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Patent Licensing

Notice of EXCLUSION to the all dealers and the like in the United States.

 Attention: All re sellers and manufactures, importers, distributors of FIREGLASS, FIRE GLASS, “etal., 2022”

III. U.S. PATENT TYPES AND ANATOMY What is a patent? A patent is a grant by the government (e.g., U.S.) of a right to exclude others from practicing (i.e., making, using, selling, offering to sell, and importing) a particular invention for a set period of time. Patent rights, like other property rights—e.g., personal property—can be assigned, sold, given away, inherited, mortgaged, and licensed. Just as you can sell, trade, assign, or donate your car, so too can you do the same with intellectual property rights, including patent rights. Further, patent rights also can be licensed away in portions or sub parts, in nonexclusive or exclusive licenses or in a specific market, because licenses are merely contracts in which the parties generally may structure in any way they desire. A patent only gives you the right to exclude others from practicing an invention, but it does not give you the right to practice your invention.



[May 30, 2017]

CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS delivered the opinion of the Court. A United States patent entitles the patent holder (the “patentee”), for a period of 20 years (plus extensions), to “exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling [its] invention throughout the United States or importing the invention into the United States.” 35 U. S. C. §154(a). Whoever engages in one of these acts “without authority” from the patentee may face liability for patent infringement. §271(a).

With that stated, we are excluding all, previously mentioned from selling, manufacturing, distributing, importing and likewise.

Public Notice: You are and have been publicly excluded from practicing (i.e., making, using, selling, offering to sell, and importing) a particular invention (FIRE GLASS, FIREGLASS) for a set period of time.


             I patented Fireglass ,

First and foremost, I am a practicing entity, We manufacture what we have Patented.

Fireglass Fire Glass

The 5th patent is being signed on Monday (10/10/2021) according to the examiner and the 6th is being sent Monday (10/10/2021) to be signed by the end of the week.

"copying is a patent violation." As the patent states I am the inventor of this product. Anyone else who produces, sells without my authorization is violating the patent. This includes any imports, etc.


With over 9,000 alleged infringers, manufactures, importers, re sellers, China


$3,000,000.00 (3 Million dollars) is being sold retail each and every day, that is well over a BILLION dollars a year.

Un named (alleged Infringer and hundreds and thousands more) imports over 500 metric tons (2204.6 lbs.) each month, 500 x 2204.6 = 1,102,300 lbs. each month x 12 = 13,227,600 lbs. a year. They are only one manufacture with over 4,000 dealers.

They are only 1 of 9,000 alleged infringers.


Patent claims against retailers from Morgan Lewis*


Indemnity 101

Most patent cases against retailers involve products supplied to the retailer defendant by a third-party distributor or manufacturer. The first reaction in such a case is often “this is not my problem”—especially for companies that do not frequently face such claims. Although this reaction is understandable, such a laissez-faire response can get a retailer defendant in serious trouble. The reason for this—and the single most important issue to keep in mind—is that U.S. laws impose liability for infringing a patent by making, using, or selling (or even offering to sell) the patented invention. Furthermore, patent infringement is a strict liability cause of action. In other words, it does not matter to the courts whether the retailer should have—or even could have—known of the asserted patent. As a result, a retailer must pay careful attention to any patent claim asserted against it, even if its only role was to stock on its shelves a product designed, tested, manufactured, and supplied by a third party.

I believe this to be the worlds most infringed Patent in world history. There have been discussions of possibly a movie deal like “Flash of Genius” and “Patent Wars”.


I am seeking an opportunity or someone that can assist in legal assistance for a good direction.

This is and can be a phenomenal opportunity.

I am seeking questions to be answered, and to have an intellectual conversation on this matter.

Everyone has a job, mine is done. I created this opportunity as a Patent holder (inventor), who knows how to remedy this in our favor?

What is my invention worth? That is selling $1,000,000,000.00  (one BILLION) a year and more in retail.


Fireglass, Fire Glass

What are these Patents worth?

What is licensing worth, what is the estimated value?

What percentage will be or can be charged for royalties? Facts please, no guessing.

What about past infringement? I do not want to hear “moving forward” the past will be accountable in my estimation.

What will it cost (percentage to collect)?

False advertising?

How do we address importers from China and globally?


Another question, opportunity to pursue is that many past infringers are selling glass that is not tumbled or processed (safe) but choose to sell a dangerous product. See attached **** (safe glass) Safe Glass! Why Is Our Glass SAFE? (

Violations of safety laws, C.P.S.C. (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Federal packaging guidelines and warnings, not properly labeled or marked for safety. But rather selling a dangerous product all so they can avoid licensing, placing the public in danger for a profit.

2186 Relationship to the Doctrine of Equivalents [R-08.2017]

2186-Relationship to the Doctrine of Equivalents (









What does it mean to license your Patent/ Patents?

Scope of Right to Exclude

It is important to note that a patent does not grant the patent owner any right to make their own invention. Rather, the patent gives the patent owner the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, or importing the invention. The patent holder's right to make their own invention is dependent upon the rights of others and whatever general laws might be applicable. Another party may own a patent that will prevent the patentee from utilizing her/his own invention. In addition, government laws, such as antitrust laws or FDA regulations, may restrict the ways in which a patent holder can utilize her/his invention.

Since the essence of the right granted by a patent is the right to exclude others from commercial exploitation of the invention, the patent holder is the only one who may make, use, or sell the invention. Others may do so only with the authorization of the patent holder. Such authorization is usually given through a patent license agreement. In this sense, patent laws grant monopoly rights in the invention, in the sense that a monopoly is a exclusive right provided by a government for one party to practice a business in a particular area.

A patent license is an agreement that lets someone else commercially make, use, and sell your invention for a specified period. The owner of the invention (Patent) is the 'licensor,' and the person who is receiving the license is the 'licensee. ' Licensing deals involve payment for the license.
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We were awarded our/ a "notice of allowance" for our 5th Patent 10/22/2021, The end is the new beginning. 6th Patent in being issued in the next several weeks as well.
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We created FireGlass because we believe in a SAFE PRODUCT!

Over the last decade we have spawned hundreds of copyists, knock offs, which opposed to licensing produce a dangerous product and have Little to no regard for your safety., So here:

Our Glass is SAFE and See Why!

Safe Glass

See the story if DIGGER, the beginning of Aquatic Glassel and FireGlass!

 Links/ Documents of importance:

Safe to Children and pets alike! (in front of our showroom in California)

See also PDF"S below:

Dangerous products:* Consumer Products Safety

Ingestion of glass written by Doctors:**

"Dangerous Products written by Doctors" *** 909-989-6129

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Our Glass is SAFE and See Why!

Safe Glass
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