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Fire Pit Glass Gallery #4
Convert to FireGlass / Natural Gas or Propane

We collaborated with the Marriott in Orange County on the following fire pit.  It was a near perfect execution, except for that fact the access panel created below wasn't large enough to actually access the electronic ignition system.  An issue we will later see resolved.
Marriott Fire Pit Marriott Fire Pit

We provided them with Three 18" stainless steel burner rings along with a false bottom aluminum base.
Marriott Fire Pit Marriott Fire Pit

Below we begin to resolve the access panel issue by cutting out an opening just above the system.  This will allow for future troubleshooting issues to be resolved with greater ease and efficiency.
Marriott Fire Pit Marriott Fire Pit

Marriott Fire Pit Marriott Fire Pit

Marriott Fire Pit Marriott Fire Pit

The Red button on the bottom left of the fire pit, is one of the many an emergency shut off switches designed by Grainger.  In the picture next door we begin to pour some of our crushed lava rock as a base filler.
Marriott Fire Pit Marriott Fire Pit

To complete the pit, we pour a combination of 1/4" Bronze Base Glass with 1/2" Bronze Base Glass on top to create greater texture.
Marriott Fire Pit Marriott Fire Pit

You may not be able to see it, but the the fire is actually on, its just too bright out. 
Marriott Fire Pit Marriott Fire Pit

Thanks Marriott!
Marriott Fire Pit

Duane Lambell's natural gas fire pit with Gray Pyrite Base Glass and Multi Colored Diamonds.

Duane Lambell Duane Lambell
Duane Lambell Duane Lambell

Here are 2 different fire pits but for the same customer.  The triangular shaped one used Cherry Red Topper, Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass and 1/2 Starfire Base Glass.  The pool side fire pit used regular V-Blue Base Glass.

Andrew Andrew

We consulted with Blue Haven Pools on this beautiful backyard and though the pictures don't show our FireGlass in the fire pits still turned out amazing!

Blue Haven Pools Blue Haven Pools

We have just a few pictures of this Yard Crashers "3 Day Pool" Project.  They contacted us for a Propane H-burner and some 3/8" Azurlite Base Glass and Cobalt Blue Topper

Outdoor stainless steel Propane H-Burner Outdoor stainless steel Propane H-Burner

Outdoor stainless steel Propane H-Burner

The fire pit below is in Palm Springs and the customer poured about 350 lbs of crushed lava and we topped it with 80 lbs of our 1/4" lava to keep the glass from falling through the larger lava rock. We used a 50" stainless steel "H" burner and topped that with 120 lbs of Azurlite Base Glass.  They left about 3" to 4" of the interior glass tile showing, very nice effect.

palm springs 12 palm springs 13
palm springs 14 palm springs 15

The fire pit below is in Canada. We used a Black Base Glass with Steel Blue Topper on top with Black Topper as well. A double stainless steel "H" burner and a marine grade fire pit cover.

canada 10 canada 11
canada 4 canada 2
canada 5 canada 6
canada 7 canada 8
canada 9

The fire pit below has Ford Blue Base GlassFord Blue Reflective Base GlassV Blue Base GlassV Blue Reflective Base GlassTurquoise Toppings, Deep Royal Topping and Copper Blue Topper on a bed of 1/4" Starfire Base Glass and 1/2" Starfire Base Glass.

fire pit 1 fire pit 2

The fire pit below has a Clear Base Glass, and 3 lbs of each of the following, Starfire Base GlassAzurlite Reflective Base Glass1/2" Bronze Base Glass1/4 Bronze Base GlassEvergreen Reflective Base GlassGold Base GlassBlack Reflective Base Glass.

mm 2 mm 3
mm 1 mm 4
mm 5 mm 6
mm 7


The picture of the fire pit below was taken in Newport Beach California. The glass that was installed was Starfire Base Glass. One very nice backyard and fire pit!

Rhonda 1

The fire pit below has a Clear Base Glass with Azurlite Base Glass and Ford Blue Base Glass on top. Then it was topped with Dark Red Orange TopperYellow Amber Topper and Amber Topping.

mast 1 mast 2

mast 3

These next photos come to us care of Guy Philemon.  We helped him convert his wood-burning fire pit to safely burn FireGlass with propane gas.   Through emails and phone conversations we were able to successfully complete the conversion process remotely. 

Guy Philemon Guy Philemon
Guy Philemon Guy Philemon

Guy purchased a 12" double stainless steel propane burner ring and some Starfire Base Glass FireGlass.

Guy Philemon Guy Philemon

Here's what Guy had to say, "I really appreciate your website and all the things you created."  

Guy Philemon

The 4 pictures are of Multi Mix Base Glass in a simple but nice fire pit. Multi Mix Base Glass is off of our test table in the showroom which everyone who comes in can sample mix their fireplace glass and after the table fills up we then have Multi Mix Base Glass. There is usually a lot of Toppers and Toppings in the Multi Mix Base Glass.

mm 1 mm 4
mm 2 mm 3


The fire table below was created in Las Vegas by one of our dealers with a water feature surrounding the center fire.

water 1



A converted outdoor fire pit with Starfire Base Glass FireGlass.

The fountain below was converted to a fire pit with Black Magic. We use a several hundred pounds of lava rock then topped it with crushed lava rock to keep the materials from falling through. After we placed the Black Magic on the lava rock Craig topped it with Clear Pyrite Base Glass, Clear Diamonds, Black Base Glass, Black Reflective Base Glass and now he has one cool fire feature. We will show you from beginning to end.

craig 1 craig 3

Here you can see the lightly coated Black Magic with our glass for accents and sparkle.

craig 5 craig 10
craig 9 craig 11

Here you can see the Black Magic has been added along with the Diamonds; which appear to be melting but actually its just the reflection.

craig 13 craig 15

craig 14

The electronic ignitions that were used in the Renaissance Hotel in Glendale, Arizona were our MVKEI HC-5 units for natural gas. We used flame rod sensors on these torches.

tiki 1 tiki 2

13 of these were installed around the hotel.

tiki 3 tiki 4

We use 12" stainless steel rings on the torches.

tiki 5 tiki 6

Some Examples from Our Famous "How Not To Do It" Page.

This fire pit was sent to us to convert to a propane burner and we found broken bottle glass in the fire pit.  This is what recycled glass looks like and it's trash!  And something we will NEVER use!  There will be no surprises when you purchase our glass. Remember you get what you pay for! 

what is it

The fire pit below has had a few problems with soot but we were able to fix it's issues. Propane can be a problem if you don't pay attention. You will pay if you don't get the correct burner, if you don't burn the glass to bad it can be cleaned. 

soot 1 soot 2
soot 3 soot 4

It doesn't start too bad.  In a few hours it goes from bad to worst! We can fix any problem or issue provided you are willing.

soot 6 soot 7

These center-less burner rings are a cool new product for use with smaller fire-pits. Available in stainless steel. 

10 inch 1 10 inch 2
10 inch 3

Here is another example of some stainless steel fire-pit burners.  These half round burners are 24" x 48" and were installed in a 72" Fire pit. 


half 1 half 5
half 3 half 4

The burner below was custom burner that wanted something different in his fire pit. 

cross 1 cross 2
cross 3 cross 4

The fire pit below shows our FPPK (fire pit propane kit) a 30" base with a double 24" stainless steel burner. You will notice the igniter and thermocouple (heat switch for safety). The base plate is to prevent propane from leaking into the fire pit below.

bm 1 bm 2
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