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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you set up your Spiral Vortex 20”, expect to create a relaxing and sophisticated ambience. You, you family and friends will enjoy watching the swirling vortex fire.
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  • WARNING - Read and follow all safety instructions prior to using the Spiral Vortex 20". Severe burn and fire hazard. Failure to follow operating could result in serious injury or death.

    WARNING - FIRE and EXPLOSION hazard. Severe BURNS or DEATH can occur. NEVER add fuel to a hot device.

    Isopropyl alcohol is highly flammable and dangerous if not handled accordingly to the instructions.

    Spiral Vortex 20" is intended For Outdoor Use Only.

    CAUTION - Spiral Vortex 20" will be HOT. Do NOT move or touch while lit or hot. Allow exterior of Spiral Vortex 20"to cool down at least 30 minutes after fire has been extinguished before touching.

    CAUTION - Never fill isopropyl alcohol beyond fill line on Fuel/Burn Chamber Cup

    CAUTION - Never use a standard lighter or matches to light fuel in Spiral Vortex 20". Only use an extended lighter or long match to ignite Spiral Vortex 20".

    CAUTION - Keep out of reach of children and petKeep out of reach of children and pets

    CAUTION - never refill, move or touch the the Spiral Vortex 20" while burning or when hot.

    CAUTION - Extinguish flame before refilling. Use included snuffer.

    CAUTION - Do not attempt to blow out flame. Only use that included Snuffer to extinguish fire.

    CAUTION - ONLY use 70% isopropyl alcohol as a fuel source for your Spiral Vortex 20". Burning any other type of wood, pellets, paper, or any other fuel types could cause serious injury or death.

    CAUTION - NEVER add isopropyl alcohol when lit.

    CAUTION - the spiral vortex 20 should never be left unattended. Adult supervision is required at all times. This is not a toy, and only adults should handle, fill, or activate Spiral Vortex 20"

    CAUTION - Flame follows fuel. Spilled fuel should be cleaned and dried before lighting Spiral Vortex 20".

    CAUTION - Do NOT move or touch while hot. Allow exterior of Spiral Vortex 20" to cool down for at least 30 minutes after fire has been extinguished before touching.

    CAUTION - Only use on a flat stable surface and never place never place near flammable objects.

    CAUTION - Keep clothing and hair away from Spiral Vortex 20". Clothing and hair can catch fire, resulting in serious injury.

    CAUTION - Fuel should always be stored in a secure location, not accessible by children or pets. Fuel should NEVER be or placed near Spiral Vortex 20".

    CAUTION - DO NOT open fuel container near open fire.

    CAUTION - Extinguish Fire and discontinue use immediately if any cracks appear in base, cup, or tube.

    CAUTION -Always empty Fuel/Burn Chamber Cup when finished with Spiral Vortex 20".

    CAUTION and WARNING - Any product that has FIRE should always be respected and used with extreme caution. An available, functioning, and approved fire extinguisher is recommended in case of any emergency to extinguish flame.

  • Moderustic, Inc. does not accept liability for any accident, injury, or incident arising from the improper use of the Spiral Vortex 20" and / or the use of incorrect fuel sources.
  • YES! THE FIRE IS REAL! Like with any fire, it needs to be respected!
    When we would set up other FIRE products at Market Night in Palm Springs for over 11 years, and this was a common question. Moderustic, Inc. the workings on this project, and Kickstarter does not accept LIABILITY for any injury, accident or incident arising from the improper use of Spiral Vortex 20" and / or the use of incorrect fuel sources.
  • Currently, we offer the following options -

    Chrome, White, and Black. (also in satin soon) We anticipate the black and white to be more of a classy matte finish.

    We would like to know the most popular color from all the MODERUSTIC backers.

  • The fuel we recommend is isopropyl alcohol 70%. No other fuel source is to be used in the Spiral Vortex 20".
  • Typically, filling the cup/container about 80% is best. After a few burns, there will be water/hydrogen at the bottom of the cup. Dispose of it. It will NOT burn. (WARNING!!! Always wait for the glass tube to cool for at least 30 minutes before touching or removing the tube, burn/cup container, or base. ALWAYS wear protective silicone gloves, which are included in the package. And use the silicone mats provided to place your tube on when refueling.
  • We recommend placing the Spiral Vortex 20" outside, on a patio table, or secure location, flat surface, and protected from any human or animal touching, knocking over, or "bumping" into it. We have customers that use are other much larger vortex units inside and/or outside locations.
  • The silicone mats will be used to place your borosilicate tube safely on when refueling your Spiral Vortex 20". The other one can be used for the bottom or your Base.
  • We plan to have a QR code included in the package to scan with a smartphone, online directions, and/or printed directions in the package when shipped.
  • No! We recommend lighting and using the Spiral Vortex 20” outside, in a well ventilated area, such as an open patio, porch, and on a study flat surface.
  • First, we want to educate you. Some fuels produce carbon monoxide as a by-product of burning. However, isopropyl alcohol does not produce carbon monoxide, and It is a 100% combustible fuel. Every home and enclosed space or living area have many factors, such as ceiling height, number of windows and doors. Therefore, we cannot determine if your space is well ventilated, so we do not want to advise. Therefore, we suggest asking a skilled and educated person or firefighter to advise if your inside living area is safe for you to burn your Spiral Vortex 20” inside. Because, even isopropyl alcohol will begin to produce soot and carbon monoxide if the space used when burning is too small and poorly ventilated.
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