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Before and After Pictures

We've posted several pictures sent to us from our customers who've converted their existing (natural gas or propane) fireplaces into a beautiful FireGlass fireplaces.

Some pictures show some real dramatic conversions; these come from our customers who have decided to rebuilt their fireplaces.  We didn't rebuild them, we just provided the burners and FireGlass which are installed at the end.


The fireplace below is in Newport Beach California and Laura did a great job installing it!

laura 5laura 4

2" of lava and a Bronze Base Glass with Bronze Reflective Base Glass and 2 lbs of Gold Base Glass. One can of paint and your done.

laura 6laura 7

laura 3laura 2

laura 1

Sample 2 - A Modern Fireplace With FireGlass

The fireplace below has Clear Base Glass, Gray Base Glass, Black Base Glass, Clear Pyrite Base Glass and topped with 1/2" Starfire Base Glass FireGlass.

Sample 3 - A Restaurant's Ugly Fire-log Converts  to a Beautiful FireGlass Fireplace

This fireplace is in Shawano, Wisconsin at the Cotton Patch Restaurant. E mail Patti and tell here you saw her fireplace.
patti 2patti 1
patti 3

Now for the after pictures! This was a custom propane burner which was under all of the glass!
This is what Patti had to say:

Hi Ed,
Well, it's been about two weeks since I installed the new fireplace, and it is the talk of this sleepy little town. Because of the "Ice" on the top, it has been nicknamed the "Fire and Ice" fireplace. I just placed an order for a pound each of 1/4" Gold, Yellow Amber Topper and Clear Ice. I think it needs a smidgen more color, and since the ice is the big feature, I decided to add a little more. I have to say, I didn't think I would like the Ice, but it looks amazing!
Thank you Ed and Jimmy for all of your help and hand holding over the past few months. I will take more pictures when I add the new products.
Thanks again,

Sample 4 - A Propane Fireplace Converted To Work With FireGlass

The fireplace below is a propane burner, self installation with the 2" method, Starfire Base Glass and Gold Base Glass FireGlass on top.

jr 1

The old burner with a smaller flame pattern which we will change to a double burner in our tray propane pan burner.

jr 5jr 4

A little bit of cleaning with a wire brush and Fireplace paint.

jr 6jr 7

We filled the bottom with pea gravel and the covered it with sand

jr 8

Then we installed the propane burner and filler it with pea gravel to the top of the burners

jr 9

You can see the pilot light and thermocouple are still exposed.

jr 10jr 12

So there it is, a clean burning propane fireplace 2" method, no soot, no smells, no carbon monoxide and it puts out a tremendous amount of heat. We sell the 2" method because it works and if anyone tries to tell you different, they need your money more than you do. We are the only company building propane burners for glass that don't soot or smell!

jr 13

Sample 7 - A Re-Built Brick,  Propane, Fireplace with Starfire Base Glass FireGlass and Custom Fireplace Surround
These fireplace pictures were sent to us from a customer in Pasadena California.  Looks nice? Huh? NOT!

heidi 2
Again, has anyone ever told you nice logs? I don't think so. I would really not like being a log manufacture as they really produce some ugly products, in my opinion. But you decide for yourself.

heidi 3
heidi 4
Below we have installed the burner on top of the crushed lava rock  filler.

heidi 6

Now test the burner to insure the flames don't hit the back wall as this will scorch the walls.

heidi 7

Then we add a 2" base of crushed lava as a filler with Starfire Base Glass Fire
Glass on top with a double 24" burner installed.  and a black metal fireplace surround

heidi 14

Now this is nice! Especially with the black metal fireplace surround which completes the fireplace beautifully.  Most everyone tells us "Nice Glass"! 

heidi 15

Sample 8 - A Remote Control Propane Fireplace 

These fireplace pictures were sent to us by our customer John Addisonby  from Lakeland, Florida. The fireplace has one of our propane pan burners with a remote control. We built a brushed aluminum surround with out the inner glass per the customer request. 

john 1

As you can see the fireplace was not much to look at until we added our touch.

john 2

john 3

john 4

The glass that was used was a Gray Base Glass with Black Base Glass and Copper Ruby Red Topper on top.

john 5

You be the judge, We think it turned out wonderful!

john 6



Sample 8 - A Complete Overhaul in Design  

These pictures were sent to us by our costumer Rich Kamins, who went for a more contemporary look.   This is a great example of "how to" make it low and lean!  One very nice job!

 rich 1

w bricks and some drywall

rich 2

rich 3

Some sand under the burner for filler to raise the base glass.

rich 4

rich 5

Rich used a Bronze Base Glass and Bronze Reflective Base Glass FireGlass. Topped with a bit of Starfire Base Glass, Ice Ice Ice Topper and about 2 pounds of Copper Ruby Red Topper for a splash of color.

rich 6

rich 7

And here you have one nice finished fireplace.

rich 8

Sample 9 - A Re-Tiled Propane Fireplace.

The fireplace below is a propane fireplace. A bed of crushed lava was installed and a Clear Base Glass FireGlass was used to cover it all up.

Step 1, paint it!
pat 1
pat 2
Finish the face and floor, very nice!
pat 3
Install the propane pan burner
pat 4
Fill in and all around the pan with crushed lava rock.
pat 5

On the left side you can see the gas connection which will soon be covered as well. On the right side the control cover will be covered as well. This propane pan burner was fitted with a remote control, radio frequency.

pat 6
pat 7

Now that your finished your ready for FIRE! Have your spouse lite it in the event they didn't follow the instructions! (just kidding again)!

pat 8
pat 9


The Fireplace below belongs to Candice, Jonathan and Rocky (a cute little Yorkie). We converted a plain fireplace to a much more usable and modern fireplace TV entertainment area. Watch the transformation from beginning to end. We topped it with Starfire Base Glass to finish it off.


candice 2candice 1

Below is Rocky, just supervising.

candice 3

candice 4

candice 5

Below we wrapped the opening with durock, concrete board.

candice 6

Add a bit of drywall.

candice 7

This was wired for a surround sound and electrical in the left cabinets.

candice 8

candice 9

candice 10

The TV that was used was a DPL (16" deep) and this is how you install a TV that is not a flat screen above your fireplace. In the left cabinets the components were installed and concealed by black glass doors.  On the top we installed a set of 6" lights on dimmers to give additional room/ mood lighting.

candice 11 909-989-6129

9467 9th street Unit D

Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730


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