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Vortex Fire Page 2

 Christy Collins Design in Chicago at the Dana Hotel at the Vertigo on the top floor!

Click Here to see the pictures!

Christy Collins Design

 Vertigo Sky Lounge

Dana Hotel and Spa

Chicago Bars Review on the Vertigo Sky Lounge

See the PDF on the design from Christy Collins!

This was the first public prototype which stood 36" tall. We are building 14 = 36" Vortex Fires for a party in Hawaii and we were contracted to build 32 Vortex Fires as large as 96" and as small as 48" for a Night Club/ Bar/ Restaurant in Las Vegas of we can't say at this time. But as soon as it opens we can post the pictures and let you know who it is. The first showing was a great success!
Send us your opinions of our trailer and the Vortex Fire.
We just took a few dozen rapid fire shots of the new vortex fire in the shop with 2 mirrors in the background. This makes 3 times as much light outdoors and looks amazing.
vortex 22
vortex 24vortex 25
vortex 26vortex 27
vortex 28vortex 29
vortex 30vortex 31
vortex 32vortex 33
vortex 34vortex 35
vortex 36vortex 37
vortex 38vortex 39
vortex 40vortex 41
vortex 42vortex 43
We took a lot of shots and we couldn't decide on which ones to show, so we showed all of them.
Here are the second generation Vortex fires! We are building 5, 48" tall Vortex fireboxes for a party in Hawaii for Lexus! We will forward the pictures of our Vortex boxes on the beach next month. So here are our next generation boxes. These 2nd generation boxes can be seen in Palm Springs for the next few weeks. We will be then adding our third generation Vortex boxes which were contracted to Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas at the "Prive" Las Vegas!
2nd 12nd 2
2nd 32nd 4
2nd 52nd 6
2nd 72nd 8
2nd 10
2nd 112nd 12
2nd 132nd 14
2nd 152nd 15
2nd 16
The 24 pictures below are of the generation 3 of the Vortex Fires. These are Infinite Vortex Fires! The first two we are going to show you have a chromium coating on the inside which reflects hundreds of fires, hence Infinite! The box on the left was done in black and the one on the right is done in bronze, both will reflect many times. You will also notice the fire is more contained as we develop more and more Vortex Fires. We will and or should have the pictures from Hawaii at their Lexus Corporate party that we built 5 = 96" tall Vortex fires for to be displayed on the beach. We even shipped the natural gas over because they only have propane there. Yes we are already developing a portable propane unit.
The next seven Vortex Fires will be made this next week for Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. These will be a generation 4 as they requested a few modifications which we know you will enjoy. So here we go with generation 3!
gen 1gen 2
gen 3gen 4
gen 5gen 6
gen 7gen 8
gen 9gen 10
gen 11gen 12
gen 13gen 14
gen 15gen 16
gen 17gen 18
gen 19gen 20
gen 21gen 22
gen 23gen 24
ps 1
ps 2
ps 3
ps 4
ps 5
ps 6


The next set of vortex pictures are of a proto type we had set up to actually have 3 vortex fires side by side in the same fireplace.
triple 1
triple 2
triple 3
triple 4
triple 5
We had a cinema photographer come out and take a few hours of film time on our vortex fires for to show the capability of their new camera. We will be posting these videos so you can actually see the true effect of these vortex fires as well.

prive las vegas



In the last two pictures you can see the adjusting valve and the electronics.





The next several pictures are of our Vortex Covers. The vinyl that was used is from A high grade of marine vinyl. Check out their site, there are hundreds of colors. We can make these withe  tie, Velcro or a zipper fit.

Vortex Cover 1


Vortex Cover 3

Vortex Cover 4

Vortex Cover 5

Vortex Cover 6

Vortex Cover 7

Vortex Cover 8

Our first public showing was in Palm Springs at the Village Fest Art Fair in August of 2007

Here are a few pictures of the Vortex Fire, our little Tasmanian Devil in a glass box!
vortex 1vortex 2
vortex 3vortex 4
vortex 5vortex 6
vortex 7vortex 8
vortex 9vortex 10
vortex 11vortex 12
vortex 13vortex 14
vortex 15vortex 16
vortex 17vortex 18
vortex 19vortex 20
vortex 21
ps 1
ps 2
ps 3
ps 4
ps 5
ps 6

The Vortex below was installed in the front yard in Glendora, California at Larry and Bonnie Bidwell.If you want to make a statement, then this would be it!

Larry Bidwell 6

We now can recommend and offer Marine Vinyl covers for your Vortex! Very simple Velcro front panel!

Vortex Cover 1

Vortex Cover 2

Vortex Cover 3

Vortex Cover 4

Now we wait for Alfie to send evening pictures with the outer ring burning around the Vortex!!!

Here's a twist! One of our customers sent us 2 Heat N Glo Cyclone fires to convert to propane because they didn't know how or want to do it. So if you want yours converted call us. Here are the before and after pictures on the conversion from natural gas to propane.
cyclone 1cyclone 2
cyclone 3
The first 3 above are natural gas
The 3 below have been converted to propane. Not much difference, just that we could do it and the big guy couldn't provide for the customer.
cyclone 4cyclone 5
cyclone 6
The difference between our vortex fires and Heat N Glo is that ours are naturally aspirated and theirs is drawn upward with a fan. I guess they didn't know how to do it our way. We are now working on 6 foot and 8 foot tall vortex fires. These are in prototype and we will post details when we get a chance.


 Kevin Ruth Vortex Project

Kevin Ruth Vortex


Click "HERE" or on the picture to see our first FIREWALL pictures.FIREWALL


Click HERE or on the picture to see the rest of the pictures of the Vortex

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