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Fireplace Glass Gallery #3

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Marie Welsh got rid of her logs and filled her fireplace with some of our Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass, Amber Base Glass, California Gold Base Glass and 1/8" Bronze Reflective Base Glass.

Marie Welsch Marie Welsch

Marie also replaced her old burner system with an 18" x 18" steel burner pipes.

Marie Welsch Marie Welsch

Here is what Marie had to say.

"I was in your store earlier this week and bought our fire glass and burner.  We couldn't be happier. We spent only $400 total in supplies, paint and your products .Then, of course, there was some elbow grease! It looks great. 

Thanks to everyone there.  

Cheers! Marie"

Marie Welsch

The Palmers switched out there fake logs for a wonderful collection of FireGlass colors.

Palmer fireplace Palmer fireplace

They got Platinum Base Glass, 1/2" Starfire Base Glass, 1/4" Starfire Base Glass3/8" Azurlite Base Glass with Caribbean Drops.  Great job!

Palmer fireplace Palmer fireplace

This was a particularly tricky install, as the fireplace had no direct gas line.  However, you can see that there was an exterior gas line just outside and behind the fireplace, so fortunately we could tap it in.

Blue House Blue House

Once the gas line was in, the installation was business as usual.  A fresh coat of fireplace paint, a new fireplace burner and some Starfire Base Glass, for that classic fire and ice look.

Blue House Blue House

Blue House

The next two fireplaces were installed by Joe Socco in Las Vegas, J S Interiors Group.

It was featured at The Jenson Group Realty online article. The two fireplaces both had Starfire Base Glass installed.

Here is the home and fireplaces:

Joe Socco Las Vegas Joe Socco Las Vegas
Joe Socco Las Vegas Joe Socco Las Vegas

Joseph Sacco
P: 312-404-4665
ASID, NCIDQ #023899

The fireplace below is in Los Angeles California. It was remodeled in a silver and clear ceramic tile which made it look very modern and contemporary. This was the old burner, one long ribbon style burner

la 1 la 2
la 3 la 4

Above you see this ribbon burner on a high flame, but it is only one row of flames.
Below we installed a double burner which will give you 4 rows of flames. It's hard to see in the day light but in the evening it is very different.

la 5 la 6

We added a Starfire Base Glass to the fireplace and here you have it. The customer added a few colors later along with our Ice Ice Ice Topper. We also added two metal shields on each side of the fireplace on the inside left and right to cover the vent holes from view.

la 9 la 11

The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass and we just sent samples out for some real wild colors! We will post these when they are available. In the mean time, one nice fireplace in Arizona.

lawanda 5 lawanda 6
lawanda 7 lawanda 2
Now for the Starfire Base Glass!

lawanda 8 lawanda 9
lawanda 10

The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass with Dark Bronze Topper and Red Brown Topper for colors.

snowman 1 snowman 2
This is where the snowman starts yelling " I'm Melting!"

snowman 3 snowman 4
snowman 5

The fireplace below is a self install with a 2" base of crushed lava
brett 1 brett 2
brett 4 brett 5

brett 6

The fireplace below is a self install with a bed of crushed lava and on top we have:
1 double 24" burner

martin 1 martin 3
For a lava fill n the base it needs to be back at least 4" so when you pour the glass on you won't see the lava through the glass. Yes they did move the lava back after they e mailed the pictures to us to see if they were doing it right.

martin 4 martin 5
martin 6 martin 8
martin 10

This is how most fireplaces start.  Add some fireplace paint and a new marble face, and behold a magical transformation! 
glitter1 glitter2

This particular customer was very creative and decided to glue some Platinum Base Glass FireGlass to the walls for more sparkle power.   Here is the fireplace lit. 

glitter3 glitter6

The customer was very happy and loved that we good make her fireplace dreams come true.  Great job and very creative. 


Another Easy Hook Up ;) Clean your fireplace, apply some fireplace paint, hook up the burner (which is as easy as hooking up a garden hose.)  Then test you flames to make sure they are not to close to the wall and that you have enough flame.

gerald2 gerald3

Add some sand or crushed lava to form your base before you add the FireGlass.   Pour the FireGlass and you're done!   

gerald4 gerald5

This fireplace is using Bronze Reflective Base Glass FireGlass and Starfire Base Glass on top. Here is the same fireplace without flash, at night.



Here is fireplace covered with our base glass Starfire Base Glass  We also added a fireplace Frame or otherwise known as a fireplace surround.

rajni 1 rajni 2

rajni 3

In this Fireplace we are using Bronze Reflective Base Glass fire glass.

brz ref

This is how it looked when we arrived.  We installed the burner and test the flame draft.  Once you're happy with the flame, pour the lava rock and again place the burner on top. 

rolling rolling
rolling rolling

Now pour the 1/4" Ford Blue Base Glass Fireglass with Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass on top.

rolling rolling
rolling rolling

Here is another example of a typical fireplace.  And here is the After-Shot with the FireGlass added!

bronze before bronze after

With Clear Base Glass FireGlass and a steel fireplace burner.

clear 1 clear 2

Another typical Before-shot of a fireplace before adding the FireGlass.  This is a common look after you remove the doors and or screens.  Now add the Clear Base Glass with Ford Blue Base Glass fire glass over the top.

clear and b ref 1 clear and b ref 2

clear and b ref 4

Fireplace on Red Hill, Andre Silva, just a nice fire, no pan.

Andre Silva andre1

This is the same fireplace as above, but we changed it to Starfire Base Glass FireGlass and added an aluminum frame with a special glass.   By late evening with the glow of the new glass.   

andre2 andre3

The four pictures below are Black Base Glass with Black Reflective Base Glass FireGlass on the surface.

black ref 1 black ref 2

These next three are also one of our newest products found in the Surrounds section.

corner 1 corner 3


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18" x 18" by 36" high, 
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Clear glass = 
Reflective = $1600

18 x 18 by 48" high,  with windshield.
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Without Windshields
12" x 12" by 36" high
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Extra charges apply for stainless steel, copper, brass, etc 

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