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Diamond Gallery
The pictures below are of: Bronze Base GlassDark Red Orange TopperGold Base GlassAmber ToppingScarlet Red Topper and Diamonds. The back of the fireplace was done with Ceramic tiles.Very nice and in Palm Springs.

The pictures below are of a log converted fireplace in Newport Beach now we can even produce tornadoes! This fireplace has Starfire Base GlassDiamonds and a few cool fire tornadoes! We can control the size and duration of these little fire devils!

Great party favors, huh? The fireplace below has Bronze Base GlassBronze Reflective Base GlassIce Ice Ice Topper and Clear Diamonds The Fire pit/ Fireplace is in the entry, pretty cool.
marno 1 marno 2

The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass with Ice Ice ICe Topper on top, Pink DiamondsPink DropsClear Diamonds and a splash of Gold Base Glass for added color. What make our company different is what we have to offer you as a customer, selection and variety!

rod 1 rod 2
rod 3 rod 6
rod 4 rod 5
rod 8 rod 7

Here is what the customer had to say:


Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 7:38 AM
Subject: My new fireplace

Ed we love our new fireplace!!
Wow, it is awesome and couldn't have been easier to set up. Made the
purchase late Friday and it took me approx 2 hrs Saturday (while watching
TV) to set up properly including paint and clean up.
I did run into a small problem with the material continuously falling out of
the fireplace . It seemed that I actually used too much material. I was able
to resolve the problem by utilizing the original glass door frame as a
decorative and very functional stop. It is held in place with clear silicon
and the material was allowed to contact and dry into the silicon. ( see pics
) In my case this worked out well as my accent color is gold and so is the
trim piece of the frame. I imagine this can be done on many fireplaces and
the trim can be painted is needed to match. Feel free to use our pictures or
the idea about the trim ( if it is original ) on your web site or sales

Thank you again

Rodney & Therese Williams
Rialto Ca 92377


The fireplace below is a propane self build and installed by Norm Oppliger in St. Louis.

norm 1 norm 2
norm 3 norm 4
norm 12 norm 7

 It has a 1/4" Starfire Base Glass with 1/2' Starfire Base Glass on top and Topping with:

Aquamarine Light Topper

Turquoise Blue Topper

Cerulean Blue Topping

Copper Blue Topper

Scarlett Topper

Ice Ice Ice Topper

And a few of our Diamonds

norm 8 norm 9
norm 10 norm 11


The table below was built for Jim Shaw in Riverside California. The stainless steel tray with stainless steel burners was build to Jim's specs. We used Bronze Base GlassBronze Reflective Base Glass and Pink Diamonds. This was a natural gas burner and could be easily converted to propane.

fire table 1 fire table 3
fire table 2 fire table 5
fire table 4 fire table 6
The fireplace below has Evergreen Base Glass and Evergreen Reflective Base GlassEmerald Green TopperPink Rosa Base GlassAzurlite Base GlassCobalt Blue TopperOlive Green TopperGreen Diamonds and Blue Tubes Topper. They had use their existing pan burner which was a double burner and worked out just fine.

c 3 c 01

 c 1
The fountain below was converted to a fire pit with Black Magic. We use a several hundred pounds of crushed lava rock then topped it with crushed lava rock to keep the materials from falling through. After we placed the Black Magic on the lava rock Craig Topped it with Clear Pyrite Base Glass (Clear with Sterling Silver coating) Clear DiamondsBlack Base GlassBlack Reflective Base Glass and now he has one cool fire feature. We will show you from beginning to end.  NASTY! 

craig 1 craig 3

Here you can see the lightly coated Black Magic with our glass for accents and sparkle.

craig 5 craig 10
craig 7 craig 11

Here you can see the Diamonds. When you see the Diamonds in the fire they appear to be melting but actually they are only reflecting inside which looks like they are melting. They are made from crystal.

craig 15 craig 13

And with everything just right you have the Black Magic look!

craig 14


Nice Flames!




The fireplace below is in Palm Desert California and was a self install with a crushed lava base, Clear Base Glass over the lava, Starfire Base Glass on top of the Clear and Topped with Amber Diamonds and splash of our Gold Base Glass . It looked great until they found the burner was too close to the back which burned the back wall. I don't know if this was repaired as we did send paint and instructions on how to prevent this in the future. The fireplace looked great except for the "skid mark" on the back wall.

Above it still looked good here!
About our Diamonds, they are made of crystal and when you see them in the fireplace you actually see the fire reflection reflecting the flame backward as if the Diamonds were melting from the inside.

joy 9 joy 8
joy 7 joy 6
joy 2 joy 1

The fire pit below belongs to Mike DeVito in Northern California. When I saw his idea I was excited to help him create something new and wonderful. He took a very old mining cart in his front yard and we helped him convert it to a propane burning fire pit! Turned out pretty cool!

mike 24 mike 25
mike 2 mike 3

Here you see the controls, air mixer and thermocouple and pilot light lines under the base plate. You can use a larger (3/4", 1" lava) as a base under our 1/4" crushed lava as this will save you a few dollars. We pour on the crushed lava to keep the glass from sinking into the larger lava.  It is all supplied by this 20 lb propane tank.  Here is the mining cart with the base plate installed with the burners.

mike 4 mike 5

Next he is getting a fire pit cover made to cover it from debris and who else knows what.
We use a FPPK (fire pit propane kit) with valves, thermocouple, pilot light and air mixer. The glass that was use is:
And of course our Diamonds and Fire Crystal Toppers.  I think this is one really nice idea!
It is all supplied by this 20 lb propane tank.  Here is the mining cart with the base plate installed with the burners  Add some Starfire Base Glass Splash a few colors Have your spouse light it in case something should go wrong! (Just Kidding)

mike 8 mike 9

Again here are the first pictures we saw of the mining cart. Great Idea! Mike, you did a great job! 


Do it yourself fireplace remodel made easy, or at least it seems that way.First, the tile that was installed is not rated for fire. This tile would of popped off as soon as the fire was turned on. So do a little research before you begin. We can help in many ways, just call and ask.

Christy's Fireplace 1 Christy's Fireplace 2

It may have of seemed to be a good idea at the time, but it wasn't! When redesigning a fireplace we suggest card board mache'. A card board mock up so you can see a basic preview of your project.

Christy's Fireplace 3 Christy's Fireplace 4

Below you can see the bottom, top and mantle in card board.

Christy's Fireplace 5 Christy's Fireplace 6

Now the rip and tear process begins! Below we installed the extra electrical for the components and the TV. The components will be installed on the right side out of view with a black glass door. This will be installed later.

Christy's Fireplace 7 Christy's Fireplace 8

Below the framing begins.
Christy's Fireplace 9 Christy's Fireplace 10

Below we now added the Durock at the fireplace opening. This is key to the whole project. Math is very important when doing these layouts!

Christy's Fireplace 11 Christy's Fireplace 12

Christy's Fireplace 13 Christy's Fireplace 15

Christy's Fireplace 17 Christy's Fireplace 16

Below you can see the slate is being added.

Christy's Fireplace 18 Christy's Fireplace 19

Above and below the fireplace is 90% finished. The mantle needs to be installed and the door on the right to conceal the components needs to be installed as well. The inside of the fireplace will have 3 pieces of black galaxy granite installed. We will post these pictures of the fireplace when it is completely finished as well.

Christy's Fireplace 20 Christy's Fireplace 21

Now for the glass installation. We started with a Satin black fireplace paint on the back walls, until we install the granite.  Then we bulked up the base with 2" of white sand as this will save you a bunch of money!

Christy's Fireplace 22 Christy's Fireplace 23

We used sand because we were pouring Starfire Base Glass in the fireplace. If we were to use a darker color of glass we would of used our crushed lava rock as a filler. When using sand, always make sure the burner is on top of the sand.Test the burner/ location making sure the flames don't hit the walls. 
Then pour the glass!

Christy's Fireplace 24 Christy's Fireplace 25

We added a few Pink Diamonds and then later added Ice Ice Ice Topper and Clear Diamonds. These products because of the way they are made appear to be melting on the inside.

Christy's Fireplace 26 Christy's Fireplace 27

Christy's Fireplace 28 Christy's Fireplace 29

The sealer that was used was a stone enhancer, not just a regular cheap sealer. When using rock you always want to see the beauty of the stone you are using.

Christy's Fireplace 31

As you can see the mantle is still missing. We have a few more details to still do and as soon as we have time to post the pictures, they will be here. We encourage imagination to all of our customers and we support you and your projects. Regardless how simple or how creative. This is one of the elements that spawned our success and continues to do so. 

The before and after pictures below are of a Starfire Base Glass and Clear Diamonds.

Starfire and  Diamonds 2 Starfire and  Diamonds 1


The fire place below is very unique because it is back lit Onyx. They used Clear Diamonds and Amber Base Glass for accents.


Las Vegas Yard Crashers!


Ahned Hassan

Yard Crashers is hitting up Las Vegas and crashing a desert backyard. Host and licensed landscape contractor Ahmed Hassan finds homeowners who can't get anything to grow in their yard, in fact, it's just dirt. In just two days, this backyard transforms from hot desert wasteland to a luxurious outdoor room complete with a custom barbecue island water table, a concrete fire feature, lush synthetic turf grass topped off with some flashy Vegas lights.

This is what was done on the first day. I showed up on the beginning of the second and the final day. It's amazing what can take place in just 12 hours!  This will air in April of 2010!

Here is a preview of Episode DYCR-406H


Below the pavers were installed the day before.  And then the patio with the outdoor kitchen set aside for now.


Las Vegas Yard Crashers 1 Las Vegas Yard Crashers 2 Las Vegas Yard Crashers 3


There was nothing on the site when it started the day before; even the palm trees were brought in!  Below Ahmed was leveling the ground around the fire pit area. Ahmed worked all day, much harder than anyone else! I was very impressed how hard he actually works to get the show done.


Las Vegas Yard Crashers 5 Las Vegas Yard Crashers 6 Las Vegas Yard Crashers 7


Below is where the propane fire pit will sit. The controller will be mounted to the side of the concrete base after the paper tubes are cut away. Above and below you can see the inside of the planter is coated to prevent water from leaching out.


Las Vegas Yard Crashers 8 Las Vegas Yard Crashers 9


You can see on the ground that we brought the fire bowl in. Just so you know it was about 300 lbs!  The trough coming out is actually water fall spilling into a dry creek bed below. The water feature was covered with a glass top making it a dining area as well. On the inner wedges they wrapped rope lights to accent the water and rocks under the glass top.


Las Vegas Yard Crashers 11

Las Vegas Yard Crashers 13

Las Vegas Yard Crashers 14


The sand was installed as a base for the artificial grass to come.


Las Vegas Yard Crashers 17

Las Vegas Yard Crashers 15

Las Vegas Yard Crashers 16


They are now compacting the sand and Ahmed is finishing the dry creek bed.


Las Vegas Yard Crashers 18

Las Vegas Yard Crashers 20


The dry creek bed is finished and the grass is now installed in the back as well.   The fire bowl  is fueled by propane and filled with Starfire Base GlassIce Ice Ice Topper and Diamonds on top. We brought out several colors of Diamonds for the customer to pick and choose but she liked them all so much, she installed all of them!


Las Vegas Yard Crashers 21 Las Vegas Yard Crashers 22


Below you can see after everything was cleaned up how spectacular it turned out!


Las Vegas Yard Crashers 23 Las Vegas Yard Crashers 24
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 25 Las Vegas Yard Crashers 26a Las Vegas Yard Crashers 27


We are to feature several more episodes with Yard Crashers and we will be showing several more of our new product lines on their shows.  We still have several shows we need to post pictures of what we did. Please come back from time to time to see our latest updates.

I thank Ahmed and the producers of the Yard Crashers for giving us the opportunity to work with them.

Thanks to Tiffany, Krystal and Holly at the Big Table Media!

Big Table Media produces Yard Crashers for the DIY Network
"Click HERE for the DIY Network/ Yard Crashers Site!" 

Las Vegas Yard Crashers 28


We are to feature several more episodes with Yard Crashers and we will be showing several more of our new product lines on their shows.  We still have several shows we need to post pictures of what we did. Please come back from time to time to see our latest updates.

I thank Ahmed and the producers of the Yard Crashers for giving us the opportunity to work with them.

Thanks to Tiffany, Krystal and Holly at Big Table Media.

Big Table Media produces Yard Crashers for the DIY Network


"Click HERE for the Big Table Media Site!"

"Click HERE for the DIY Network/ Yard Crashers Site!"

"Click here for the Las Vegas Water Table and Fire Feature by Moderustic Video!"

Las Vegas Large video Fire Table and Fire pit (2:28)


Click HERE to see how it was made, allong with Videos or on the pictures below:

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature


This next fireplace was installed by Sueun. She installed the Sterling Silver back panels and then placed a layer of sand. Then she installed Starfire Base Glass over the sand. Sueun could not decide on which color, she she added almost all!!!!! She added;
If she wanted color, then she got it. I think it turned out very colorful.
Sueun Sueun
Sueun Sueun
Sueun Sueun 909-989-6129

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