cleanly burn under the glass!  The fireplace has Bronze Base Glass, Bronze Reflective Base Glass, Ice Ice Ice Topper, Gold Base Glass and Yellow Amber Topper.

 commercial restaurant fireplace converted to fireglass patti 4

And here is what Patti had to say:

Hi Ed,

Well, it's been about two weeks since I installed the new fireplace, and it is the talk of this sleepy little town. Because of the "Ice" on the top, it has been nicknamed the "Fire and Ice" fireplace. I just placed an order for a pound each of 1/4" Gold, Yellow Amber Topper and Clear Ice. I think it needs a smidgen more color, and since the Ice is the big feature, I decided to add a little more. I have to say, I didn't think I would like the ice, but it looks amazing!

Thank you Ed and Jimmy for all of your help and hand holding over the past few months. I will take more pictures when I add the new products.
Thanks again,


Custom Center-Less Burner Ring

These are our round burner rings without a center hub.  These unique center-less rings are available in either steel or stainless steel.

centerless burner ring 10 inch 3 custom center-less fire pit burner ring


Brushed Aluminum Propane Pan

The pan below is a brushed aluminum pan with sculpted legs. This propane pan is now offered with an adapter on the back-side for remote control use (battery operated).

indoor aluminum pan propane burner Aluminum Propane burner pan for fireplace
alum 4 indoor aluminum pan propane burner alum 5

Here is the same pan, being tested.

burning custom aluminum propane burner alum 7 alum 8

Now we add the FireGlass a Multi Mix Base Glass for the photo shoot only. The pan is 2" with 3" legs. This pan was custom made for our client in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

aluminum pan for contemporary fireplace alum 14 alum 11
alum 12 aluminum pan for contemporary fireplace alum 13



Custom Install of a Propane Pan in a Copper Bowl

Our client Crista here in California bought this copper bowl with a lid and we installed a propane burner inside.  We used one of our FPPK kits (fire pit propane kit). 

crista 6 outdoor custom firebowl with propane burner
crista 3 crista 2

Here is the Bowl with the FPPK installed on top of the table Crista built to hold the copper pan/ bowl.

crista 1 cb 1 outdoor custom firebowl with propane burner


Lorraine Nazzareth

Click on the picture above or "HERE" to see the before and after pictures. Corten Steel Propane Fire Table.

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 Joe LaBeau Fire Pit Ring

Joe La Beau Fire Pit Ring Feature

Please be careful when inventing and or working with any explosive gasses.

There is one way to do it right, there are probably a few dozen ways on how to blow up propane. Did you see the story on how one young man was killed using a propane rocket? Would you like to know how to blow up your table? There is the correct way and an incorrect way.

Read this story:


In the news

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Bernard Moon, 18, and an unidentified 17-year-old were working on the skateboard, which ...

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