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Emerald Green 1417 Topping..'


Emerald Green Topping

emerald green 3

emerald green 2

emerald green 1

emerald green 300

This is a topping.

emerald green

Emerald Green

The fire pit below has a 1/4" Clear Base Glass, 1/2" Clear Base Glass with Red Orange Topping, Emerald Green Topping and Light Sky Blue Topping. The was a basic wood burning fire pit purchased locally and converted with our fire pit propane kit (FPPK)  


The fireplace below has a Clear Base Glass with:

1/2" Clear Base Glass,

V Blue Base Glass and ChunkyV Blue Base Glass,

Blue Green Base Glass,

Azurlite Base Glass

Blue Pyrite Base Glass on top.


                                                 The fire pit below has a Clear Base Glass with 1/4" Starfire Base Glass and 1/2" Starfire Base Glass, Yellow Amber Topper. Cobalt Blue Topper and Emerald Green Topper. The earth as the back yard and a lot of friends, wow!


Below we have the fire pit that we installed for Reba! In Nashville Tennessee.
We were hired to install a propane FireGlass fire pit for Reba; as no one else could figure out how to do it!  The pit was an electronic ignition system with stainless steel burner ring, 36" aluminum pan burner with a 3" outside lip and thermocouple for safety and to eliminate soot.

Note* Ms. Reba McEntire is not affiliated to Moderustic INc nor does she sponsor our products.
fire pit 4fire pit 3
fire pit 2fire pit 1
Now here is the fire pit with Evergreen Base Glass, Evergreen Reflective Base Glass, Blue Green Base Glass and Blue Green Reflective Base Glass installed. We also drifted withe the camera and took a few shots of the back yard on the river in her backyard. Enjoy. You can also visit for some real cool information and pictures.
reba 1reba 2
reba 4reba 5
reba 6reba 6a
reba 7reba 8
reba 9reba 10
reba 11reba 12
reba 13reba 14
reba 15

The fireplace below has Evergreen Base Glass and Evergreen Reflective Base Glass, Emerald Green Topper, Pink Rosa Base Glass, Azurlite Base Glass, Cobalt Blue Topper, Olive Green Topper, Green Diamonds and Blue Tubes Toppers. They had use their existing pan burner which was a double burner and worked out just fine. c 01c 3

c 1

The next fireplace below was designed and installed by Nadine in Texas. The colors that were installed were:

Clear Base Glass, 45 lbs

Starfire Base Glass on top, 40 lbs

3/8" Sky Blue Base Glass, 1 lb

New Yellow Base Glass, 1 lb

Blue 2000 Base Glass, 1 lb

Red Orange 1122 Topping, 1/4 lb

Emerald green Topping 1417, 1/2 lb

Neo Lavender Topping 1842, 1/4 lb

Aqua Blue Topping 1808, 1 lb

Deep Royal Topping 1114, 1 lb

Salmon Pink Topping 0305, 1 lb

Erbium Pink Topping 1821, 1/4 lb

Pink Topping 1215, 1/2 lb

Pumpkin Orange Topping 3 lbs

Lipstick Topping, 1 1/2 lb

and Gold Base Glass around the outer edge, 23 lbs.

Nadine  Wilson 1

Nadine Wilson 2

Nadine Wilson 3



Emerald Green 1417















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