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Showroom Trailer

fire and glass showroom trailer

glassfire showroom trailer

Propane outdoor firepit with fireglass

Palm Springs outdoor festival

Vortex flames fire in a glass

Custom Fire displays

Moderustic showroom trailer

fire glass fireplace showroom

fireglass designs showroom

We have over 500 colors of Aquatic Glassel, otherwise known as fireplace glass rocks. We are innovators in our industry and we are always developing new products; like our VORTEX!

fire and ice fireplace showroo

fireplace pictures

gas fireplace glass showroom

We had to put our 3 headed dog in the shot.

3 headed dog monster

glass fireplace design photos showroom

fire in glass showroom

firepits glassfire showroom trailer

vortex fire fire in glass

show 8

show 9

show 10
show 11

show 12

show 13

show 14

show 15

show 16

show 17

show 18

show 19

show 20

show 21

show 22

show 23

show 24

show 25

show 26

show 27

show 28

show 29

show 30

show 31

show 32

show 33

show 34
show 35

new colors 1

new colors 2
new colors 3

new colors 4

new colors 5

new colors 6

new colors 7

new colors 8

new colors 9

new colors 10

new colors 11

new colors 12

All the above colors are a part of our new display and the colors below are our new line of Drops.

drops 1

drops 2

drops 3

drops 4

drops 5

drops 6

drops 7

This is our first display at the Orange County Home Show and many more to follow (Bruce Dizigns of Claremont, California was the host). As you can see we went to show displaying over 65 products and in our next show on 11/07/03 we will be introducing seven more colors and "Aquatic Glassel Toppings" as an added product to enhance even more than we could before. Keep watching, were growing and growing. By the way, our competition RAN AWAY at the show, sorry guys.(fire on ice folks!)

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