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The 6 pictures below are of a fireplace we converted to a pan from a double burner this picture is with a double burner. The 2 pictures below is with the pan underneath. This is the pan exposed just under the glass. The 6 pictures above are of a fireplace we converted to a pan from a double burner. The custom fireplace below has a star burner and a very nice star opening

pan 4 pan 6
pan 3 pan 1

The pictures below are of John Hanson in Northern California and he did a pan burner we provided and installed it himself. A Clear Base Glass with 3/4" Clear Base Glass on top.  Here is how it all started.

hanson 1 hanson 1
hanson 4 hanson 5

This is how the pan started


hanson 15 hanson 16
hanson 17 hanson 19

The bottom of the pan goes in.  The top goes on and you light it.

hanson 9 hanson 8
hanson 10 hanson 11

And now the magic.   There you have it, simple as that. Great job John Hanson! 

hanson 12 hanson 13


 Fake Log fireplace, becomes a beautiful custom pan with FireGlass, fireplace!

val 1 val 2
val 4 val 5
val 3 val 6

val 7



The pan below has a propane burner installed for a fire pit. These are made in any size, shape or burn pattern. The one shown below is an electronic ignition control and these can be adapted with manual ignition as well. This was build for a designer in New York.

fpp 1 fpp 2
fpp 3 fpp 4
fpp 6

The pan burner below is a stainless steel/ propane pan for outdoors and we have installed an electronic ignition under the pan. These can also be made for natural gas. 

stainless steel pan 3 stainless steel pan 2

stainless steel pan 1

A Complete Fireplace Remodel. 

The pictures below are from Iggy in New York. He sent me a picture of his fireplace and asked me what we can do to help him. Well sit down and watch. A new pan, hood, surround, tile and Starfire Base Glass! Nice insert, not! Just like "Nice Logs", not!

iggy 1 iggy 2
iggy 3 iggy 4
iggy 5 iggy 6
iggy 7 iggy 8

Below is a template for the stainless steel pan.|Now we added a pan

iggy 9 iggy 13

Below we added a vent which was taken out years ago.

iggy 15 iggy 16

Above you can see the the key valve and below you don't see it. Because we made a removable panel!

iggy 18 iggy 17
iggy 14 iggy 10
iggy 12 iggy 11

iggy 19 iggy 21
iggy 22 iggy 23

There you have it in Rochester New York, Iggy it looks great.



Metal Fire Rings in Round Pans

The burner below has a 300,000 btu controller, 36" triple ring mounted on a 48" aluminum base plate for a fire pit in San Diego. These can be adapted for natural gas or propane with up to a 96" lead pilot light and igniter.

cesar 2 cesar 3
cesar 5

The bowls below are a newer product which we can help you convert your table you have now or build a table around the the bowl we provide you. We can build these for natural gas or propane. Filled with crushed lava rock and ready for what ever you would like to cover it with. We can spin bowls in any size. These come with steel or stainless steel rings, double or single rings. The bowl are very economical and are available up to 24". Anything over 24"will be a custom size, but we can make any size.

bowl 1 bowl 2
bowl 9 bowl 11
bowl 12 bowl 3

These bowls were set up for propane and as you can see the thermocouple in the picture above.

bowl 10
bowl 7
bowl 13


The next pan was built to the customers specs (round with 3" lip) and wrinkle finish powder coated.  Propane as well.

Black Propane Pan Black Propane Pan
Black Propane Pan Black Propane Pan

The fire pit below was built to the customers specs. It was 48" round, 10" tall with 8" legs and constructed from 1/4" aluminum. Then powder coated to match the customers request. We will fill in the details as we go.

New York Fire Pit 1 New York Fire Pit 2
New York Fire Pit 3 New York Fire Pit 5
New York Fire Pit 6 New York Fire Pit 7

Above you can see the cross grid to support the false bottom.  Above you can see the false bottom making it possible to fill it with a 2" fill over the ring. A custom 42" stainless steel burner had to be built.  The center leg was for the gas and electrical for the electronic ignition.


New York Fire Pit 8 New York Fire Pit 9

Below is a 36" aluminum pan burner for propane with a 3" outside lip. These can be made to fit any fire pit or fire table.   We can build anything! This pan has a thermocouple for safety and air mixer built in to eliminate soot.

pan 1 pan 2
fire pit 4 pan 4
fire pit 2 fire pit 1

The Metal stainless steel pan below is a 36" round with a 24" stainless steel burner ring. This pan can easily be adapted for propane as well.  The FireGlass is Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass.

pan 9 pan 6
pan 8 pan 7

The fire pit below shows our FPPK (fire pit propane kit) a 30" base with a double 24" stainless steel burner. You will notice the igniter and thermocouple (heat switch for safety). The base plate is to prevent propane from leaking into the fire pit below.

bm 1 bm   2

bm 3

The propane pan below has a brushed finish on the front metal shield. This is a two part shield, one to retain the fireplace glass and second to conceal the controls. This is part of the fireplace design that was asked for. The first pictures shows the front completely up.

Propane Pan 1


Propane Pan 3

The picture below shows the complete front dropped down to access the controls.

Propane Pan 6

Propane Pan 7

Propane Pan 8


Click HERE to see how it was made, allong with Videos or on the pictures below:

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature


This Surround was a challenge, as the top and bottom were not square, the top center was 2 1/2" and the bottom was 2". Anyway, after it was installed, it looked awesome!

(Click on the PICTURE)

Barry DeBreau Corner Surround

We built a custom size steel pan to go into the fireplace with Starfire Base Glass installed

There is 4" of Black frame all around, 4" of black glass on the sides and 4" of black glass on the top.

The Black Paint we used was Satin Black Silicone based fireplace paint. Do not use regular paint, no really.

Barry DeBreau Corner Surround

Click on the Pictures or HERE to see the rest of the Surround Pictures

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