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1/4" Blue Green Base Glass


14 blue green 3

14 blue green 2 14 blue green 1

Below a Clear Base Glass with, 1/2" Clear Base Glass, V Blue Base Glass, Blue Green Base Glass, Azurlite Base Glass and Gray Pyrite Base Glass.

Here is what our client had to say...

"We never had a fire in the fireplace until I saw your product. I didn't want to burn wood and the gas fire logs, well I had no idea what type I wanted. Then I saw your glass on HGTV show and said, "That's what I want" Now I can keep warm and show off the fireplace at the same time."

Ed Schmidt 1 Ed Schmidt 2
Ed Schmidt 3 Ed Schmidt 4
Ed Schmidt 5 Ed Schmidt 6



allen 1

clean and paint

allen 2

and the final step, pour and light.

Clear Base Glass with Blue Green Base Glass on top.

allen 3

The 4 pictures below are Blue Green Base Glass

blue green 1

blue green 2

blue green 3

blue green 4

The 4 pictures above are Blue Green Base Glass


This next self install is a 10 picture install with :

Azurlite Base Glass, Clear Base Glass, Blue Green Base Glass, Blue Green Reflective Base Glass, Ice Ice Ice  Clear Topper, Ice Ice Ice Blue Topper. Very nice fireplace.

si 1

si 2

si 3

si 4

si 5

si 6

si 7

si 8

si 9

si 10


Below we have the fire pit that we installed for Reba! In Nashville Tennessee.

We were hired to install a propane FireGlass fire pit for Reba; as no one else could figure out how to do it!

The pit was an electronic ignition system with stainless steel burner ring, 36" aluminum pan burner with a 3" outside lip and thermo-coupler for safety and to eliminate soot.

Note* Ms. Reba McEntire is not affiliated to Moderustic Inc nor does she sponsor our products. We do not endorse Reba nor does she endorse us in any way shape or form. We did the work and we are proud to offer for public view our work and pictures
fire pit 4fire pit 3
fire pit 2fire pit 1
Now here is the fire pit with Evergreen Base Glass, Evergreen Reflective Base Glass, Blue Green Base Glass and Blue Green Reflectivee Glass installed. We also drifted withe the camera and took a few shots of the back yard on the river in her back yard. Enjoy. You can also visit for some real cool information and pictures.
reba 1reba 2
reba 4reba 5
reba 6reba 6a

reba 7

The fireplace below has a mixed base of:
topped with 2 lbs of Blue Green Reflective Base Glass and 1 lb of Jade Green Topper.
here are the pictures from start to finish, a couple of the pictures were a little fuzzy from the customer. Oh well.
robert 3
Now typically is your fireplace looks like yuck, put candles in it and everyone will tell you how nice it looks! NOT! So don't do it! If it's dirty or looks like a skid mark, clean it and or paint it but don't put candles in it.
robert 1
A typical fireplace where Fake Logs used to live. Now they are residing in the Fake Forest after leaving nice black skid marks on the walls of your fireplace, nice! Actually the soot you see in your fireplace is carbon monoxide but the fireplace manufactures which manufacture the Fake Logs just don't seem to tell you this little fact! It's poison and it's the furthest thing from being green that you could ever get. If you really still like Fake Logs then just sit in your garage with your car running and entertain your friends and family there. It's just a healthy.
robert 2
robert 4
The customer here could of painted his flex line to help hide it a little better. Again what was the plumber thinking, hanging logs? Maybe that's why we plumbed the line so high in the air?
Anyway after all of that it did turn out nice.
robert 7
The fire pit below was designed and built by Jeffrey Stoutenborough in Santa Barbara, California.
He started with a Bronze Base Glass,
Blue Green Base Glass and a few large rocks left in place.
j 1
j 2
j 3

debbie 1
debbie 2
debbie 3


Above and below you can see there was about 2 lbs added of our Ice Ice Ice Topper.
debbie 4
debbie 5
debbie 6

The fireplace pictures below are with Blue Green Base Glass FireGlass and Blue Green Reflective Base Glass FireGlass.

Marla 3

Marla 2

Very nice Fireplace Design.

Marla 1

The customer wanted a Copper Blue Topper and we sent pictures of different base glass options,
all with Copper Blue Toppper on top. Each looks very different. We can and will do the same for you, send you pictures of your combinations if you like.
Azurlite with Copper Blue 1
Azurlite with Copper Blue 2
Blue Green with Copper Blue 1
Blue Green with Copper Blue 2
Starfire with Copper Blue 1
Starfire with Copper Blue 2

The next fireplace has quit a mix! Fred

 Pollakov decided on these colors:

Starfire Base Glass,

Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass mixed in,

Gold Reflective Base Glass,

Azurlite Base Glass,

Cobalt Blue Diamonds,

Amber Diamonds,

Cobalt Blue Cubes.

Here are some glass scultptures that are undervelopment - They are NOT for Sale Yet. 
Fred Pollakov 5

Fred Pollakov 4

Fred Pollakov 3

Notice the 3" tall 1/2" thick front screen at the bottom! Pretty amazing!

Fred Pollakov 2

Fred Pollakov 1

Randy Micek  did a nice job on his Palm Desert home! He painted the interior with Ivory Fireplace Paint. The colors he installed are:
and finishing it off with Copper Blue Topper.
Randy Micek 1
Randy Micek 2
Now we have a splash of color!
Randy Micek 3
The next several pictures are of Gisella Hunter in Palm Springs. She had us install a Blue Green Base Glass, painted the interior a Antique Ruby Red Paint, then she topped it with:
Red Cubes and Mini Green Drops, and a few pounds of 1/2" Bronze Base Glass mixed in on top.
Then if that was not enough, she had us build two VortexED Fires to set next to the fireplace.
Gisella Hunter 1
Gisella Hunter 2
Gisella Hunter 3
Gisella Hunter 4
Gisella Hunter 5
Gisella Hunter 6 909-989-6129

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