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Fire Pit Glass Gallery #1

Convert to FireGlass / Natural Gas or Propane

This large fire fit required a 4 in 1 manifold, four 304 grade stainless steel quad rings along with a LP/propane HWI 2 pound system with 60" lead.  We can't wait to get the final pictures with the media installed.

custom large propane fire pit custom large propane fire pit

Click on the video below.  You can watch full screen if you click the button with the 4 arrows pointing outwardly in the bottom right corner.

custom large propane fire pit

We provided a series of stainless steel burner rings for our clients unique fire bowls in beautiful Napa Valley.

Napa Project Napa Project
Napa Project Napa Project

Joe Ramirez contacted us with a few fire pit problems, which we helped him fix.  When building a propane fire pit, keep in mind the following:

  1. Don't put your controls under the base plate, you want to make sure that if you ever need to service the unit you will be able to have access to it.
  2. The Air mixer needs to be located in its proper position so that base of the fire pit wont fill up with gas and create a bomb.
  3. Again air ventilation is critical when it comes to propane. 
Joe Ramirez Joe Ramirez
Joe Ramirez Joe Ramirez

Here is what Joe had to say...

"Were all good, I spoke to Morgan very helpful, you got a great crew.  Works like a champ.  Thanks again."

Joe Ramirez


CLICK HERE or on the pictures below to see how Knott's Berry Farm fire pit finished!
Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm


These two fire pits come from our customer Betsy.  Her first pit had a Bronze Base Glass, Cherry Red Topper  and Ice Ice Ice Topper.

betsy 1 betsy 2

And this one has Starfire Base Glass and Copper Ruby Red Topper.

Betsy Beckerle Betsy Beckerle

Natural Gas Fire pit with cookie cutter star design Natural Gas Fire pit with cookie cutter star design
Fireglass star design template Fireglass star design template
Fireglass star design template Cookie cutter fireglass fire pit design
Cookie cutter fireglass fire pit design Cookie cutter fireglass fire pit design

The Lavender Bistro in Palm Desert, CA contacted us to work on a large outdoor, natural gas fire pit.  Below you can see the custom housing box for the 3 key valve ignition system that powered this large fire pit. 

Lavender  Bistro Fire Pit Lavender  Bistro Fire Pit Lavender  Bistro Fire Pit
Lavender  Bistro Fire Pit Lavender  Bistro Fire Pit

Here are a few photos of the 'Project-In-Progress' photos.  Below in the pit, 1/4 Starfire Base Glass, Lillac Topper, Hyacinth topper, Purple Topper, Fuchsia Topper, Pink Topper, and Violet Topper.

Lavender  Bistro Fire Pit Lavender  Bistro Fire Pit

The next fire pit was a customer conversion with our FPPK propane attachments and burner.  Whatever project you are converting or working on, we monitor your project all the way through. Provided you send pictures. 

FPPK propane burner install FPPK propane burner install
FPPK propane burner install FPPK propane burner install
FPPK propane burner install FPPK propane burner install

The fire pit below has Bronze Base Glass and Bronze Reflective Base Glass installed and is located in Canada. This is one very nice backyard make over!

ov 1 ov 2
ov 2a ov 3

We provided the burners and FireGlass for this pair of beautiful fire pits that adorned a colorful waterfall.  

fire pit 003 fire pit 004
fire pit 031 fire pit 001
fire pit 032 fire pit 006
custom fireglass waterfall with fire feature fire pit 022
Natural gas fire pit with waterfall fire pit 026
fire pit 030 fire pit 008
fire pit 038 fire pit 011
fire pit 015 fire pit 021
fire pit 018 fire pit 017
custom waterfall with fireglass fire pits waterfall with colored lights and fire

This Fire Tables Was Made For the Marriott in Boise Idaho

A pair of custom fire pits for the Marriott.   The tables were 60" diameter with a custom 24" tall stand.  A brushed finish, with 8" edge was added along with a touch sensor to turn the lights on under the table. 
marriot 1 marriot 3

The high heat concrete is applied and molded to shape.  Then the 24" double ring and lava rock were added. 

The center was raised about 3" to accommodate a natural gas 24" stainless steel ring to finish it off.  The FireGlass used was a Clear Base Glass with lots of our ICE ICE ICE topper!

Newport Beach California at Newport Coast Development. 

We replaced a broken hot spark ignition on the fire pit below. With our IPI (intermittent Pilot Ignition) electronic ignition system.  The fire pit was 18" deep and 48" across. This is what was installed.  We will show you from beginning to end.
newport 1 newport 2

We started to pour the crushed lava with our electronic ignition being raised to the surface by the lava rock.

newport 4 newport 5
We built a double box to protect the equipment in the fire pit as well. The ring is now installed.

newport 6 newport 7

The electronics  can be accessed if ever there was a failure of the equipment and you can access it from the surface. Before the equipment was 20 inches below the surface, not a very good idea!  1 = IPI Electronic Ignition for Natural Gas connected to a 1" gas line.  The pit took the following media - 1300 lbs crushed lava, 144 lbs Clear Base Glass for a 2" fill over the crushed lava, 36" triple stainless steel burner ring, 20 lbs Clear Topper, 20 lbs Cobalt Blue Topper, 20 lbs Copper Blue topper.

 We only did the fire pit, not the view. That came with the home. But one very impressive view!

newport 11 pool side fire pit with fireglass

As you have looked at all of our pictures we would like you to know we use Crystals as our Toppers and Toppings. We don't use "Recycled" glass, ever! 

newport 14 newport 18


The Andaz Hotel Fire Pits
(Previously known as the Ivy Hotel)

roof top custom fire pit project for a downtown San Diego hotel.   It measures 60" across, 30" tall and 144" long! The fire table/ fire pit will and a 5' x 12' surface top in smooth concrete with a 16" x 120" stainless steel fire tray of to one side.  

The fire pit is constructed with a new flexible track and about 3,000 screws, 240' of galvanized channel, 450 welds, 600 lbs of GFRC/ Wonder Board and coated in smooth texture concrete.

sd 1 sd 2
sd 3 sd 6
sd 7 sd 17

Once on the roof top, the two halves were attached and the pan was installed with two linear burners
sd 18 sd 19
sd 8 sd 11

With amazing views of most of downtown San Diego. 
ivy 2 ivy 3

ivy 10

A Fire Pit in Pasadena California

Maybe square, but definitely not boring.  Utilizing the following FireGlass, Ford Blue Base GlassV Blue Base Glass topped with Cobalt Blue TopperCopper Blue Topper and Pale Lagoon Topper

lara 11 lara 10
lara 5 lara 3
lara 7 lara 4

lara 1 lara 2

Don't forget to protect your investment with a fire pit cover!  Keep the pit looking great all of the time when it is not in use.

lara 12 lara 13

A Fire Pit in Boise.  

The fire pit below utilized Evergreen Base Glass Evergreen Reflective Base GlassAzurlite Base GlassAzurlite Reflective Base GlassFord Blue Base Glass and Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass. Looks great.

boise 3 boise 2
boise 4 boise 1

A typical lava rock fire pit - becomes a Ford Blue Base GlassAzurlite Base Glass FireGlass Fire Pit with Triple Ring Burner.  By daylight the fire pit is far better looking than it was when it was dirty Lava Rock.   But the real magic is of course at night - check out how awesome this fire FireGlass looks!   Making it a focal point during evening gatherings.    

outdoor firepit with fire glass rocks gas firepit glass
propane gas fire pit glass Blue flame fire pit

A Fire Pit For Yard Crashers

The fire pit below aired on
Yard Crashers in early of 2008. The fire pit was filmed by  ( in Sacramento, California. A subsidiary of HGTV and Pie Town Productions.  
HGTV, Yard Crashers is an awesome program we often work for.   They are an amazing talented group of men and women who completely makeover your back yard.   Please contact for details on how you can get involved! 

The Perfect Fire Pit For Social Gatherings

Keeping British Columbia Warm

Here is a how to build a basic fire pit for your deck/ back yard. This was built by Glenn Harvey of British Columbia.  This first picture is the frame he had started with. Wrap it with wonder board or durock/ cement board.  You can make one from metal studs, aluminum studs, etc. Anything non flammable.
Below you can also wrap it with wire for better adhesion to the backer board.  This fire pit was natural gas. We also manufacture the burners for propane. Well, we are the only ones who actually manufacture propane burners for your projects.
Below you can see the gas connection coming up from the deck. Glenn used a pan but he also could of used an aluminum/ stainless steel base plate as well. 

GlennHarvey 1 GlennHarvey 2
GlennHarvey 4 GlennHarvey 3

The stacker stone is now being applied.  As you can see below the trimming valve is installed on the side. You would be surprised on how many plumbers don't think of this little detail, a valve to turn it on or off. I have seen the valves installed inside of the pit or not even at all. You also need to be careful as to not have a gas line installed that is too small for the application.  Now the stone and cap are done, great and simple job!

GlennHarvey 5 GlennHarvey 8

GlennHarvey 6 GlennHarvey 7
Below you an see the larger filler lava rock was installed.  If a flat plate were to have been used you wouldn't need the larger filler lava rock base.   Below our crushed lava was used to cover the larger lava rock to insure the glass does not fall through. This makes an even base. What ever shape you make the lava is the shape the glass will take.

GlennHarvey 9 GlennHarvey 10

Below we installed Water White Base Glass (32 lbs) for a 1 1/2" cover! 

The stone on the side of the fire pit used was to match the stone on the house as well. Looks awesome!
Below is just the Water White before the colors were added.

GlennHarvey 11 GlennHarvey 12
GlennHarvey 13

The colors that were added are as follows:
Brilliant Yellow Topper for the sun center
Scarlett Topper  for the suns rays
Orange Topper for the ring around the suns center
Emerald Green Topper for the bottom trees/ grass?
Deep Blue Topper mixed in around the Azurlite Base Glass in the sky area.If you notice below the center of the sun, it changes when it get hot! This one of our chameleons  that change when the glass gets hot. If you look real close at the Orange Topper (next to the suns center) as well, it turns a bright cinnamon red when it get hot also! All of our chameleons will be posted when we get a chance. Above is the fire burning and below the fire was just turned off.  Glenn spent a few hours placing all of the glass to make this very cool scene. So don't just think you can just throw it on and it knows were to go. Very creative!

GlennHarvey 14 GlennHarvey 16 909-989-6129

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