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'What Makes Our Glass Special?

What Makes Our Fire Glass Special?

First: Our fire glass is specially processed unlike any other glass you can find. That's what our patent is all about.

Second: It's not the burners that keep the glass burning clean; it's the process we put our glass through.

Third: Our selection, quality, customer service, availability, satisfaction and most of all our pricing are unbeatable by anyone!

Fourth: What we tell you today, we will tell you in five years, the truth!

If This Has Happened To Your Fireplace Glass, It's Not Our Fire Glass!

We have had several actually dozens of customers ask us to help them fix this problem. We can't! The problem you're seeing is the soot on the fire glass because of the sub-surface burning. This is not possible with our fire glass because of the processing. So the only way to fix this problem is to replace the glass with our FireGlass.

not ours 1
not ours 2

Check out our "How Not To Do It Page"!

Aquatic Glassel is otherwise known as Fireplace Glass, Fire Glass, Fire Pit Glass. FireGlass, Fire Glass.

The pictures below are of our FireGlass toppers and our staff was holding them to show you the texture and size in relation to the your hand. Our fire glass toppers are a unique formula of glass and made for this purpose to be used in fireplaces and fire pits.

We have been compelled to show you the glass in relation the texture and size so you know what you are getting for your Fireplace Glass or Fire Pit Glass. If you planned on purchasing from a glass recycler (crushed bottles and jars) please ask to see what you are getting.

Our Fire Glass is not recycled as it is made for this use and is not dangerous in fire, as jars and bottles do pop in the fire, try it and you will see what we mean.

We take pride in the selection we offer you as a customer, so remember you do get what you pay for. If you didn't plan on trash glass in your fireplace, then don't buy trash glass.

toppers 1

toppers 2

toppers 3

toppers 4

toppers 5

toppers 6

toppers 7

toppers 8

The FireGlass below is some of our fire glass Toppings and as you can see by the shape and colors we do not recycle trash glass (no bottles and jars here). Again our fire glass is made for this purpose to be used in fireplaces and outdoor fire pits.

toppings 1

toppings 2

toppings 3

toppings 4

toppings 5

toppings 6

The 4 pictures below are of a failed attempt to poorly convert a ventless burner. You can't just break up any glass and pour it on your ventless burner, a few steps have to be taken as to insure you don't fill the room with carbon monoxide. This person came to us after they almost poisoned every one. What we do works and what was done here kills. Forest Gump said "Stupid is as Stupid does!

Fire Glass Toppers!
Here are a few pictures of our toppers before we process the glass We make all of our Fire Glass Toppers and Toppings in billet form as you can see they are 1" to 1 1/2" thick at first pour, yes we do pour the glass into molds.

THE BILLETS/ GLASS BELOW ARE SOME OF OUR NEW COLORS COMING SOON! This is the first step of production and we should be posting these colors in about 2 to 3 months.

The fire table below has a propane burner and is not configured correctly. That is why you will see soot (carbon monoxide) the black stuff on the glass.

If you purchased a table from one of these clowns that have you connect a propane tank to a burner ring, you will have problems.

We use all the proper safety valves and air mixers to insure a clean and safe burn. See our propane page.

We are the only company manufacturing a propane burner that is safe and built correctly for these fire tables when you are using our FireGlass.

The fire glass used was Starfire Base Glass and Pale Cobalt Blue Topper. Since and after the install we did supply the correct burner and it is burning clean as it should be. As you can see after burning for about 10 minutes the soot is and will be an issue. Carbon monoxide IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

The fireplace below has traces of soot on the surface which has fallen from above in the vent. Be sure your vent is free of soot and dirt as it may fall on your glass below. In the event it does fall from above, you can just wash the soot of in warn soapy water. The fireplace below has FireGlass Starfire Base Glass and Diamonds.

This fire pit was sent to us to convert to a propane burner and we found broken bottle glass in the fire pit. You be the judge. Please look at out Toppers and Toppings page and you will see we don't use trash glass, really!

We are updating most if not all of our pictures of our products to show you what you are getting. There will be no surprises when you purchase our glass. Remember you get what you pay for and Imitation is the highest form of flattery! These companies must be in love with us!
what is it

This is not our glass! This is what we call recycled glass, trash! The fire pit below has had a few problems with soot but we were able to fix it's issues. Propane can be a problem if you don't pay attention. You don't need money as it cost nothing to pay attention!

You will pay if you don't get the correct burner, if you don't burn the glass to bad it can be cleaned. There are a few rules when you are burning propane and you must follow them or your pictures will be here as well.

soot 1 soot   2
It doesn't start too bad.
soot 3 soot 4
soot 5 soot 6
In a few hours it goes from bad to worst!
soot 7
We can fix any problem or issue provided you are willing.

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Our Glass is SAFE and See Why!

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