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Self install Fireplace Glass (page 4)


The next 5 pictures are from Ursula in Pasadena. She just recently had us update her fireplace with a Sterling Silver interior. Nice touch! 

Ursella 1 
Ursella 2 
Ursella 3 
Ursella 4 
Ursella 5

This is a new home with logs and a screen, average at best. Has anyone ever come over to your house and said" Nice Logs"? No and we are going to show you how to create a masterpiece! If you didn't notice, this is a direct vent fireplace, which means it is an electronic ignition. Flip a switch!
ed 1
ed 2

ed 3


ed 4

The pictures below are of a typical direct vent burner. 

ed 5

ed 6

This is a picture of the automatic starter and thermocouple.

ed 7

ed 8


ed 9

ed 10

After you have closed off the bottom of the fireplace and attached the adapter, you're ready for glass! 

ed 11

Here we are testing the burn pattern of the double burners. Our burners have 2 rows of holes in each pipe to give you 4 rows of flames. 

ed 12

ed 13
ed 14

ed 15

ed 16

After pouring the glass make sure the automatic starter is just above the glass so it can work properly. You can hide it with glass all around the element and it helps if it is in a hole. 

ed 17

ed 18


ed 20

ed 19

ed 21

ed 22

Here we installed an aluminum surround that has been painted black

ed 23

ed 24


ed 25

ed 26

ed 27

ed 28

ed 29

We have several more pictures of this fireplace with Ice and a few colors of Toppers installed 
and we will have these pictures up in a few days. 

We will also be posting several direct vent fireplaces to show you how easy it really is. 
The 6 pictures below show a self install with all glass using the original burner which didn't have a bad flame pattern. 1/8" Clear Base Glass was used as a base and then Starfire Base Glass was added to the surface saving money and it did look great. It's a simple as that.

dan 1 

dan 2 

dan 3 

dan 4 

dan 5 

dan 6 

The 6 pictures are of Green Base GlassGreen Reflective Base Glass, a 2" install with lava rock filler and is a self install.

vivian 1 

vivian 2 

vivian 3 

vivian 4 

vivian 5 

vivian 6

The pictures below are of a self install with: 1/4" Bronze Base Glass and 1/2" Bronze Base Glass1/4" Starfire Base Glass and 1/2" Starfire Base Glass  and about 1 lb of Scarlet Red Topper.


The fireplace below is a propane burner, self installation with the 2" method, 
Starfire Base Glass and Gold Base Glass fire gold on top.

jr 1
jr 3

Above we have the old burner with a smaller flame pattern which 
we will change to a double burner in our tray propane pan burner

jr 5
jr 4

A little bit of cleaning with a wire brush and 1200 degree paint

jr 6
jr 7

We filled the bottom with pea gravel and the covered it with sand

jr 8
jr 9

Then we installed the propane burner and filler it with pea gravel to the top of the burners

jr 10
jr 11

You can see the pilot light and thermocouple exposed.

jr 12
jr 13

So there it is. A clean burning propane burner, 2" method, no soot, no smells, no carbon monoxide and it puts out a tremendous amount of heat. We sell the 2" method because it works and if anyone tries to tell you different, they need your money more than you do. We are the only company building propane burners for glass that don't soot or smell! 

This is a self install with a Clear Base GlassLagoon TopperPale Emerald Green Topper and Ice Ice Ice Topper fire glass.
diane 1
diane 2
Above the burner goes in below the lava goes on the burner. Then magically the lava disappears! We use the 2" method to save money not gouge the customer as we here this everyday how customers are taken by BS!
diane 3
diane 4
diane 5
diane 6
diane 7

diana 8
diana 9
diana 10
diana 7
diana 6
diana 5
diana 4
diana 3
diana 2
diana 1
This is where is went a little bit wrong, oops. We just had them move the burner 
forward and now its fine and the back wall was repainted.
diana 11
diana 12

The fireplace below has: A Clear Base Glass with Pale Lime Green TopperYellow Amber Toppers and ToppingsCopper Ruby Red Topper, and a hint of Starfire Base Glass to lighten the color up. 

ms 2ms 3 
ms 1ms 4 
ms 5 

This is how easy it is to install. This is all glass and if you need to build it up a little or a lot then use a filler to save money.

The fireplace below is s typical simple install. Paint, Add the glass fire and you're done. This is all Starfire BAse Glass over an 18 18 burner and 1 can of paint, black. This is how simple it really is! 
jan 1jan 6 
jan 5jan 4 
jan 3jan 2 

The fireplace below is in Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, California. First we installed the double "H" burner.
sb 1sb 2
Then we pour 2" of crushed lava rock as a base over the burners.
sb 3sb 4
Now we pour the Black Magic (you'll soon see why).
sb 5
The we add one match and poof, BLUE FLAMES!
sb 6
sb 7sb 8
The we start to add 8" Fire Balls
sb 9sb 10
sb 11sb 12
A total of 32 = 8" Fire Balls in natural color were added
sb 13sb 14
sb 15
The customer had a Green theme and so we topped it off with our Green Sand.
sb 16
sb 17sb 18
sb 19sb 18
As the evening went on the ambient heat drew the flames higher trough the Fire Balls and the blue was just pure magic. The End!

The fireplace below is in Palm Desert California and was a self install with a crushed lava base, Clear Base Glass over the lava, Starfire Base Glass on top of the Clear Base Glass and topped with Amber Diamonds and a splash of our Gold Base Glass . It looked great until they found the burner was too close to the back which burned the back wall. I don't know if this was repaired as we did send paint and instructions on how to prevent this in the future. The fireplace looked great except for the "skid mark" on the back wall.
joy 9
Above it still looked good here!
joy 8
joy 7
About our fire glass Diamonds, they are made of crystal and when you see them in the fireplace you actually see the fire reflection reflecting the flame backward as if the Diamonds were melting from the inside.
joy 6
joy 2
joy 1
The fireplace below is in Santa Monica California. The fireplace is a Malm Fireplace which can be found at Malm Fireplaces, ask for Keith

The fireplace below is in Venice Beach California. This is a direct vent installation and we will now show you how easy it really is. For all of the installers out there who say it can't be done, well here you go. Pay attention now! 










The glass that was installed was Starfire Base Glass.

The house is and was under construction so please excuse the debris around the fireplace. The pictures explain what we did. We didn't change the amount of fuel (BTU's) being burned just the way it looks. Flip the switch, the igniter lights, allowing the gas to come up through the burner and the pilot light lights the gas rising from the burner below. As for the doomsayers that tell you this can't be done, Oh Well! This will be our little secret. If you have any questions on your conversion please send us pictures and we will help you convert your direct vent fireplace as well. 
Most fireplace manufactures will tell you this will void your warranty. But you need to actually read the warranty to understand what they will or won't cover. The person telling you this at the factory, ask them what the warranty actually implies. We have read many of these warranties and they won't cover the fireplace anyway. These warranties were written by attorneys to keep the liability from the manufacture and lay the blame on the consumer at any expense, no really read one. 


Here is another installation with Blue Green Reflective Base Glass
riverside 6 300 

This has an 18" x 18" burner with a lava rock and sand base. 
This method is will save you 1/3 the cost over a typical installation. 
riverside 7 300 
Can you see the crushed lava rock and sand?

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