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The fireplace below has Bronze Base Glass and Bronze Reflective Base Glass on top.

stan 1 stan 2

The fireplace below is a before and after with Starfire Base Glass installed behind the corner surround. There will be more pictures when the back of the fireplace gets it's finishing touches.  As you can see it really needs a face lift.

christy 1 christy 2
christy 3 christy 4

Now with the doors gone and the back cleaned and painted.

christy 5 christy 6

After the surround was installed we poured some crushed lava and Starfire Base Glass to top it off.

christy 11 christy 8


The fireplace below is in Glendale Hills California. We installed Starfire Base Glass as a base with about 1 lb of Ice Ice Ice Topper on top. Then to finish it off we installed a brass surround with bronze frosted glass. The customer loved it! She is the CEO of Frederick's of Hollywood! Awesome house by the way.
brass surround 2 brass surround 3
brass surround 8 brass surround 7
brass surround 6 brass surround 9

The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass with Copper Ruby Red Topper, Fluorogreen Topper, Citron Topper, Orange Topper and Light Violet Topping. With the black granite hearth, it looks great. Thanks Steve Fisher.

steve 4 steve 1

steve 2

The fireplace below was modified to look like the HGTV fireplace did a while back for Pie Town Productions. We use Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass in the fireplace.
deanna 1 deanna 2
deanna 3 deanna 4

The fireplace below has Clear Base Glass with Platinum Base Glass on top
lisa 1

The fireplace below is a direct vent fireplace located in Palm Springs California at Palm Springs Modern Homes. . We have done over 60 of these installs in the condo complex and they all are outstanding! For those of you who say it can't be done, well here is is. Just because you don't know how doesn't mean it can't be done.
mh 12 mh 5

mh 3 mh 2

The fireplace below is in Rancho Mirage just east of Palm Springs California. This is a direct vent fireplace and we used a Bronze Base Glass with Bronze Reflective Base Glass on top. We use the original burner as it would do just fine. We are also cladding the brass with brushed stainless steel and we will post the pictures as soon as we get them. We did two identical fireplaces in this home. One in the master and the other in the family room. You can tell by the back ground.
rancho 1 rancho 2

rancho 3 rancho 5
rancho 6 rancho 7

rancho 8



The fireplace below is in Palm Springs California. We installed Starfire Base Glass as a base glass and  painted the interior ivory white and installed brushed surround with clear glass edging.  Now it starts to come to life!

ps 4 ps 6
ps 1 ps 2
ps 3 ps 8
ps 13 ps 15



The fire pit/ Fireplace below was featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The products was supplied by one of our most credible dealers "Exotic Flames". Carl Herkes. The supplied was Ford Blue Base Glass, Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass, V Blue Base Glass and V Blue Reflective Base Glass as well. This added a nice sparkle when it was burning or just when light was present.




The fireplace below is in Laguna Beach California. The glass that was use was Starfire. Base Glass Topped with Clear Diamonds and Ice Ice Ice Topper.

laguna 1


The fireplace below was on one of Kenneth Brown re-Design episodes, we weren't told which one, oops! Anyway the glass that was install was Evergreen Base Glass and Evergreen Reflective Base Glass.

kenneth 2 Kenneth Brown 1

link below to the Re-Design HGTV website:

Ed: Thank you for all of your support and help. Kenneth Brown


The fireplace below was assembled by Nadine in Dallas Texas (Elegant Reflections USA) Great job on the skull! The base glass is Starfire Base Glass and Black Base Glass makes up the skull. She also used Clear Diamonds and Clear Crystals from our Toppers.

skull 3
skull 2
You can see the Diamonds and Crystals around the outer edge for accents.
skull 1 909 989 6129


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