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Fireplace Glass Gallery #5

Convert to FireGlass

The 2 fireplaces below are Claremont California. We installed Starfire Base Glass in each of them and then the customer ordered Ice Ice Ice Topper and Diamonds to accent each fireplace.  Very nice stone work!

Claremont 5 Claremont 2

This is the living room fireplace and we poured about 3" of sand under the Starfire Base Glass. We used a 44" "H" burner under the Starfire Base Glass.

Claremont 8 Claremont 4

The family room fireplace was filled with about 8" of sand under the Starfire Base Glass. We installed a 38" "H" burner on top of the sand.

Claremont 9 Claremont 10

Claremont 11 Claremont 12

Diana McKeon from Cedar Park Texas, had a fireplace in dire need of a new look.

Diana McKeon fireplace Diana McKeon fireplace

She sent us some great pictures that helped us understand what her fireplace was like.  Here are two nice clear pictures of her old grill and gas line connection.

Diana McKeon fireplace Diana McKeon fireplace

Diana wanted her fireplace to have a clean/organized look.  So we built her a custom, leg-less pan that would keep her FireGlass nice and ditty.  Seen below a Double 18" burner, Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass, Califrnia Gold Base Glass and some Calico Stones.

Diana McKeon fireplace Diana McKeon fireplace

Diana McKeon fireplace

Jeanne had a very traditional, rustic fireplace that we modernized with some of Moderustic FireGlass.

Jeanne Jeanne

As usual we empty out the fireplace, dry clean it, paint it and install the burner.

Jeanne Jeanne

A sand base below the burner, with some Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass media.

Jeanne Jeanne

A great job, everything blends together.


This fireplace installation took place in Palm Springs CA.  A popular destination for us on Thursday's before we go to the Palm Springs VillageFest.  So if you're a resident of the Palm Springs area and looking to convert your natural gas fireplace into one with FireGlass, give us a call (909) 989-6129.

1 Palm Springs Starfire 1 Palm Springs Starfire

So after we cleaned the fireplace, we apply a fresh coat of fireplace paint, then we go about laying a bed of sand filler before placing the indoor triple steel fireplace burner in place.   Concluding with the Starfire Base Glass FireGlass poured over the burner.

1 Palm Springs Starfire 1 Palm Springs Starfire 1 Palm Springs Starfire

Another fireplace saved from the messy, dirty, terror of Fake Logs!

1 Palm Springs Starfire 1 Palm Springs Starfire

This Palm Springs fireplace had serious lack-of-flame issues.  Done with 2" layer of FireGlass the burner however was inappropriate at outputting enough fire. We will explain as we move along.

Palm Springs 4 Palm Springs 5

We uncovered to see what was installed and found a single pipe burner.  Another issue was the paint job was hideous which was later repainted. 

Palm Springs 1 Palm Springs 2

We do approve of a sand filler indoors under lighter colored glass, but the burner must be on top! Below is what they pawned off on the customer, DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! 

Palm Springs 3 Palm Springs 7

Now we installed a double burner and just watch! 

Palm Springs 6 Palm Springs 8

The pictures below are of a log converted fireplace in Newport Beach now we can even produce tornadoes! This fireplace has Starfire Base GlassDiamonds and a few cool fire tornadoes! We can control the size and duration of these little fire devils!


The fireplace below has a 3" layer of crushed lava1/4" Clear Base Glass1/2" Starfire Base Glass3/4" Starfire Base Glass for the chunky look and a flush surround to finish it off. A very impressive and modern house and fireplace. From beginning to end, here we go.

n 1 n 2

We also floated the walls to level the fireplace and get it ready for the surround.  A little bit of granite on the floor.

n 3 n 4

If you notice to the right there is no valve to turn it on? The plumber from a few years ago has it to the right about 5 feet, DUMMY! Lets fill the fireplace with gas before we get there and see what happens! Don't hire that plumber.

n 24 n 7

We are now going to do an extended 3/4" glass radius counter in the kitchen in front of the stove for a glass counter top. We also bent all of the kitchen handles to contour the cabinets.  Now you can see the fireplace valve to the right.  We flush fit a surround to the wall for a final finish. This was a satin black aluminum frame with 2" of glass installed

n 22 n 19

Much better. Then we took several pictures of the fireplace just because! We did top it off with about 15 lbs of Starfire Base Glass to help hide the sand that was exposed and it worked out just fine.

Palm Springs 9 Palm Springs 10
Palm Springs 11 Palm Springs 12
Palm Springs 13 Palm Springs 15

Palm Springs 17



Bronze Base GlassDark Red Orange TopperGold Base GlassAmber ToppingScarlet Red Topper and Diamonds. The back of the fireplace was done with Ceramic tiles.Very nice and in Palm Springs.


This next fireplace comes to us from Robert Stauffacher, who used Clear Base Glass FireGlass.  Robert was also kind enough to provide some feedback, here is what he had to say,

"We are so HAPPY with our new den fireplace...I suggest to any potential customer to talk with Ed and get an itemized bid from Moderustic.  If there is still a question take that Itemized bid and shop around.   I do not think the quality of product, quality of finished installation and customer service can be beat"

Robert Stauffacher fireglass fireplace Robert Stauffacher fireplace glass

The fireplace below is a ventless with a steel pan and a stainless face added to cover the controls. The glass is Azurlite Base Glass with Ice Ice Ice Topper. Ahhhhh the beauty of no logs! Really!


The fireplace below is in Newport Beach California and Laura did a great self install!

2" of lava and a Bronze Base Glass with Bronze Reflective Base Glass and 2 lbs of Gold Base Glass. One can of paint and you're done.

laura 5 laura 4
laura 6 laura 7
laura 3 laura 2

The pictures below we will be showing how to do a 3" install (all glass), a surround painted black and a triple burner with Ice Ice Ice Topper and Starfire Base Glass. Above and below are a typical of what most fireplaces look like (yuk).  Above and below with a triple burner, some cleaning and a little bit of paint.

la 1 la 2
la 3 la 4

Above and below we installed an aluminum surround painted black. Only Starfire Base Glass is installed for now. It's hard to see but we did install Ice Ice Ice Topper on top of the Starfire Base Glass. If you noticed we had to pile a small mound in the front to cover the massive pipe connection. Did you even notice it in the first few pictures? With the surround it make the room. We are proud of our inventions and ideas because our customers are always pleased.

la 5 la 6
la 9 la 8


This is a new home with logs and a screen, average at best. Has anyone ever come over to your house and said" Nice Logs"? No and we are going to show you how to create a masterpiece!   The pictures below are of a typical direct vent burner. 

ed 3 ed 4
ed 5 ed 6

This is a picture of the automatic starter and thermocouple.

ed 7 ed 8
ed 9 ed 10

After you have closed off the bottom of the fireplace and attached the adapter, you're ready for glass!  Here we are testing the burn pattern of the double burners. Our burners have 2 rows of holes in each pipe to give you 4 rows of flames.

ed 11 ed 12
ed 13 ed 14

After pouring the glass make sure the automatic starter is just above the glass so it can work properly. You can hide it with glass all around the element and it helps if it is in a hole.

ed 15 ed 16
ed 17 ed 18
ed 20 ed 21

Here we installed an aluminum surround that has been painted black.   We have several more pictures of this fireplace with Ice Ice Ice Topper and a few colors of Toppers installed and we will have these pictures up in a few days. 

ed 24 ed 25
ed 27 ed 29

See More direct vent fireplaces here.


Here is a fireplace before and after with Clear Base Glass.   The stainless steel tray below has Azurlite Base Glass in the tray. A very clean and simple look.   The fireplace below has a larger surround and Starfire Base Glass installed. Please note the this surround is the metal shell only without the inner frosted glass. 

todd before todd after
marble fireplace tray kw1

The fireplace below has Black Base Glass and Black Reflective Base Glass installed.

kw2 fv1



The fireplace below has 1/2" Chunky Clear Base Glass with a little bit of Ice Ice Ice  Topper it off installed and a simple self install. This is a remote control and it is located on the bottom right.

ps 1 ps 2
ps 3 ps 5
ps 6 ps 7

ps 8



The fireplace below is a direct vent installation with Gray Base GlassGray Reflective Base Glass and Clear Pyrite Base Glass installed. Has anyone ever said "Nice Logs"? I don't think so. We are going to show you how to transform your direct vent fireplace into a real attractive fireplace.   The key is not to change the amount of gas going into the fireplace, so don't change the regulator.   The thermocouple (heat detector) will be raised to the surface to insure it will still work. 

west 1 west 2
west 3 west 4

Drop in a new burner or use the one that was installed with your fireplace and you're done.

west 5 west 6
west 7 west 8


The 4 pictures below are all Clear Base Glass.

clear 1 clear 2

clear 3



The 3 pictures below have Bronze Base GlassBronze Reflective Base GlassGray Base Glass and Gray Reflective Base Glass with the outside of the fireplace painted medium brown with fireplace paint.

dyan 3 dyan 1

dyan 2




The fireplace below has a base of Starfire Base Glass fire glass and Topped with Dark Red Orange Topper.

2 sided fireplace designs colored fireglass rocks

modern fireplace design using fireglass


The fireplace below has Red Topper and a Clear Base Glass.

1 fireplace 2 fireplace

The fireplace below has Clear Base Glass installed

ep 1

This is in Yorba Linda California with a stainless steel surround and Clear Base Glass.


The fireplace below has Starfire Base GlassIce Ice Ice Topper and Copper Ruby Red Topper.


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