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How Not To Do It page 2

The fire table below has a propane burner and is not configured correctly. That is why you will see soot (carbon monoxide) the black stuff on the glass. If you purchased a table from one of these clowns that have you connect a propane tank to a burner ring, you will have problems. We use all the proper safety valves and air mixers to insure a clean and safe burn. See our propane page. We are the only company manufacturing a propane burner that is safe and built correctly for these fire tables when you are using our glass. The glass used was Starfire Base Glass and Pale Steel Blue Topper. Since and after the install we did supply the correct burner and it is burning clean as it should be.

As you can see after burning for about 10 minutes the soot is and will be an issue. Carbon monoxide IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

The fireplace below has traces of soot on the surface which has fallen from above in the vent. Be sure your vent is free of soot and dirt as it may fall on your glass below. In the event it does fall from above, you can just wash the soot of in warn soapy water. The fireplace below has Starfire Base Glass and Diamonds.

This one below is almost a cake taker, the one who takes the cake!

The pictures above are of the gas valve in the fireplace. Not a good idea because when you have had the fireplace on for a while, how do you turn it off? Some plumbers, no brains. Don't let this one happen to you.
The fire pit below was a propane burning and as you can see there is the black soot again. They though if they drill holes in the bottom of the fire pit this will fix the problem, noooooooooooooo! We installed a propane burning system and it works just fine now.

The fire pit below is a typical mistake we fix on a daily basis. We have customers coming to us asking why there burner is rusting? Simple, because they were told to use a steel burner outside. We build stainless steel burners on a daily basis to replace rusting burners. This burner rusted through in about 1 year and the rust went all over the patio, yuck!

This is what we try to hide. You have a new and beautiful element in your fireplace and the controls show. What's up with that?

This is the reason we ask for pictures when your project starts and finishes. We try to catch these nasty details before they happen. We also fix issues caused by other companies. We try to do what is best for the customer, you!
The fire table below was purchased from an uneducated builder of fire tables. The problem is the glass was turning black, why? There was no safety system in place and no air mixed was ever installed to mix the propane. This will always turn your glass black with soot (carbon monoxide) (poison) We are fixing these type of problems every week and thanks to those table builders. No you can not burn straight propane with out soot!

This one is sad, funny but true. We have pictures to prove it!

A customer came in and asked how to convert her direct vent fireplace and we asked her to remove the logs, take a picture of the burner on and off with out the flash. We need to see the burn pattern and the type of burner we would be dealing with. She went home and asked her son to remote the logs so she could do this. Here we go!

oops 1

oops 2

oops 3

oops 4

oops 5

All her son heard was:

Logs, Fireplace, Out!



The fireplace below is in San Diego, California and the colors used were:
and a little bit of Ice Ice Ice Topper on top
The end pictures show that the burner was too close the wall which was an easy fix by moving the burner forward.

diana 8

diana 9

diana 10

diana 7

diana 6

diana 5

diana 4

diana 3

diana 2

diana 1

This is where is went a little bit wrong, oops. We just had them move the burner forward and now its fine and the back wall was repainted.

diana 11

diana 12

These fire pits below are in Mexico at the 4 Seasons Resort which we supplied the product. But they didn't listen when we told them about propane and how to install it correctly! This is a result of male ego and I can do it myself better! NOT! The second mistake was a SCREEN under the glass as this can and will trap gases which will cause woofing. A small fire ball every few minutes which can scare the crap out of you and every one around the fire feature. If you don't like your neighbor, well anyway.

bad 2a

bad 1a

bad 2

bad 1
This has been fixed and now works and looks fine. We will post pictures as soon as they send us the new pictures. We can fix any issues created by dum___ies, so please be careful on who is selling and or telling you what.
Burner mis-installed

wrong 1

wrong 2

The pictures above show the burner too far to the right and too close to the back. Simple fix.
Move it to the left and forward.

wrong 3

wrong 4

You can see that pipe dope was used in all of the joints. This does not have to be there as you have 40 to 80 leaks in the burners, why would it try to leak from the joint? You can use a tape or pipe sealant at the wall connection but not on the burners themselves.

wrong 5
We recommend removing the screens as there will be nothing popping out ever again. Even with fake logs they had you install the screens so you would think something is going to pop or crackle, silly!

This customer thought if 1 can of fireplace paint is good then 6 are better. WRONG!
This is what you can expect from too much paint too fast. Prep the walls from any dirt or other material such as soot, wax from candles or etc. Two to three coats are just fine or as long as you can't see through.

cal 1

cal 2

cal 3

cal 4

cal 5

cal 7

cal 8

cal 9

cal 10

cal 11

He stripped it and now it looks fine. A lot of work to do it the second time.
The 2 outdoor fireplaces below are in northern California at the Hyatt. They called us about soot on the glass. When we looked at the pictures our first thoughts were PROPANE! No these are natural gas. The fix was actually very simple. This was caused by a down draft from the chimney which we partially closed the flue which stopped the down draft and as you can see they are just fine now.

hyatt 1a

hyatt 1

hyatt 2a

hyatt 2

(fireglass, Fire Glass, fire place glass)

The fire pit below is a failed attempt of a propane conversion without our help in the beginning. You can't just burn propane! If you try this, this is what it will look like. You need to calibrate the amount of air to propane or it will back fire, burn black or explode! We recommend a thermocouple, air mixer/ venturi along with several other important factors. We won't tell you who tried this but we will tell you we did fix the issue and now the customer is very happy. We did use Azurlite Base Glass with Azurlite Reflective Base Glass.

stan 1

stan 2

stan 3

stan 4

stan 5

stan 6

stan 7

stan 8

stan 9

stan 11

stan 12

stan 13


The fireplace below is a propane pan burner with a lava rock fill. You don't want to crush your own lava rock because of the time. You can use larger lava around the edges of the pan but you will want to use crushed lava in the pan up to the surface of the burners. The glass use in this fireplace was a Ford Blue Base Glass with Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass on top. Topped with Clear Pyrite Base Glass and Amber Toppings accents. The install went very well except for the rock crushing episode.

jm 1

jm 2

jm 3

jm 4

jm 5

jm 6

jm 7

The fire pit below has a "FPPK" propane burner installed and the burners were exchanged out for stainless steel. If you were to leave the steel burners in you will eventually have rust pouring out of your fire pit onto the patio which will not look very attractive! The glass used was 1/2" Gray Base Glass and Ford Blue Base Glass. The controls were inside the bottom housing, nice fire pit but almost a big oops.

prud 1

nice design.

prud 2

below you can see where the controls were to be mounted

prud 3

prud 4

above you can see the steel ready to rust and make a mess. Remember you get what you pay for.

prud 5



The fireplace below has a mixed base of:
Topped with 2 lbs of Blue Green Reflective Base Glass and 1 lb of Jade Green Topper.
here are the pictures from start to finish, a couple of the pictures were a little fuzzy from the customer. Oh well.

robert 3

Now typically is your fireplace looks like yuck, put candles in it and everyone will tell you how nice it looks! NOT! So don't do it! If it's dirty or looks like a skid mark, clean it and or paint it but don't put candles in it.

robert 1

A typical fireplace where Fake Logs used to live. Now they are residing in the Fake Forest after leaving nice black skid marks on the walls of your fireplace, nice! Actually the soot you see in your fireplace is carbon monoxide but the fireplace manufactures which manufacture the Fake Logs just don't seem to tell you this little fact! It's poison and it's the furthest thing from being green that you could ever get. If you really still like Fake Logs then just sit in your garage with your car running and entertain your friends and family there. It's just a healthy.

robert 2

robert 4

The customer here could of painted his flex line to help hide it a little better. Again what was the plumber thinking, hanging logs? Maybe that's why we plumbed the line so high in the air?

robert 5

robert 6

Anyway after all of that it did turn out nice.

robert 7



The fireplace below was installed in Palm Springs, California.  The base glass is Starfire Base Glass and then we topped it with 1 lb of Pirates Topper.

ps pirates 1

This is a typical fireplace but this one has lava rock stacked up inside, yuck!

ps pirates 2

Below you can see the flame hitting the back wall creating a soot mark, not very nice looking. The customer didn't want the fireplace painted, why? 

ps pirates 3

There's that soot mark! If you do paint make sure the work is not spotty! That looks nasty as well. 

ps pirates 4

Above you see the typical hard piped burner installed which is fine for logs or lava. But this does not really work well for glass. Below you see the double burner installed with an 18" flex line. 

ps pirates 5

ps pirates 6

ps pirates 7

Test the burner and pour the glass, now it looks nice except for the soot mark! 

ps pirates 8

ps pirates 9

ps pirates 9

ps pirates 10

Now we added 1 lb of our Topper, Pirates

ps pirates 11


The fireplace below had a few issues, but easily repaired. Be sure to not let this happen to you! If anyone tries this type of installation, stop them and throw them out!  This fireplace installation was in Palm Springs California. It was done with the 2" method which is fine except for the burner the fireplace shop installed. We will explain as we move forward and show you the finished fireplace.

Below is what we saw when we arrived.

Palm Springs 4

Then we tested the burner we were to replace, oh my!

Palm Springs 5

We uncovered to see what was installed and found a single pipe burner. Great Flame! Another issue was the paint job was hideous which was later repainted. Don't let these ignorant installer tell you their stories. They told the customer the paint would dry to match.

Palm Springs 1

We do approve of a sand filler indoors under lighter colored glass, but the burner must be on top!

Palm Springs 2

Palm Springs 3

Now we installed a double burner and just watch!

Palm Springs 6

Below is what they pawned off on the customer, DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

Palm Springs 7

Palm Springs 8

Much better. Then we took several pictures of the fireplace just because! We did top it off with about 15 lbs of Starfire Base Glass to help hide the sand that was exposed and it worked out just fine.

Palm Springs 9

Palm Springs 10

Palm Springs 11

Palm Springs 12

Palm Springs 13

Palm Springs 15

Palm Springs 16

Palm Springs 17


The fire pit below is in Palm Springs California. We use Azurlite Base Glass and a crushed lava filler underneath. There were a few issues which we resolved.

First issue: Don't use polished Mexican Pebbles as they will chase you across the  yard.

Palm Springs 1

Palm Springs 2

Above, second issue, the ring could of been bigger as we installed a triple 30" stainless steel rind.  Below, third issue the plumber installed a 3/8" reducer, why? :-~ The gas comes is with 1/2", the ring is 1/2" so the plumber installed a 3/8" reducer in between the gas supply and the ring. Why in the heck would he do this? Anyway we just installed a 1/2" flex line and the pressure was back and fine.

Palm Springs 3

Palm Springs 4

Cover the wrong material with at least 1 1/2" to 2" of crushed lava.

Palm Springs 5

Palm Springs 6

And pour the Azurlite Base Glass

Palm Springs 8

Palm Springs 10

Palm Springs 11

We never were sent pictures of the fire pit burning, but we did test it during our installation.

Palm Springs 12



This surround below was installed in Shreveport Louisiana By Martha Heatherwick.. We first sold the Clear base glass to her contractor and then she contacted us for her surround. Step one is to make a template to replicate how it will look when its finished. How much of the opening do you want to still show? Do you want the frosted glass interior edge or no glass at all. How large or small do you want the frame? Each surround is made to fit your requirements.

We will start with the pictures:

Here is the cardboard template.

Martha 3

Martha 4

One issue came up, Martha noticed the glass had discolored in a few places. So when we got the pictures we enlarged the pictures only to find splash marks on the back wall. Which her children and grand children don't know how that may of happened! The little beggars were throwing some sort of flammable and or liquids in the fireplace to see what would happen.

Martha 5

Below you can see the splash marks.

Martha 13

Martha 16

Martha 17

Martha 18

The fireplace looked very nice but as you can see the surround added the finishing touch.

Martha 25

This surround has 3" of aluminum and 2" of non frosted glass on the interior border.

Martha 26

Result of leaking Acetylene bottle stored in plumber's van on Oct. 22, 2009.  Importance of properly storing gas cylinders.  Accidentally ignited by activating a remote door lock device. This is not intended to frighten you but to make you aware of what you are doing and who you are hiring! A leak is a leak and each leak should be addressed with caution and care. Here we go!





The old bumper in the palm tree trick. (below)


This is the back of the van. You will not be going an any service calls today! (below)



Just from the percussion of the explosion! (below)





All in all, I guess this is what it looks like when the S__T hits the van!




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