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A Custom 3-sided Fireplace Surround. We built the following 3 sided surround fireplace surround with a 2" frame.

cindra 6 cindra 8

Here are a few photos of the surround in the warehouse before we installed it.

cindra 3 cindra 4

Here are a few more pictures sent to us by our customer.The completed fireplace used Clear Base Glass FireGlass.

cindra 9 cindra 19
cindra 12 cindra 20
cindra 18 cindra 16

2-Sided Fireplace with Custom Surround.  These pictures come to us from a customer in Pasadena, CA. It's a two sided fireplace with a remote control, quad "H" burner, and a custom 2" steel surround with a stand with a quick release bracket.

lara 1 lara 2

As you can see the surrounds have been hinged to a bracket system.The base connection and remote control are being installed. After the burner is connected we always test burn. Make sure there are no LEAKS!

lara 4 lara 5
lara 6 lara 8
lara 7 lara 9

For those of you who want remote controls, you can see there are a few items to hide. Once you get the glass in over the pipes and connections, it's not too bad. For this type of remote control there has to be a safety pilot light and thermocouple with the valving system. The flames are low at this point because the meter has to be turned up by the gas company as there is not enough pressure for this type of burner.

lara 10 lara 14

The crushed lava goes in now and the burners are pulled to the surface before we pour the glass over the lava and glass. Do not pour the lava up to the edges but keep it back about 3" to 4" from the edges. If you look at the front lower right of the fireplace you can see the electronic eye of the remote control.

lara 15 lara 17

lara 21

This surround had a front base plate with 2 pins standing up to receive the surround which had 2 holes in the same place. Then the 2 brackets lifted up to attach and hold the surrounds in place. The customer wanted this child proof, so we invented a way to do this and it turned out great. The FireGlass used was a Black Reflective Base Glass and it looks awesome!

lara 22 lara 27
lara 26 lara 28
lara 29 lara 32
lara 30 lara 31

If you will notice this surround was 2" away from the fireplace as this is the design the customer wanted. Pretty cool idea! The bracket system we created is child proof and easy to remove the surrounds as well.

lara 33 lara 34
lara 37 lara 38

Remote Control Fireplace With Surround. The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass and several FireGlass Toppers for color.  The toppers in this fireplace include PinkCobalt BlueFuchsiaHyacinthAmethyst PurplePale Cobalt BlueAquamarineLilacSteel Blue and Purple Toppers

r8 r3

Now we added a surround to finish it off. If you look on the lower right there is a remote control which is hidden by the surround.

r9 r14
r10 r13

Direct Vent Fireplace With A Surround.

ed 1 ed 2
ed 3 ed 4

This is a typical direct vent burner with an automatic starter and thermocouple.

ed 5 ed 8
ed 9 ed 10

After you have closed off the bottom of the fireplace and attached the adapter, your ready for FireGlass.

ed 11

Here we are testing the burn pattern of the double burners. Our burners have 2 rows of holes in each pipe to give you 4 rows of flames.

ed 16 ed 15
ed 13 ed 14

After pouring the FireGlass make sure the automatic starter is just above the glass, so it can work properly. You can hide it with FireGlass all around the element.

ed 19 ed 21

Here is the same fireplace installed with an aluminum surround that has been painted black.

ed 23 ed 25
ed 27 ed 28


These fireplace pictures below come to us from John Addison in Lakeland, Florida. As you can see the fireplace was not much to look at until we added our touch.Its a propane fireplace that utilized one of our propane pan burners with a remote control.

john 1 john 2

We built a brushed aluminum surround with out the inner glass per the customer request. The FireGlass installed was Gray Base Glass FireGlass with Black Base Glass and Copper Ruby Red Topper on top.

john 3 john 5

Here is the completed job, we think it turned out wonderful! But you can be the Judge.

john 6 john 4


Custom Surround On Corner Fireplace. This corner fireplace was going through big transformation.  As you can see it really needs a face lift.

christy 1 christy 3

Now with the glass-doors gone, we can clean up the fireplace and apply a fresh coat of stove paint.There was about 2" of crushed lava under the Starfire Base Glass FireGlass.

christy 4 christy 6

And lastly we added the fireplace surround.  We also added up some more Starfire Base Glass FireGlass until it topped-off at the base of the metal of the surround. This is another reason we use fillers, to keep the costs down.

christy 8 christy 9

 And even though its incomplete, we think it looks pretty good at night and lit up.
christy 10

The fireplace below is a direct vent fireplace in Arroyo Grande (Pismo Beach, California). We mounted the back and then attached the face. This surround was with out a perimeter of interior glass. We usually border a 2" band of glass all around the inside edge. We use aluminum for this project.  This is the standard black frame for the fireplace. 

pismo 1 pismo 2

Below you can see the back of the surround attached to the fireplace.  Then we just slip the front cover over and done! 

pismo 3 pismo 4

pismo 5


Custom Surround On Corner Fireplace. The fireplace below belongs to Robert and Rena in Palm Desert California. They choose a warm brown high heat paint too match their furniture.   Here is the just finished Surround:

Robert Rena 5 Robert Rena 2

Originally we installed two metal shields to cover and hide the nasty looking side vents.  On many fireplaces to keep it minimal we do just the side covers which actually looks fine and finished.  Here is the surround installed. Looks great!

Robert Rena 1 Robert Rena 6
Robert Rena 7 Robert Rena 8

We made 3" sides and top with a 6" bottom with 2" of frosted glass installed on the interior.

Robert Rena 9

This surround was made to cover the direct vent fireplace.  The frame was 4" on the top and bottom and 5" on the sides.

Rancho Surround 1 Rancho Surround 2
Rancho Surround 3 Rancho Surround 4

Rancho Surround 5

These pictures come to us from Torie Weiston.  She requested a brushed aluminum fireplace surround and here is the completed fireplace which was a direct vent fireplace. It made it look spectacular!  The next fireplace is from Ash Sarna, one great room and beautiful view!

Ash   Sarna fireplace surround 4 Ash   Sarna fireplace surround 3

Check out other surrounds on the Fireplace Surrounds page!

Ash   Sarna fireplace surround 2 Ash   Sarna fireplace surround 1

Torie Weiston   Surround

The fireplace below has a larger surround and Starfire Base Glass installed. Please note the this surround is the metal shell only without the inner frosted glass.

kw1 kw2

This is in Yorba Linda California with a stainless steel fireplace surround and Clear Base Glass FireGlass.


The 6 fireplace pictures below have Starfire Base Glass FireGlass, Amber Base Glass FireGlass and a fireplace surround. This is in Texas and is a customer install. Very nice Rodney.

rodney 1 rodney 2
rodney 4 rodney 3
rodney 5 rodney 6

The fireplace below has a 3" layer of crushed lava, 1/4" Clear Base Glass, 1/2" Starfire Base Glass, 3/4" Starfire Base Glass for the chunky look and a flush surround to finish it off. A very impressive and  modern house and fireplace.  From beginning to end, here we go.

n 1 n 2

We also floated the walls to level the fireplace and get it ready for the surround. A little bit of granite on the floor.

n 3 n 4
n 7 n 4

If you notice to the right there is no valve to turn it on? The plumber from a few years ago has it to the right about 5 feet, DUMMY! Lets fill the fireplace with gas before we get there and see what happens! Don't hire that plumber. We are now going to do an extended 3/4" glass radius counter in the kitchen in front of the stove for a glass counter top.  We also bent all of the kitchen handles to contour the cabinets.

n 12 n 18

Now you can see the fireplace valve to the right.  We flush fit a surround to the wall for a final finish. This was a satin black aluminum frame with 2" of glass installed.
n 24

We are capable of any size project from design to a full installation (depending on our current work load). There is nothing we can't do as we are the the first and foremost authority in our field. We never say NO! We do only what the other companies can only dream about!







corner 4 corner 7
corner 5 corner 6

The fireplace below was finished with a standoff surround. We build brackets to support the surround 5 inches away from the fireplace. This was installed by Bruce Rubenstein in a Hollywood night club (the Highlands) . If they ever send us pictures we will post them along with these.
rubenstein   fireplace

In the bottom of the pictures you can see our brackets which supported the bottom and sides. The surrounds are brushed for a modern contemporary look. 

bruce 5 bruce 6

 The fireplace below is in Glendale Hills California. We installed Starfire Base Glass with about 1 lb of Ice Ice Ice Topper on top. Then to finish it off we installed a brass surround with bronze frosted glass. The customer loved it! She is the CEO of Fredrick's of Hollywood! Awesome house by the way.


brass surround 2 brass surround 3
brass surround 4 brass surround 5
brass surround 6 brass surround 7
brass surround 8 brass surround 9

This was the first surround of many to come. Fireplace on Red Hill, Andre Silva, just a nice fire, no pan.

andre1 Andre Silva
andre2 andre2

This is the same fireplace as above, but we changed it to Starfire Base Glass FireGlass and added an aluminum fireplace surround with a special frosted glass.  Again the same fireplace by the late evening glow of the new FireGlass. evening.

The fireplace below has Starfire Base Glass and then Black Base Glass was added after the fireplace surround was installed.

rajni 1 rajni 3

rajni 1


The surround below was a one piece construction face and a 4 piece construction on the rear. We use twin can laser on most if not all of our metal projects as this eliminates warp and keep the projects looking better. This was installed by Silver State Fireplaces in Las Vegas. We have given you several angles to show how nice the stainless steel still looks.
Flat Surround 1 Flat Surround 2
Below you can see the .060 (1/16") edge is still perfect and straight for that  clean installation.

Flat Surround 3 Flat Surround 4
Flat Surround 5 Flat Surround 5


The surround below was installed in Riverside California By Ruben. Ruben made a template to fit his fireplace. A bit over the top but Ruben is good for that! By making a preview template you can get a preview of what it will actually look like before we manufacture it for your fireplace. We will explain as we move on:

The wood and card board template. The blue tape will be frosted glass.

Caballero 1 Caballero 2

On the back side you can see the cover fins Ruben wanted to have installed. This was to cover what he did not want to see in the fireplace after the surround was installed. In our designs we ask what do you want to see and what don't you want to see.  Above and below you can see the surround front finished.

Caballero 3 Caballero 4

Above and below you can see the back side with the fins attached for installation. We will post pictures as soon as Ruben sends them to us.

Caballero 5 Caballero 6

Jim Cogan Created this next fireplace using a Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass. He installed a Ribbon Burner opposed to a regular double burner. He had us make a 1/2" piece of Starfire as a front shield to contain the glass and it served as a "draft offset" to keep the Ribbon Burner traveling straight up. Here are the before and after pictures.

Jim Cogan Jim Cogan
Jim Cogan Jim Cogan
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