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Ventless Burners with FireGlass ll

The next pan (pans burners and baskets) is a ventless conversion. We cut the pan with a 1/2" front and a 2" back. We bent the front to be removable but also hide the controls. We Build to your needs and imagination! Be sure to see our Metal Page!

Stainless Steel Pan 1

Stainless Steel Pan 2

Stainless Steel Pan 3

Stainless Steel Pan 4

The next fireplace ventless conversion was from Eric at Neutral Interiors.

We built a pan to recess into the floor of the fireplace and to access the controls Eric cut a hole on the left side of the fireplace for easy access in the event it had to be reset or turned off.

We will explain as we move on:

The lower hole is the access hole.

Neutral Interiors 5

Neutral Interiors 6

Neutral Interiors 7

Neutral Interiors 2

Neutral Interiors 11

Neutral Interiors 12

Neutral Interiors 13

Simple, clean and finished! He installed Starfire Base Glass.

Neutral Interiors 14

Ventless Burners and Pans
This page will show you how to convert your Ventless Burners and now use Aquatic Glassel instead of those hideous logs! We are converting 3 Ventless Burners and the pictures that will be posted will show you what you can do to your fireplace. These pans can be made in any shape, material or design. These pans and baskets can also be used in vented fireplaces as well. We will be posting pictures in the next few days.

Oh look, here they are!

The first two pictures are of the Ventless Burner, interesting to say the least.


The pan that will contain all of the components are below. This page is to show you how to do this yourself or send us the burner and we will build it for you in any metal, material or shape.
The face of the pan will have a brushed stainless face to cover the controls of the Ventless Burners
The will be 4 legs to support the pan
We start now with installing the O2 sensors and valves
Now that the pan is turned over you can see where we will connect the burners
This is the O2 sensor, pilot light and electronic starter
Now the burners are installed
We always do a test burn after the burners are installed and check for those nasty leaks
Have your spouse do this in the event something goes wrong. Just kidding!
The upper pictures the door is up and on the lower picture the door is down to expose the controls.
Final test burn and a stainless front is added
The glass installed is Starfire Base Glass
This is the flame pattern you will see at night time below.
Say goodbye to those nasty logs forever!

This is the first burner we converted and we will be posting several other burners in the next week or so as we complete them.
Here are a few more Ventless Burners Fireplace pictures after the Toppers went on: 909-989-6129

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