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Fireplace Glass Gallery #18

Convert to FireGlass

Click below on the PICTURE to see the Cheryl Ward Surround!

Cheryl Ward Fireplace Surround

Just when I thought I'd seen it all.  I get an install scenario I have never seen before.  Follow along...

Paul 1 Paul 5
Paul 6 Paul 7
Paul 2 Paul 3

So here is where it gets "unique" the Starfire Base Glass is poured under the burner, leaving it exposed?!

Paul 4 Paul 8
Paul 9 Paul 10
Paul 11 Paul 12

Different strokes for different folks I guess!?

Paul 13

The fireplace below is a direct vent conversion. The most important issue to address here is to NEVER increase the amount of fuel that your fireplace was designed to burn. We will explain as we move forward: This is the burner in this particular direct vent fireplace.  This burner will work just fine.

Bob Sylvester 7 Bob Sylvester 11
Bob Sylvester 10 Bob Sylvester 15
Bob Sylvester 13 Bob Sylvester 14
Bob Sylvester 12 Bob Sylvester 6

Now we add Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass with Gold Base Glass on top. You tell me, which looks better?

Bob Sylvester 4 Bob Sylvester 2


The stove below had a set of logs installed, yuk! We used the original burner and just raised the thermocouple to the surface of the glass. The glass will get to about 700 to 750 degrees in about an hour burning at 80,000 btu's.

Rob Alger 1 Rob Alger 2

We used a Clear Base Glass, Lagoon Topper and a few Clear Diamonds and Pink Diamonds.

Rob Alger 5 Rob Alger 4


Mike Clemen installed this next fireplace. He started of with Starfire Base Glass and exchanged it for a Bronze Base Glass. Then he topped it off with 1 lb of each of the following, New Yellow Base Glass, Dark Red Orange Topper, 15 lbs of Bronze Reflective Base GlassIris Yellow Topper, Saffron Topper, Granny Apple Green Topper, and Extra Gold Ruby Topper. And when he finished it, it looked amazing! Take a look.

Mike Clemen 8 Mike Clemen 5

Mike has received many compliments which we constantly shares. We do understand why and we were glad to help.

Mike Clemen 4 Mike Clemen 3

The fireplace below is a self installation by Thom Toben of Studio T2 Designs in Kansas.  Below the burner is installed with the flex line under the burner.

Thom Toben 6 Thom Toben 4

Now the lava goes in and the burner is brought up to the surface. Test the burner to insure the flame don't hit the back wall.

Thom Toben 5 Thom Toben 2

The Clear Base Glass and Starfire Base Glass was poured on top of the lava & then mixed together with Medium Amber Topping, Bronze Rust Copper Base GlassBlack Luster TopperYellow Amber Topper and  Turquoise Blue Topper.  It looks great!

Thom Toben 7 Thom Toben 9
Thom Toben 1 Thom Toben 8

Thom Toben 9 Thom Toben 3


The fireplace below has Azurlite Base Glass, Ice Ice Ice Topper and Sky Blue Diamonds for accents.

Johnny 2 Johnny 1



The next fireplace was featured in MILWAUKEE, www.GMToday.comThe family’s theater room takes on a contemporary flare with a stainless steel-tiled fireplace. Shards of glass replace artificial embers in the gas fireplace, creating a glow as the flames flicker. A large screen on a remote control is located above the fireplace, perfect for the family to watch a movie together.

Picture by Doug Edmunds

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The pictures below are from Tom and Maria and they installed Bronze Base Glass with lava as a filler.  Here are their fireplace pictures and self installation. Family room on one side,  and Living room in the other.

Tom And Maria 2 Tom And Maria 3

Paint the walls

Tom And Maria 7 Tom And Maria 4

Pour in the larger lava as a base and then cover it with our small crushed lava.

Tom And Maria 1 Tom And Maria 8

Then you're done!

Tom And Maria 9
Here is what the customers had to say:

From:Tom and Maria


Sorry it took me so long to get the pictures off to you. Anyway, we are digging the new look in the fireplace. You and your staff have been wonderful, from the first phone call to the last question. The handful of times I called for clarification or assistance it was about making sure I was comfortable, not once did I feel as though you guys left me hanging. As you promised during that first call, this really was one of easiest do it yourself projects I have ever completed. Thanks, you guys made it easy. I feel fortunate to have landed with you and your organization.

From: T R
Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 9:17 PM

The fireplace below belongs to Deborah Hawkins and she installed a bed of crushed lava and topped it with with Black Base Glass, a few lbs of Starfire Base Glass and about 1 lb of Copper Ruby Red Topper.

Deborah 1 Deborah 2

The next fireplace was installed by Erich Davis. He used a Bronze Base Glass and stacked 26 =  4" FireBalls on top.

Erich Davis Fire Balls Erich Davis Fire Balls

The next 9 pictures are of fire pits, water falls and fireplaces by one of our dealers in Henderson Nevada. Enjoy!

Nevada 1 Nevada 2

Nevada 3 Nevada 4

Nevada 7 Nevada 6

Nevada 8 Nevada 10

Nevada 5

The next fireplace is from Chris Ackopiantz in Palos Verdes California.

Chris lives in a condo complex with only wood burning fireplaces. Chris received permission from his complex to add a propane fed fireplace. Burning wood is not only dirty and nasty, it is very unhealthful as well.
Here are his pictures from beginning to end:
The glass he used was a:
Underneath the glass there is a pan to contain the propane.
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz
Chris Ackopiantz

 Click "HERE" or on the picture to see this fireplace from start to finish!
Rick Bray Surround

Click "HERE" or on the picture below to see how this was made!

White Surround

Rick Hechinger Ribbon Burner, CLICK HERE or on the Picture to see the construction.

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